How to care for leather shoes: secrets and recommendations

Leather shoes are practical, beautiful and, by definition, durable, of course, if the right care is taken. So, what is the most optimal care for leather shoes? How and how can boots and boots be cleaned from various types of dirt in order to preserve their bright, presentable and colorful appearance?

Care for new shoes

Competent care from the first day after buying the product will significantly extend its service life. When purchasing a model of genuine leather, just ask about the means to care for it. Win-win - a water-repellent spray or cream. These funds cover the skin with a thin protective film, so that it does not absorb excess moisture, does not tarnish and does not stretch. Use of similar components is necessary on clean and dried products.

Leather models quickly take on the desired shape. It stretches, so experts recommend getting a size that is a bit small: after a few days of use, it will become perfect. To help the skin become more elastic, you can lubricate it from the inside with a wet bar of soap. For the same purpose in the home using alcohol or paraffin. Available for sale and ready-made compositions that allow you to solve this problem.

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Caring for lacquered models

Caring for leather shoes with a lacquered surface is not an easy task. Glossy coating may dull, crack, causing the appearance of such leather beauty, of course, suffer. To extend the service life of such products, you must:

  • daily clean from dust and other contaminants with a soft, damp sponge or disc dipped in milk;
  • grind periodically with castor oil, petroleum jelly or glycerin( this will keep the glossy lacquered layer on leather shoes);
  • use( specialized) special means for the care of shoes of this type( water-based), conventional cosmetic creams can disrupt the structure of the pores of the material and the shoes lose shine( this also applies to vegetable oils);
  • periodically process models from genuine leather with lightly beaten egg white to enhance the glossy shine.

Care of lacquered shoes will allow to keep its bright appearance longer. But products made of such leather are much more difficult to restore, so experts do not recommend wearing them in high humidity, during rains or snowfall.

Caring for white shoes

Caring for white shoes traditionally causes a lot of trouble and anxiety. First, such products have to be cleaned much more often than, say, black leather shoes. Therefore, the risk of damaging them with aggressive detergents is disproportionately higher.

For the care of white leather shoes, you must choose a soft sponge for washing and a velvet cloth for polishing. You should not use suede brushes for shoes made of smooth white leather: with such a practice, microcracks can appear, in which dust will subsequently accumulate.

Secondly, the white shoes are especially noticeable spots and stains from salt, on it with the wrong care appear yellow spots, which are very difficult to cope with. The only option to preserve the natural whiteness of the skin is the choice of special products for this particular shade of the shoe. For washing, it is recommended to use a mild cleansing shoe shampoo, which foams strongly, effectively removes dirt and deposits, while not over-moisturizing the skin and does not flush out the pigment from it.

How to dry and store models of genuine leather

We decided how to care for leather shoes, but an important nuance in the care of it is also proper drying and storage. Leather - although, of course, a durable material, but quite delicate. To dry models from skin it is necessary far from heating and heating devices, and also sunshine. It is best to do this at room temperature. If your shoes or boots are soaked, you can put a thin paper( newspaper) inside: the paper will quickly absorb moisture and the shoes will dry faster, and in addition such improvised ballast will help to give the product the necessary shape.

It is recommended to wipe boots from dirt immediately after returning home. At night, they must be left to dry out and in the morning cover with a protective cream. So your favorite leather boots will last a long time!

For long-term storage( for example, in the off-season), they should be packed in cardboard volumetric boxes or special bags made of natural material, after cleaning, drying and processing with suitable means. It is convenient to store special pads for a long time: they prevent the skin from bending and losing its shape. Replace these devices can be a regular newsprint.

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