8 tips on how to choose a suspended ceiling: material and color


  1. №1.Stretch ceilings: advantages and disadvantages of
  2. №2.Material for manufacturing stretch ceilings
  • Stretch ceilings made of PVC
  • Fabric stretch ceiling
  • №3.Texture of the stretch ceiling
  • №4.Color and design of the stretch ceiling
  • №5.Stretch ceiling and room type
  • №6.Fastening ceiling fastening system
  • №7.Stretch ceiling manufacturers
  • №8.What else to look for when choosing stretch ceilings?
  • If you ask yourself what kind of ceiling is considered the most popular and even fashionable today, it is easy to come to the conclusion that these are stretch ceilings. The people loved them for their high installation speed, the absence of dirty processes during installation, the huge variety and the opportunity to create a unique design in the apartment. Stretch ceilings can be matte and glossy, fabric and film, monophonic or with a pattern - a huge amount of imagination. Let's try to figure out how to choose the stretch ceiling correctly, so as not to spend a lot of money and not be disappointed in your choice.

    №1.Stretch ceilings: the advantages and disadvantages of

    The basis of the stretch ceiling is a thin and durable canvas, which can be made of fabric or PVC.A fragment of the necessary size and shape is cut out of the canvas and stretched onto a pre-installed frame. The finished surface is perfectly flat and neat, and the entire installation process lasts a few hours. The tension structure can close the entire ceiling or part of it, placing accents or implementing zoning. Stretch ceiling can be multi-level, and only a variety of colors and textures and does not list. Particularly impressive design looks in combination with point and LED lighting.

    Despite the wide variety, all suspended ceilings have such common advantages :

    • record quick installation .Usually the process lasts 2-3 hours, but installation of multi-level structures can take 5-6 hours, which is also not long if compared with, for example, suspended ceilings or even ordinary painting;
    • due to quick installation and lack of wet processes, you can install a stretch ceiling not only during repair, but also when you just want to update the interior;
    • there is no need to carefully prepare the surface of the main ceiling - the main thing is that it does not pour plaster. Tension construction - is ideal for apartments where the ceiling has a lot of defects, will have to be removed for a very long time;
    • between the ceiling and the tension structures will be a small space that can be used to hide the wires and other communications ;
    • Fire Safety and Health Safety;
    • high durability;
    • ease of care.

    Now with regard to minus .First of all, this is the price. It cannot be said that such a construction would be too expensive, but still more expensive, for example, gluing wallpaper or installing polystyrene foam tiles. Another nuance - the design will steal a little height, about 5 cm. It will not work to do the installation yourself - you will need the help of specialists.

    Probably, the stretch ceiling can be called the most versatile way to finish both in terms of diversity and in the ratio of pros and cons. Now we come to the most interesting - the analysis of existing offers on the market, in order to finally decide which stretch ceiling is better to choose.

    №2.Material for manufacturing stretch ceilings

    Stretch ceilings are made of polyvinyl chloride( PVC) and fabric. Both options are good in their own way, but we immediately note that the fabric construction will cost more.

    Stretch ceilings made of PVC

    PVC ceilings are also called film .They are more popular than tissue, and for a number of reasons. The main advantages of stretch film ceilings include:

    • profitability .PVC ceiling will be cheaper than fabric;
    • water resistant .The film is not afraid of water, so it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Moreover, elastic PVC-cloth will save, if neighbors from above arrange a flood and flood your apartment - the film will hold water, and then the covering can be quickly restored, however, you will have to turn to professionals;
    • a large variety of textures and colors .Film ceiling can be matte, glossy and satin, painted in any color, and the paint on the film will be more saturated and bright than on the fabric;
    • fire safety;
    • environmental safety - high-quality film under normal operating conditions does not emit any toxic substances;
    • maintainability .Over time, if the canvas stretches and sags, it is easy to return to its original state. Under the action of a heat gun, the material is compressed.

    Disadvantages :

    • presence of seams when finishing a large area ceiling. Most manufacturers produce a film with a width of 1.5-3 m. As a rule, this does not become a problem, but if you need to tighten a large ceiling with one cloth, then you cannot do without seams. The segments of the film are firmly welded to each other, and the junction will not be very noticeable. By the way, on matte and satin ceilings, the seam is even less striking than on glossy ones. Recently, some European companies began to produce a film width of 5 m, freeing the design from the main minus. Another way out is to use two-level constructions, because in this case the total area will be divided into two sections;
    • in strength film is inferior to fabric, it is easy to damage it with any sharp object. It is clear that no one will throw at the ceiling with knives, but when washing it is worth being extremely careful;
    • film ceiling is afraid of negative temperatures , therefore it is used only in heated premises.

    PVC stretch ceiling is installed using a heat gun. Maintenance of the construction is minimal and consists of periodic sponge rubbing. Use abrasive and alcohol-based detergents can not.

    Fabric stretch ceiling

    Fabric ceiling mounted in a cold way - no need to heat the material with a heat gun.

    The main advantages of are :

    • fabric, as opposed to film, allows air to pass through , therefore it is a healthier and more environmentally friendly coating;
    • The standard width of the fabric is 5 m thick, but you can find a wider version, so problems with seams will not arise .It is easy to carve out a cloth of any shape from a fabric, with its help it is possible to finish the rooms that are difficult in terms of geometry and realize any design fantasy;
    • fabric is treated with polymeric substances that increase the already rather big strength of the material, as well as provide full anti-static. The fabric will be very difficult to pierce with something sharp, and the dust on it is less;
    • fabric stretch ceiling can be painted. It is enough to pick up acrylic paint of a necessary shade and quickly change the interior;
    • material is not afraid of low temperatures .

    Disadvantages :

    • fabric ceiling is harder to clean than film, so in the kitchen, where it is difficult to do without fat, odors and dirt, it is better to use PVC canvas;
    • fabric is not able to hold water - if the neighbors flood you, it will not save;
    • material may sag slightly( no more than 1-2 cm), as it has a fairly large weight. This drawback manifests itself with a large construction area, but outwardly everything looks uncritical and almost imperceptible;
    • variety of colors and textures is not as rich as in the case of the film. The fabric can not be glossy, but it can have a specific fibrous pattern. Paint on the fabric does not give such a bright color as on the film, but this is not a minus and not a plus - rather, a matter of personal preference;
    • fabric ceiling will cost more, but it looks more luxurious.

    №3.The texture of the stretch ceiling

    The texture of the stretch ceilings is divided into:

    • glossy;
    • matte;
    • satin.

    Frosted can be called a classic version. Such a ceiling will not catch the eye and distract attention, it will successfully fit into any interior style. There are no reflections in the matte surface, and outwardly such a ceiling can be taken as ideally painted or smoothly plastered. Matte can be fabric and film ceiling.

    The glossy ceiling of the , like a mirror surface, perfectly reflects everything, therefore, it is able to visually enlarge a room. However, with the ability to reflect it is worth being careful: firstly, not all family members may like it, secondly, not in every room is appropriate, thirdly, with a glossy ceiling, it is more important than ever to think about the lighting system so that there are not many highlights. Usually, a glossy film tightens only part of the ceiling. The shiny lacquer surface will be appropriate in such interior styles as high-tech, minimalism and modern.

    The satin ceiling of the is something between a glossy and matte surface. It gives unobtrusive and very blurry reflections, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. Such a ceiling is appropriate in any interior.

    №4.The color and design of the stretch ceiling

    Stretch designs give almost the largest scope for the flight of design ideas among all the ceiling decoration materials. How to choose a stretch ceiling with a huge abundance of different options? First of all, it is necessary to focus on the chosen interior style. It is also important to decide whether the ceiling should be the highlight of the room, or just be careful not to attract too much attention.

    By design, the stretch ceiling is:

    • monophonic. The canvas can be painted in almost any shade, from white to rich black. The choice depends on your own preferences, design features and nature of the room. In the bedroom and nursery it is better to use pastel shades, and in the kitchen and in the hall the ceilings of bright colors will look great;
    • photo printing today is possible on the surface of any texture, you can put on the canvas any drawing, ornament and even a photo;
    • suspended ceiling "starry sky" looks great in the dark. The effect is achieved due to numerous small light sources. The most popular option is the use of fiber;
    • illuminated ceiling also looks very impressive, giving the impression that the sun is shining directly above the ceiling. In this case, use a translucent canvas, above which the backlight is mounted;
    • multi-level ceiling involves the combination of paintings with different texture or color, and their location at different heights;
    • 3 D stretch ceiling can be considered a special case of a multi-level ceiling. Arches, arcs, waves, flowers and other three-dimensional objects form from the canvas.

    We should also mention the wealth of lighting options when using the stretch ceiling. In addition to the already mentioned "starry sky" and the usual chandelier, you can decorate the ceiling with spotlights located along the outline of the canvas or in the canvas itself. Another interesting option is achieved when installing the ceiling frame at a short distance from the walls, and the gap is used to install the LED strip. The result is a soaring ceiling effect.

    №5.Stretch ceiling and room type

    The choice of material, texture and some other characteristics of stretch ceilings depend on the characteristics of the room:

    • in the bathroom is better to use a film ceiling, which better tolerates moisture and can save from the effects of flooding neighbors. All the textures are equally relevant here, but the glossy surface will look especially impressive in combination with shiny tiles;
    • for kitchen is also better to choose a stretch ceiling made of PVC, as it is easier to clean, does not absorb odors and dirt. In the kitchen, where the abundance of communications is concentrated, stretch ceilings are especially appropriate, as they can mask wires and pipes. The question of choosing the texture remains open - glossy, matte and satin surface will be equally relevant;
    • in the living room, bedroom and nursery you can use that film, that the fabric ceiling - it all depends on what result you want to get, and what interior to form. In the bedroom and nursery it is more appropriate to use a matte or, in extreme cases, a satin surface.

    №6.Stretch ceiling fastening system

    Only professionals should install the stretch ceilings - you can't do it with your own efforts. It is not necessary for the customer to know all the nuances of the technology, but it is better to study the key points in order to control the work of specialists.

    The most important point is the type of fastening system used; aesthetics, maintainability and design price depend on it. The main options include:

    • standard harpoon system .So install film stretch ceilings. The basis of the system is a harpoon, which has a hook shape. This is the edging of the canvas, through which it is inserted into the groove of the baguette mounted on the wall. The last element of the construction is a plastic insert, which closes the gap between the wall and the profile. The advantages of the design include a low price and the possibility of dismantling the film and its re-assembly( useful in the event of flooding).Minus - with a plastic insert has to be difficult when it comes to curved structures. In addition, these elements are available only in two colors, white and black;The
    • gapless harpoon system is notable for the absence of a gap between the wall and the profile, therefore it allows to achieve a more aesthetic result. The functionality is the same as in the previous version, but this design is more expensive;
    • wedge-shaped system is used to install fabric ceilings. Fixing the web is due to the presence of special spacer wedges.

    Fabric ceilings are sometimes mounted on the Clipso system. In this case, the profile has spacer cams, which are clamped due to the force of the tensioned fabric. Installation of such a system is more expensive, but it allows you to preserve the height of the room as much as possible - there is only 8 mm

    No. 7 between the canvas and the main ceiling. Manufacturers of stretch ceilings

    It's no secret that the quality of the product and the name of the manufacturer are in direct relation, and stretch ceilings in this case is no exception. To get a durable finish, it is better to buy material from reputable companies, let it cost a little more.

    The largest producers of stretch ceilings include:

    • Pongs is a German company that specializes in film production. The width of the canvas - up to 3.25 m, it has excellent performance and tolerates temperature changes. The company also produces fabric for suspended ceilings under the brand name Descor. These are canvases up to 5 m wide, treated with special substances that allow cleaning the ceiling with ordinary detergents;
    • Clipso - French fabric ceilings, characterized by high durability and beautiful weaving. They can be applied to any drawings using photo printing, it is also possible to paint with acrylic;
    • MSD is a bright and rare example of the fact that Chinese products are also of high quality. The company produces films for ceilings, and the width of the canvases varies from 1.5 m to a record 5 m, the quality is also high, all products are certified according to European standards, and at the same time cheaper than their Western counterparts;
    • Kazan plant of artificial leather is almost the only domestic manufacturer of PVC films for stretch ceilings. The width of the canvas does not exceed 1.42 m, the variety of colors is small, but you will not carp at the price and quality.

    №8.What else to look for when choosing stretch ceilings?

    The accumulated user experience and expert advice make it possible to give a few more recommendations on which stretch ceiling is better to choose:

    • do not rush to a low price. First, quality material can not be cheap. Secondly, it is especially cautious to treat very low prices on companies' websites. The client, tempted by a favorable price, invites a measurer to his home, who voices the real price, and it may be several times higher than the price indicated earlier. This is intended for those who are psychologically unable to refuse the service, as they have already arrived and completed part of the work;
    • , before contacting any company, does not interfere with reading real reviews of its work and attitude towards customers;
    • quality products have the appropriate certificates, which should indicate that the material does not emit phenol-containing substances;
    • good material does not have an unpleasant smell. A subtle plastic smell may be present, but it should fade soon after installation.

    Do not get carried away with too complex design solutions, as an intricate ceiling can quickly get bored. The universal option is a ceiling with a matte surface and a neutral color.

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