12 best air humidifiers according to customer reviews

  • Varieties of air humidifiers
  • Rating of the most reliable manufacturers of air humidifiers
  • Rating of the best home air humidifiers for 2017-2018 year
  • What to look for when buying a humidifier?

Clean, fresh and moderately humid air in the house is the main component of a healthy microclimate. Doctors and scientists have long ago substantiated and confirmed the fact that dry air is harmful to humans, and it is especially careful to monitor the level of humidity where young children grow. Today we will tell you how to choose a humidifier and present a rating of the best 2017-2018 years so that you, with the help of our recommendations, can choose a truly effective device for your home for a long and efficient service. Our traditional rating of the best models is based on user reviews, who have personally tested the functions and capabilities of various air humidifiers declared by the manufacturer. But first, let's deal with the device and the types of the device itself.

Versions of air humidifiers

According to the principle of operation, three types of humidifiers are distinguished:

  • traditional;
  • steam;
  • ultrasound.

Traditional humidifiers

Extremely economical, do not require special costs of electricity, high power or a large number of consumables, in particular - filters. Such devices are also called cold-acting humidifiers. Air flows through the membrane, which is constantly moistened with plain water. To care for such a device is quite simple:

  1. Watch the water level;
  2. Rinse the tray once a week;
  3. Rinse the rotating discs under running water once a month.

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Steam humidifiers

However, if you need to quickly increase the degree of humidity, it is better to choose steam humidifiers rather than traditional ones. It is the steam type of devices that allows not only to humidify the air, but also to disinfect it with sterile steam. The principle of operation - like in a kettle - water heats up to boiling points and turns into steam, which dissipates indoors, increasing humidity. Some models can be used as inhalers.

For a steam humidifier, no consumables are needed - you just have to monitor the level of the liquid, because such a device is highly efficient and can evaporate up to 700 g of water per hour of operation. If small children live in your house, then you should be careful to ensure that no one is scalded with hot steam or pours boiling water.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers are particularly popular with customers. They disperse water through the often vibrating membrane into a thick cloud of mist. Often, such models are combined with air purifiers using various filters.

The only drawback that users often pay attention to is a whitish coating on furniture. However, this trouble can be avoided by pouring distilled water inside the humidifier for the apartment. In general, ultrasonic humidifiers are productive, compact and safe for others.

If you have a need to buy a humidifier for your home, then surely information about the best manufacturers of such devices will be extremely useful and relevant to you.

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Rating of the most reliable manufacturers of air humidifiers

The Swiss company Boneco opens the list of the best manufacturers of air humidifiers in the house. For many years they have specialized in the development of instruments for cleaning, washing and humidifying the air. The company logo on the humidifier is a sign of the quality and efficiency of the device.

Just below are advertised brands such as Philips and Electrolux , as well as the less well-known firm Stadler Form .All companies rely on the versatility of their devices, and pay due attention to build quality. In addition, Stadler Form surprises customers with interesting shapes and unusual, original design of its humidifiers.

In home appliances stores and on sites you can find a huge amount of budget humidifiers. Among all this diversity of obscure and inconspicuous brands, Ballu is worth highlighting, which recently began to bring to the domestic market more and more high-quality and productive climate technology for the home, including good humidifiers.

In order not to be unfounded, we have prepared for you a list of the best air humidifiers for your home - a rating of 2017-2018.Let's look at all 12 models in order.

Rating the best air humidifiers for the home for 2017-2018 year

Since it is difficult to compare different types of humidifiers, we divided the best models into three categories. Let's start with the traditional cold-acting humidifiers.

The best models of traditional humidifiers

  • Philips HU 4706. Enough budget option, which is in the leading positions in popularity on various selling Internet sites. The device is compact, quiet, economical. Tank capacity - 1.3 liters. Water consumption - 150 g / h. In the functional - fan speed control and water level indicator. Effectively moisten the air in the room 10-15 sq.m.
  • Stadler Form Oskar O-026 - this model is slightly more expensive and the bells and whistles from it - a little more. Power - 18 watts, volume - 3 liters, consumption - 300 ml per hour of operation. In the arsenal - a hygrostat, a water level indicator, an evaporation rate regulator, a flavoring agent, a bactericidal filter.
  • Philips AC 4080 - floor model of a humidifier. Power - 60 watts, water tank - 3 liters, consumption - 300 ml / h. It has a hygrostat, filters, air purity control, adjustment of work intensity, water level indicators, timer.
  • Boneco W2055DR - this model not only moisturizes the air, but also cleans it. Power - 20 watts, the serviced area - up to 50 sq. M.The reservoir is 7 liters, the consumption is 300 ml / h. Please note that this is a floor-mounted humidifier - it is quite heavy - 5.5 kg and volumetric. The model is equipped with an LCD display, ionization and air aromatization functions. There are also indicators of water level and filter pollution.

Continue our ranking of the best steam models of humidifiers.

The most popular steam humidifier The

  • Beurer LB 50 is a compact, lightweight and stylish steam humidifier. Power - 380 W, water tank capacity 5 liters, mechanical control. Designed for a room of 50 sq.m. The model is durable, easy to operate and very mobile - it is easy to move around the room and the whole house.
  • Philips HU 4706 / HU 4707. The model is electronically controlled, designed for 20 square meters, consumes 14 watts. The capacity of the water tank is 1.3 liters, the consumption per hour of work is 150 ml. Two modes of operation, auto power off when the tank is empty.
  • Stadler Form Fred F ‐ 005EH / F-008EH / F-014H / F-015RH is a round, interesting and effective steam humidifier. Water tank - 3.7 liters, consumption - 340 ml per hour of work. The model is equipped with a hygrostat, an evaporation rate regulator, ceramic heating elements, indicators of operation and low water level. Noise at work - up to 26 dB, moisture area - up to 40 sq.m. The
  • Boneco Air-O-Swiss S450 is a versatile and high-quality model for quickly increasing the humidity in a room. Sterile steam, flavoring, use as an inhaler. The device is equipped with a timer, display, touch-type control. Spaciousness - 7 l, consumption - 550 ml / h. Two automatic modes of operation, the noise level is 36 dB.

Time to go to an ultrasonic humidifier

Rating the best ultrasonic humidifiers

  • Ballu UHB-990 is a convenient, compact, effective humidifier. Designed for a room up to 40 sq.m. Equipped with demineralizing cartridge, aromacapsule, backlight, work regular, indicator of water level in the tank. You can immediately fill up to 5.8 liters, consumption - 350 ml per hour. The
  • Electrolux EHU-3710D / 3715D is a roomy and productive device. It is convenient to install on the floor, it is easy to add water, has an interesting design. The volume of the tank - 5 liters, two modes of operation - on the cold and hot steam, electronic control, auto power off, display.
  • Stadler Form Jack J-020/021 - 5-liter ultrasonic humidifier to quickly and efficiently increase the humidity level in the house.450 ml / h, electronic control and display for convenience. Water purification system - demineralized cartridges, as well as - flavoring, work intensity regulator, indication.
  • Boneco U700 is a stylish, modern, effective floor air humidifier. It has a spacious water tank - 9 l and high evaporation efficiency - up to 600 ml per hour of work. Tap water can be poured into the device, as the complete set includes a filter for water purification from salts and a silver rod for cleaning. This model can generate both cold and hot steam. During the pasteurization of water, all pathogenic bacteria and harmful microorganisms also die. In addition, the humidifier is equipped with an informative display, lights, water level indicators, operation regulators, a capsule for aroma oils. The weight of the device is 4.5 kg, the noise level during operation is only 25 dB.The U700 will provide stable and fast moistening of the room up to 80 sq.m.

Of course, the rating of the best humidifiers could go on and on. You can find good budget models or vice versa, premium class humidifiers. Also, constantly updated appliances and new items. However, in our review, we tried to collect the most optimal in terms of price and quality humidifiers that have already been used and were able to express themselves in normal conditions. We hope that this experience will be useful for you and help you buy a really suitable device to maintain the desired level of humidity in your home.

What to look for when buying a humidifier?

Finally, let me give you some simple recommendations that allow you to distinguish a good moisturizer from a huge variety of simple humidifiers.

  1. Water tank capacity. The larger the tank for liquid - the less it needs to be refilled. But in this case, the dimensions of the device also increase. Plus, all manufacturers recommend occasionally flushing the tank under running water. A small tank is often emptied, respectively, and it can be washed more often.
  2. Recommended room size. It is better to buy the device with a small margin. And remember, the air is moistened only in the room where the device is installed. Even open doors will not give the desired effect - the humidity in the next room will not increase until you install a humidifier there.
  3. Power. The more powerful the device, the more water it will evaporate per unit of time. However, at the same time, electricity bills will increase a little, because at first the device can work non-stop for several days before the humidity level in the room starts to rise. This is due to the fact that at first the furniture, the walls and the flooring are intensively saturated with moisture. This applies to dusty, over-dried air.
  4. Functional. The presence or absence of those or other opportunities - directly affects the price of the device. Therefore, carefully weigh the need for a timer, light, display, flavors and other options.
expert opinion Alexei Yaroshin
Consultant on the choice of equipment. Experience in Mvideo - 7 years
To obtain correct and truthful testimony - get a separate hygrometer independent of the humidifier.

This is probably all that is worth knowing before going to the store. Our review on how to choose a humidifier, and which models were in the rating of the best 2017-2018 year according to customer reviews, came to an end. Take our advice on weapons - and feel free to go shopping - you will learn a good, effective and durable device without difficulty!

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