Which is better, the iron or the steam generator

These instruments are not comparable. Simple iron is designed for small amounts of things, the steam generator is considered a semi-laundry equipment, capable of transmitting huge amounts of laundry. The device is good in kindergartens and hospitals, barracks. Just off the irons and steam generators designed for different purposes, and the price is often the same! Today, we try to figure out what to pay money if the name of the device in one, and there are different models.

Steam iron STEAMFORCE DW 9230 by Rowenta

Already studied and Tefal Philips, see the rest of the market. Cost STEAMFORCE DW 9230 by Rowenta is in the upper price segment, but it does not steam. Cordless iron Tefal is 6,000 rubles, we get a complete set of useful functions.

The function of a drop-stop today can not be surprised. More difficult to find cheap stuff, without such support. Thanks to the option of wet stains on the underwear is not expected. They say the fabric is assumed to stroke with a relative water content of her 15%. Tend to believe that so much and give Rowenta. Striking device automatic electronic steam blow.

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Iron and steam generator

In memory comes with a single iron specified option.

  1. The unusual structure: under the handle is spray button through the front nozzle. Jet sprays directly in the course of the sole. It may not be too comfortable.
  2. Steam boost button is right under your thumb and covers the power key or turn off the production of steam. Save here will not work. whether the function is switched off when the iron is released, it is not clear!
  3. Near the circular disk is a function of self-cleaning temperature controller, provoking rapid discharge of liquid through the soleplate. Do not over things.

The first surprise! Steam iron STEAMFORCE DW 9230 from Rowenta equipped with a motion sensor. Device controls the boiler so that the steam is generated, only when the device is in motion. Steam shot capacity of 220 grams per minute capable impress hardened skeptic. Typical devices mode by volume comes to 50 grams per minute. The ability to generate steam is called scientifically steam generator, but unsettled other terms in the market:

  • Iron - a device for ironing.
  • Steam iron - iron with an integrated steam generator.

Iron wireless

  • Steam generator - a device from a docking station with a boiler and ironing connected insulated hose through which steam is supplied to the sole.

Rowenta warns that the use of steam hitting the first times able to be accompanied by an unpleasant odor and even smoke. It gradually ceases and indicates that the new device. Accelerate the process of running-perhaps using the self-cleaning function. Rigid requirements for water, and did not see the means of protection against limescale. This is not good. We believe that in soft water areas, for example, the Far East, this is not a serious flaw. But where value surpasses 6, these things will become a great misfortune.

In STEAMFORCE DW 9230 from Rowenta pleases adjustment generate steam under the tissue type. It makes no sense to worry too much burn the thing. But! This does not happen automatically, but on the orders of the manual adjuster. Do not forget to adjust the steam iron as necessary and do not mix types of tissue. The device is fit for vertical ironing, turn off after 30 seconds after tipping.

After any use of the sole is required to handle detergent after cooling. In addition, self-cleaning powder then knocked out of the holes. It is not so easy, do not forget to turn off the iron before the procedure, not to burn yourself, then again kerf to heat. Otherwise, self-cleaning function can not work. Then step to the sink, which will have to hold the button for a minute!

Steam generators Bosch TDS2011

By the way, Rowenta steam generators on its website did not provide. The device consists of two modules, a docking station with a boiler and ironing. The invention allows the tank to dial more water to increase the power generating steam. On the example of the chosen model will demonstrate the following statements.

1.2 liters of whole steam generator accommodates Bosch TDS2011. This two and a half times more than any steam iron. The strength of the vapor pressure is 4.5 bar, regardless of average, but more than enough for the home. Sole coated with palladium, glides perfectly, assume self-cleaning process.


120 grams per minute is constant steam supply device. This is 2.5 times higher than that of iron STEAMFORCE DW 9230 from Rowenta. There is a system of protection against limescale. In the previous cases, there is "a box for cleaning", which does not require replacement during the operation period.

We look through the instructions:

  • For durability recommended diluted with tap water distilled. A similar written about steam iron STEAMFORCE DW 9230 by Rowenta.
  • The reservoir may add water at any time. There is a level indicator. No comments. Standard quality.
  • Iron should not be placed vertically. For individual housewives presents inconvenience, but are such typical drawbacks of the steam generator.
  • Please note in the docking station is mounted detachable stand, placed in any convenient location. It's just a great, unusual feature.
  • Ironing allocated a number of modes for different tissues. Less than that of iron STEAMFORCE DW 9230 by Rowenta.
  • Functions drop-stop no. Supposed to make sure that water is not flowing from the soles.

steam generator

  • Steam is activated by a button on the handle, and it is unusual. Pressing sequentially occur with short intervals of three high-power output. The authors of the system seems comfortable. Better than constantly push the button. The option is called Pulse Steam and bad that is not provided by the digital expression of the power of the steam blow. Of instruction is a feeling that this is the main mode. Constant release of steam is simply absent.
  • Ultimate Steam button increases the amount of steam produced.

To sum up: there is a model with a simple little cumbersome management. Even you do not want to compare with an iron STEAMFORCE DW 9230 by Rowenta. It is understandable why the steam generator in the above case is not worth more. The device is average in terms of management. Iron can become tedious.


Since the steam generator or iron:

  • If the counter steam iron without discounts, and nearby is an action, and for a similar price sold the steam generator, it is worth to try the device in the home.

But in the outback better to take iron. Confirm that the cleaning system, or will work in the distilled water. Advantages of the steam generator are undeniable, it's a big jet power. But from the review shows that the iron STEAMFORCE DW 9230 by Rowenta has a value twice. It is just a click of the steam blow. For a lot of steam looks tempting things, there is no need to interrupt the process to refill the tank. When it comes to home use, iron STEAMFORCE DW 9230 by Rowenta looks just great! Give definitely worth it.

Select to compare one of the expensive irons. The presence of a plurality of functions understandable. Steam generator - a device stroking steam. If you receive three strikes will have to press the button, the hand of the hostess will quickly get tired. A Rowenta operates in automatic style, working as a steam generator.

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