Is the balcony suitable for storing shoes in the winter?

Many people have enough summer and demi-season shoes for the onset of cold weather. Sometimes, the place to store it in the apartment, especially in a small, is not enough. Then the question arises whether you can keep your shoes on the balcony or loggia in winter conditions.

Storage Conditions

In order to determine whether your balcony is suitable for storing shoes in the winter, you need to know which conditions are optimal for this. So that under the influence of external factors its appearance does not deteriorate, it should be stored in a closed and warm room. It is necessary to protect shoes and boots from the effects of precipitation, sun, wind, and high humidity.

With prolonged exposure to the sun, the sole and the joints of the straps may shatter, then the shoes will lose their shape. Under the action of water, shoes can unravel, swell, deform. Also, adversely affected by frost and temperature changes. At low temperatures, the leatherette coating cracks, then it will be impossible to recover.

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If there is a lot of dust on the balcony, it will accumulate inside the products and subsequently shoes will need to be washed. To avoid these problems, you must comply with the following storage conditions:

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  • the humidity level on the balcony should be about 60%;
  • on shoes should not be exposed to direct sunlight;
  • lack of low temperatures, as well as sudden changes;
  • room must be clean.

Basically, in our country, there is a rather severe winter, therefore, it is possible to keep shoes in optimal conditions only on the glazed and warmed balcony. But, even with a balcony, not everyone has the opportunity to create optimal conditions there. It depends on several factors.

It is desirable that the room of the balcony or loggia be glazed with high-quality plastic glazing. This eliminates the ingress of precipitation inside and protects against wind. If the area is glazed, but the frames are wooden and old, moisture and cold air will penetrate through the gaps.

In order to maintain the optimum temperature on the balcony, its walls must be insulated with insulating material and covered with some kind of coating. These can be plastic panels or wooden boards. Also, it is necessary to warm the bottom of the loggia. Concrete floor is good for holding cold, therefore, it needs to be built first.

Many people use radiators to heat the room or convectors to create heat in the winter inside the loggia. This makes it possible to observe the required temperature conditions.

If your balcony has all the necessary conditions to store shoes there in winter, you need to pay attention to some other points. In the case when the room is on the corner of the house, it will inevitably be blown by the winds and there will be drafts. Special attention should be paid to the treatment of walls and floors.

If you have the sunny side and the sun's rays constantly get inside, you will need to keep your shoes in specially equipped cabinets. Also, when the side is shady, it is possible that the balcony will be damp, then the shoes may become moldy inside. In this case, you need to take care of creating the necessary level of humidity.

Storage methods

If you decide that you can store shoes on your balcony in the winter, you need to determine how you will do it. To keep shoes and shoes in proper condition you need to find a suitable place. In order not to dump shoes right on the floor, you can use the following storage systems:

  • cupboard with lockable doors or chest of drawers;
  • open shelving unit or shelves;
  • cardboard or plastic boxes.

It is best to place shoes for storage in the winter on the balcony in a specially equipped closet. So you additionally protect it from external influences. The wind will not penetrate the inside of the cabinet, as well as the sun's rays.

If your loggia has niches or one of its corners is sharp, you can install a built-in wardrobe there. This will allow you to use the floor space to the maximum.

An additional plus of the wardrobe arrangement is that it can store not only shoes, but also other things, saving space in the apartment. These may be unnecessary household items, food products, etc.

Consider in advance what type of furniture on the balcony will be most suitable and convenient for you. For example, if you need a table or shelf on a loggia, for example, to put flowers there, a shoe cabinet can be made in the form of a dresser. Its surface can be used as a stand.

In the case when the loggia is protected from sunlight and other conditions are optimal, shoes and shoes can be stored on open shelves or shelves. If you are sure that the balcony is completely protected from dust, you can simply place the shoes on the shelves of the rack. Otherwise, pack your shoes in special fabric bags to protect them from contamination, you can buy them in stores.

Ordinary cardboard boxes are a good option for keeping shoes on loggias in winter. Make sure the boxes are strong, made of hard cardboard that does not fall apart during storage. To prevent sunlight from getting inside, close the boxes above. Also, wooden or plastic food boxes, plastic containers, etc. are well suited for this purpose.

If your loggia has a beautiful interior and you want shoe boxes to look aesthetically pleasing, you can purchase special storage containers in the store. They have beautiful appearance and convenient covers.

Also, such containers are quite easy to make by yourself, having pasted over a regular box with colored paper. To do this, you can use the old shoe boxes, as well as from various household appliances. Usually, they are quite tightly closed at the top, which is very convenient in this case.

How to prepare shoes

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Before you send your shoes for long storage, you must prepare them. This is necessary so that the shoes do not lose their appearance during the winter. Follow these steps:

  • rinse the shoes thoroughly and allow them to dry;
  • if it has a leather surface, lubricate it with a cream;
  • suede shoes handle water repellent and other caring means;
  • inside the shoes, as well as the boot, you need to put crumpled paper or newspapers, this will prevent loss of shape and moisture accumulation;
  • if you have special moisture absorbing bags, put them inside the shoes;
  • gently fold shoes in boxes or fabric bags;
  • place the containers on the shelves of the rack or in the closet.

Periodically check your shoes in the winter to prevent damage to them. If you see that it is wet or wet, move it into the house, dry it and store it in another place.

Before putting the shoes on the balcony for storage, determine whether it is suitable for this purpose. Get serious about the arrangement of the loggia. From this will depend on the content of your belongings in the proper form.

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