What to do if the TV does not turn on?

  • Connection problems
  • Incorrect selection of
  • mode Technical problems

To date, every average family cannot imagine its life without a TV.Despite the development of the Internet industry, television still ranks first in the conduct of a family evening. But if the TV does not turn on, what to do in this situation? First of all, in this case should not panic. When the TV stopped responding to the launch button, it does not mean that it is time to call a specialist.

First you need to inspect the equipment yourself. Most of the breakdowns of modern technical products can be fixed on their own, using the advice of professionals. Most often, such a failure is caused by banal user errors. If you cannot start the TV, it is likely that the mode was incorrectly chosen, the wrong buttons were pressed, the power cable was damaged or the power cable was disconnected. To determine why the screen does not turn on, you must first find out the type of this home appliances. After all, the appropriate approach will depend on it. Today are considered popular:

  • Plasma screen;
  • LCD monitor( LCD);
  • picture tube( older models).

The user does not need to disassemble his equipment and try to master the boards and systems. Therefore, the repair of any model of the TV will not have big differences. Recommendations for eliminating the reasons when the TV does not turn on may also come in the repair of other household appliances.

Connection failure

If you recently bought an LCD TV and didn’t turn on right away as soon as it was installed in the house, then you might have made mistakes in the connection. The possibility of factory failure is unlikely, since every well-known company qualitatively tests its products before exporting to the market. If a similar situation arises, and the device does not turn on, it is possible that there are errors in the connection, a failure of the remote control, improper control of the equipment.

What to do in such cases? You need to re-read the instructions for use of the purchase and start again. For example, why the equipment may not respond, because the main power button is in the off position. When the signal LED lights up, it does not blink, the TV power is working properly. But if the light does not respond to your actions, the start button of the vehicle or the power cable may be defective. You should carefully inspect the electrical outlet and the cord itself. The socket should be checked with a special screwdriver-tester, which has a built-in LED.If it flashes frequently when moving tools, there is a possibility of contact divergence. There are cases that the LED on the voltage indicator flashes due to its own malfunction, such faults do not deserve attention. If such areas have been reliably checked, and the equipment does not respond, breakage should be sought elsewhere.

Incorrect selection of the

mode. If the indicator lights up properly, but the device does not work, you should exclude the cause of the power supply. Now you need to understand the modes of the TV.Most new models of modern production are equipped with several modes of operation:

  • asleep;
  • for watching DVD;
  • game mode.

And this is not the whole list. Each requires detailed study for proper use. If the power button does not help, it is likely that sleep mode is activated. It’s not hard to figure out - the monitor in this position goes out, but the signal LED lights up red. After that you should familiarize yourself with other modes of technology. For certain models, there is a button that allows you to identify the current mode. When the game mode or DVD player has been set, the monitor will go out, the indicator in such cases is lit. You should also inspect each jack connecting the player or game console. If the prefix or player could not be connected, but the mode has already been selected, the monitor will go out.

Technical faults

The reason why the TV stopped turning on was washing in the control panel malfunction. To check this, you should press the start button - when the LED flashes, it indicates the correct operation of the remote control. But when the LED does not flash or does not light up at all, you should examine the console. Sometimes you just need to change the batteries and the problem is solved. When there is the same remote control available, it is recommended to try switching on the equipment with it. If there are no changes again, even when using another remote, you should try to start the technique from the button on the case itself.

Often when a breakdown occurred, the built-in speakers reproduce typical sounds — the TV clicks, cracks, etc. When a column clicks at the moment when the remote control is pressed, this indicates that the distance works normally, the reason must be sought further. Some modern TVs have a built-in beep that responds to a lack of connection with another device or a wrong mode.

When the technology is constantly clicking, but does not turn on, you should find out the peculiarity of these signals. A single signal while turning on the TV can not be regarded as a failure. Depending on the manufacturer of the device, this sound signal may be more or less loud.

When the elements of the TV case are made of cheap plastic materials, they can also reproduce typical clicking sounds. It causes this heating, then the cooling of these parts. Such phenomena should not be considered a breakdown either, although this can be pretty annoying.

When the TV failed to turn on, but it clicks, the problem probably lies in the power supply, stopping the launch of the equipment. This can be determined as follows, when the clicking sound occurs after pressing the start button and disappears after turning off the TV, the probability of a power supply or other internal component breaking is very high.

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