Which vertical vacuum cleaner is best for your home?

  • Why do I need a vertical vacuum cleaner?
  • What to look for when buying a vertical vacuum cleaner?
  • Review of the most popular models of vertical vacuum cleaners

. It has become much easier to keep the house clean - all kinds of modern household appliances help us clean dirt and dust, clean and wash, even disinfect. A vacuum cleaner becomes an especially indispensable assistant - and we want to have a powerful and reliable unit for high-quality cleaning of your home. To the aid of a massive and capacious classical apparatus come their more mobile and light brethren - vertical vacuum cleaners. We have prepared for our readers a few tips on choosing the best model, and also advise you to read the rating of the best vertical vacuum cleaners of 2017-2018 years before buying.

Why do I need a vertical vacuum cleaner?

Upright vacuum cleaners - compact and maneuverable. They can be kept “on hand” for quick and local cleaning - crumbled in the kitchen or the child cut colored paper on the carpet in the nursery. Now on the market and on the Internet you can find a huge number of wireless models that work without a battery and help maintain cleanliness in the garage or the car. Many car enthusiasts buy special car vacuum cleaners to clean the salt marsh.

With such a device cleaning in the house will pass quickly and easily. The main thing is to buy a truly best vertical vacuum cleaner. We will talk about the most popular models in our rating, and now let's discuss the pros and cons of “verticalisers”

. Distinctive features of vertical vacuum cleaners.

.For example:

  • compactness - a vertical vacuum cleaner does not take up much space;
  • light weight - this device is easy to operate without tiring hands;
  • autonomy - wireless models will allow you to restore order in those places where there are no outlets or if the lights were turned off at the height of the general cleaning;
  • efficiency - the device cleans carpets well and easily copes with dust and small debris in narrow corridors or in rooms filled with furniture.

But some users have noted the noise of vertical vacuum cleaners and low power. If you believe the reviews of buyers, it is better to entrust large-scale general cleaning of the house to a regular case vacuum cleaner, while daily cleaning of the carpet or the car’s interior can be entrusted to a vertical vacuum cleaner.

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What to look for when buying a vertical vacuum cleaner?

You can equip our top-list of the most optimal models of vertical vacuum cleaners and buy in the store something from the first positions of the rating. And you can spend a few minutes of free time and study the criteria that determine the quality of the vertical vacuum cleaner, in order to choose truly productive household appliances for long-term use.

So, which vertical vacuum cleaner is better?

  1. The best vacuum cleaner should be powerful. The more powerful the engine, the more the electric fan spins up inside the device, which means that such a device without any problems and delays will suck in the dust collector small debris and dirt. But, studying the characteristics of a particular model, do not fall for a cunning trick - do not confuse power consumption with suction power. The ultimate efficiency indicator of a vacuum cleaner is 800 watts. But more often, you can find models with suction power from 150 to 600 watts.
  2. Weight. Still, this is an important parameter, because the whole device will be in your hands. Both weighty models and lighter ones got into our rating, pay attention to this indicator. Sometimes, a vertical vacuum cleaner has to be lifted and kept on weight - for example, when it is necessary to assemble a web from the ceiling. Lightweight model will not cause you inconvenience.
  3. Dust bin capacity. Although you are not going to vacuum hectares of carpet with a vertical every day, it is still better to choose a model with a capacious capacity for dust - 3-4 liters. There are models with a container or bag of only 0.5 liters or a little more.
  4. Filters. They can be foam, fiber, electrostatic, coal. The most effective are HEPA-filters - porous membranes that retain even the smallest particles of dust - from 0.06 microns. But any of the listed filters must be cleaned regularly and replaced in a timely manner - then you are guaranteed high-quality cleaning and removal of unpleasant odor in the room. Models with different filters sometimes differ significantly in price, but, as a rule, modern filtering technology is worth its money and is quite justified.
  5. Noise level. Upright vacuum cleaners - noisy appliances. But manufacturers of equipment are constantly struggling to solve this problem, so some innovations in 2018 can boast quite comfortable decibel numbers.
  6. Runtime. If you plan to frequently use a vertical vacuum cleaner without connecting to the network - ask about the capacity of the battery and the charging time of the device. As a rule, in the top positions of the rating of the most popular models for 2018 are vacuum cleaners, capable of operating from an internal battery for 20-30 minutes. This time is quite enough for the internal cleaning of the car or a thorough cleaning of a large carpet.
  7. Package. Often, vertical vacuum cleaners are equipped with a floor / carpet brush. Sometimes, the kit includes a crevice nozzle, a dust brush, a turbo brush. In the most recent top models of 2018, a turbo-brush with a special bristle for collecting pet hair and ultraviolet radiation for disinfection was released.

So, if you want to buy a high-quality vertical vacuum cleaner, then you already know what to look for. And, there are some more important nuances that you need to know:

  • models with a dust bag become less powerful when the bag is filled;
  • models with a cyclone container are traditionally noisier;
  • is better to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner and use it in a minimal mode than to load the weaker engine to the limit.

We hope our advice will help you make the right choice. And now is the time to bring to your attention the ranking of the best vertical vacuum cleaners for 2017-2018.

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Review of the most popular models of vertical vacuum cleaners

As usual, the best vertical vacuum cleaners in our ranking are presented in "nominations".

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Morphy Richards SuperVac 734050

The combination of high power and battery life takes the SuperVac 734050 first. The best cordless vacuum cleaner from the British brand Morphy Richards .Be sure to read the detailed review from our editorial board.


  1. One of the highest power ratings for cordless vacuum cleaners is 110 watts.
  2. The operating time in high-power mode is 20 minutes, which is 3 times longer than that of similar models of powerful wireless vacuum cleaners.
  3. 3 configurations - vertical vacuum cleaner, handstick, manual vacuum cleaner.
  4. The function of bending the handle for cleaning under furniture.
  5. Convenient handle - does not slip, does not heat up.
  6. Multistage filtering from dust.
  7. Reliable manufacturer - 2 years warranty.
  8. Replacement battery.


  1. Small garbage collector - 0.5 l
  2. Increased noise level - 84 dB


Top in the budget segment, the most popular and inexpensive vertical vacuum cleaner. This model has a minimal set of functions, but does an excellent job with dry cleaning. It has a cyclone dust collector in 1 liter, an excellent indicator of efficiency of 300 watts, per hour of work consumes 1600 watts. The set includes a floor / carpet brush and a crevice nozzle; there is an automatic winding of the cord.

Philips FC 7088

The next position in our ranking is a vertical vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning. Productive, reliable and quality - one of the best. This appliance washes, dries and cleans. Heavy, but it has convincing technical characteristics: dust collector - cyclone, 0.8 l, auto-cleaning of brushes, dust bag full indicator, long power cord - 8 m. Rechargeable upright vacuum cleaner - compact, stylish and reliable. This model came to our rating due to a good price-quality ratio, as well as, due to its low weight, brush cleaning system, spacious lithium-ion batteries. A fully charged device is able to work for about 35 minutes. The device has the ability to highlight the cleaning area.

Bosch BCH 6ATH25

The longest autonomous work is the following criteria from our top list of vertical vacuum cleaners. This position confidently took the BCH 6ATH25 - ergonomic, productive and trustworthy. It contains a 0.9 L cyclone dust collector, with an indicator of fullness, several power modes, a low working noise level and a working time without connection to the network - up to 60 minutes.

Miele S7580

The next line of the rating is the largest vertical vacuum cleaner. Very powerful, wired device with a roomy dust bag - 6 l.;nozzles included, including a nozzle with light, brushes - for furniture, crevice for hard-to-reach places, for cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has a bending handle for easy access, an extra strong bag for glass and metal small parts, a carefully designed filtration system.

Rowenta RH8813

We continue to study the rating of the best models of vertical household vacuum cleaners and the following nomination - an interesting novelty on the selling sites: vertical vacuum cleaner - a high-quality and well-designed battery vacuum cleaner. Dust collector for 0.5 l, replaceable nozzles, light, but quite noisy, perfectly copes with the dry cleaning of various surfaces. The battery life is 35 minutes.

Dyson DC51 Multi Floors

Closes our rating of the best vertical vacuum cleaners top model of premium class. Dyson DC51 Multi Floors - lightweight, maneuverable and powerful. Users note the high quality of the assembly of the device and convenient nozzles that are included. The vacuum cleaner has a suction capacity of 140 watts, a long mains cable - 8.5 m, a cyclone dust collector of 0.8 liters. The ideal option for carpets - turbo brush with a rotating mechanism and sharp blades perfectly copes with long hair and wool.

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In our ranking, the most popular and most discussed on the Internet models of vertical vacuum cleaners were presented. Now you know what characteristics and advantages are preferred by our customers. It remains only to make a choice!

Sure, our ranking of the best vertical vacuum cleaners of 2017-2018 will help you get the most optimal model for easy and fast cleaning. And your house will always be clean and comfortable. Enjoy the shopping!

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