How to wash the grill on the gas stove at home

Every housewife dreams of perfect cleanliness in the kitchen. However, some have difficulty trying to find an effective way to clean the gas stove. With the cleaning of the surface of the plate, everything is clear, because for this a lot of means are being produced. But here with the lattice sometimes there are difficulties. Without regular cleaning, accumulation of carbon and fat gradually occurs. And in order to clean the dirt from the surface, it will take more and more time and effort. In this article we will describe how to clean the gas stove grate from grease and soot.

  • Types of gratings
  • How to clean the steel grate from fat and scale?
  • How to clean the cast iron grate?
  • How to clean the enameled grille?

Types of grates

Since the grates for the stove come from various materials, they also select their own cleaning method for each. Lattices for gas stoves are usually:

  1. Steel
  2. Cast iron
  3. Enameled

How to clean the steel grate from grease and soot?

There are several such methods:

  1. If the grill is disassembled, then with a little pollution it can be washed off the grease in the dishwasher.
  2. Since steel easily tolerates aggressive substances, any strong detergent will quickly remove traces of soot on it. It is necessary only that it contains acid in its composition. Also suitable means for washing ovens. It will be sufficient to apply the agent to the grate and leave it in a basin or bath for several hours, covering the bottom with polyethylene. This procedure is not recommended in baths with acrylic inserts, because you can damage the surface. You can also put the grate in a tight trash bag, pour the product in there and leave it for several hours. After that, all burnt fat is easy to clean with a sponge and water.

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You can use ordinary soda or dry mustard, which is mixed with water to a mushy state and applied to the treated surface. To clean the old traces of grease apply an iron brush or knife. Then the grill should be thoroughly washed with water and wiped with a cloth.

In order to facilitate the washing of the gas stove grate in the future, it is treated with the following solution. Thoroughly mix washing powder, stationery glue and soda ash in a ratio of 1: 2: 6.The composition should be applied to the washed dry surface. After the mixture is dry, the grill can be used.

Cleaning it later will be very simple - it will be enough to wash the soda-glue solution, and carbon deposits will disappear with it. Then you can apply the mixture again.

How to clean the cast iron grate?

Cast iron grates for a gas stove have their advantages and disadvantages. Due to its thermal conductivity, this material helps housewives in the preparation of various dishes. However, it must be cleaned carefully. Cast iron grates do not tolerate rough handling: they can not be beat off, use abrasives when cleaning. Also not recommended to use the dishwasher. Meanwhile, there are several options with which you can clean the grill from fat and soot:

  • You can scorch the carbon with a gas stove. To do this, hold the grate over the burning burner. Then, when heated, the fat will fall off or burn. This method requires mandatory precautions. After all, burning will produce harmful substances. To avoid consequences, the windows in the apartment must be open, the hood is turned on. Better if the children are not at home.
  • In addition, the cast iron grill can be ignited on a fire. Grease and dirt will burn in an open flame. Other cast iron products are also cleaned in the same way( pans, cauldrons, etc.).
  • Remove hot steam helps to remove fat. For this a powerful steam cleaner is suitable. But if it is not, it does not matter. We put in the oven a metal tray filled with water. A grate is placed above it. When heated, the water will evaporate, and the carbon will lag. It is very easy to clean the grill with steam, even without the use of household chemicals.
  • You can use products for washing and cleaning car engines. This method is not devoid of meaning, since such tools are carefully applied to the metal.

How to clean the enameled grille?

Enamel-coated metal grilles should not be cleaned with iron wool or abrasives. After all, they are quite easy to damage or scratch. But for such grates there are several effective options for careful cleaning:

  • A simple and fast way is to wash in the dishwasher.
  • They can be washed using popular methods without using chemistry. It will be necessary to soak the grid for a few hours in a solution of vinegar or mustard powder. After that, the fat is easily removed with a cloth or sponge for dishes.
  • The carbon can also be cleaned with a melamine sponge. It needs to be wetted in a solution of soap and process the grid on all sides.

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Whatever method you choose, first of all, you need to carry out all the work in rubber gloves. They will help to avoid irritation and damage to the skin or broken nails. In addition, after cleaning, only a dry grate should be put on the gas stove. Otherwise, in places where moisture is left, fat will stick faster. Also, it should be cleaned at least once a week. After all, timely removal of soot will significantly reduce the time for cleaning and money. Now you know how to clean the gas stove grate from fat and soot without the use of household chemicals.

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