How to choose a heated towel rail: types, manufacturers

ConvenientlyTheir functions are reduced to being a clothes dryer and towels, because in a room as humid as a bath, things dry very slowly. In addition, a heated towel rail is also an element of heating that can improve the microclimate, and it will be possible to get out of a hot bath or shower comfortably without goosebumps. An additional bonus is the prevention of condensation on the mirror and some other surfaces, which is also important. A similar element becomes a real necessity in a modern bathroom. How to choose the right towel rail, which will be the most suitable for the parameters of this room? What to look for, and which manufacturers can you trust?

Types of towel warmers

Water and electric towel dryers are widespread today, and each of them has its own undeniable advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to clearly identify which of them is better, since it is necessary to proceed from the prevailing conditions when choosing.

Water-heated towel rails

This is the simplest and most popular option, which, as a rule, is included in the standard bathroom equipment in apartment buildings. Such a heated towel rail is a curved pipe through which hot water flows from the domestic hot water system. The advantages of of this option include ease of operation, durability, low price of the device, and the absence of additional boards during operation.

At the same time, the has some of the disadvantages of the .The key one is the dependence on the supply of hot water: if repairs are carried out or simply turned off, the bathroom will be cold and damp. If we are talking about a private house, which uses autonomous sources of heating and water heating, then you can safely stop on the water towel dryer. It is also worth noting that it is warming up quite slowly, and it will take time from turning on the hot water supply until it is warm in the bathroom. But even despite these drawbacks, water towel dryers are now the most popular option.

Considering the unstable pressure in the water supply networks of apartment buildings, when buying a heated towel rail, you need first of all to pay attention to , which working and maximum pressure it is calculated by , and then compare this figure with the pressure in the network of a particular house. The regulations stipulate that all elements of the water supply network at home must withstand a pressure of 6 atmospheres, it is normal to cope with pressure testing, when, for testing purposes, the pressure can rise to 10 atm a couple of times a year. At the same time, according to the standards, the working pressure of the coolant is 4 atmospheres. But, as many have already had time to be convinced by their own experience, the indicators do not always correspond to certified standards. So, depending on the season, home, number of floors and the state of communications, the pressure can be either 2.5 atm or 7.5 atm. That is why the probability of water hammer and pressure increase should be taken into account when choosing a heated towel rail. Another thing, if you live in a private house, where the pressure in the internal system actually never exceeds 2-3 atm. In this case the choice of various options of heated towel rails extends.

Electric Towel Heater

A great alternative to water towel warmers - their electrical counterparts. This option is ideal when interruptions in the supply of hot water occur regularly, and you no longer want to depend on its presence in the pipes, on its pressure, on the qualitative composition, etc. Electrical devices often have a nice design, they are mobile and autonomous, they do not require connection to the water supply network. To start using such a device, simply fasten it to the wall and plug it into an outlet. That is why they can be used not only in bathrooms, but also in the kitchen or hallway, for example.

Electric heated towel rails are much easier to handle, since almost all models are equipped with a control system: you can set any desired temperature and adjust it in the process. It is also the only possible option to install the heated towel rail, without destroying the existing water supply system, if such an element was not pre-designed. Problems with poor water, corrosive material, also will not be what can be considered weighty advantage .

also has such models, and the main one is the increase in payment for electricity. In addition, you will need to take care of safety, because in such a wet room as a bath, there will always be an electrical appliance. It is better to provide a splash shield for the outlet and pre-think how to arrange the cable so that it does not get under your feet and does not spoil the interior of the bathroom.

When choosing an electric towel rail, you should pay attention not only to its shape and size, but also to the power consumption and the presence of the thermostat. Naturally, the more economical the heated towel rail, the better for the family budget. As for management, there may be two options. The first of them is as simple as possible: there is a thermostatic head, with the help of which the temperature is manually controlled. The second option has a higher cost and advanced functionality. It is enough for the user to specify a comfortable temperature in the room, and the heated towel rail will maintain it independently. Some devices are additionally equipped with a timer, with which you can set the mode for a day or a week. This functionality allows not only more efficient use of electricity, but to make your life more comfortable. For example, you can set the timer so that when you come home or when you wake up from sleep, towels and bathrobes are warm.

Combined heated towel rails

As the name suggests, combined heated towel rails are a compromise option and can receive heat from both hot water and electricity. Recently, such devices are becoming increasingly popular, although they still produce a little.

Combined towel warmers combine the advantages of both types of devices , and the reliability of the design in the end only increases. This option is indispensable in the case when hot water is turned off in summer: in this case, in winter you can save money and use the device as a water towel dryer, and in summer turn it on if necessary and set the desired mode using electricity.

The only disadvantage is that the solution is a high price that discourages many potential buyers.

Material for the manufacture of heated towel rails

If your choice is a water heated towel rail, then the material of its manufacture should be supervised carefully. The main danger in this case is the water in the central water supply system, which often does not meet the standards, is saturated with oxygen, salts, and ultimately leads to the development of corrosion processes, clogging, which gradually brings the towel warmer down. So, what material will be the most durable and durable?

  • The best option is the stainless steel heated towel rail, which can be used in almost any bathroom. Externally, it can be painted, chrome or polished. Paint coating is the cheapest, but short-lived option, and the chrome finish will fit much better into the modern-style bathrooms.
  • black steel towel rail often resembles steel models in appearance, and an anti-corrosion coating is applied on the surface to become a reliable protection. Nevertheless, such devices are better to use in private houses with individual heating systems, since these heated towel rails are more susceptible to corrosion. Such models are designed for systems with consistently high quality coolant, so if this is not the case, you will have to choose either another option or use special adapters.
  • The non-ferrous metal models, , and most commonly used copper, are distinguished by their solid appearance and high price. But such a towel warmer will serve faithfully for many years, decorating with its appearance any bathroom.

These are the most popular and most represented types of heated towel rails, although you can also find stone and even glass products in the elite collections of some foreign manufacturers.

Towel dryer power

Towel dryer power plays an important role: the right device will fully cope with all the tasks assigned to it. Repeat in the choice of need from the dimensions of the bathroom, as well as from the functions assigned to the heated towel rail. So, if the task is simply to dry the laundry and towels, then there is enough power at the rate of 100 W / m2 or 40 W / m3.These are the old Soviet norms that suggest maintaining the temperature in the bathroom at + 180C.

If you want the heated towel rail to also serve as a heater, then it is better to use other standards when calculating: 140 W / m2 or 56 W / m3 .Thus, for example, for a bathroom of 3.5 m2, a heated towel rail with a capacity of 490 watts will suffice.

Design and dimensions of

Considering all the moments of functionality and reliability, do not forget about the aesthetic component. It is important that the towel warmer fit the bathroom in size, do not interfere with free movement, fit into the interior. In addition, you also need to be able to choose the model that is most convenient for you, because the number of bends and crossbars may be different. Moreover, the shape of the device can be so bizarre and unusual that it will become not only comfortable, but also a beautiful addition to the bathroom.

If in the bathroom there was no towel warmer at all, then you can choose, in principle, any shape and design. Those who have got the bathrooms with the old M- or U-shaped variant of the heated towel rail should think carefully about whether to change it and for which one. In domestic apartment buildings, the heated towel rail also performs the function of a compensating loop. The fact is that the whole system of water pipes in the house is united, and according to the laws of physics, pipes can lengthen slightly with increasing temperature, and shortened with its decrease. If we imagine this whole process on the scale of the whole house, then something like an accordion comes out, in which the key role belongs to towel warmers, thanks to them the risk of accidents at temperature drops is reduced. It is easy to imagine what will happen if something drastically changes in the bathroom, so it is better to try to choose a towel warmer that fits the old and most annoying as much as possible.

As for the shape, today the simplest M and U-shaped towel warmers are still popular. There are also snake-like options with multiple bends. Another popular option is the ladder , which are distinguished by their advantages. Many people call this option more convenient and practical, because more things fit on the ladder and they can be dried along the entire length.

The towel dryer in the form of a snake also has advantages: it is two times cheaper, and it is easier to install it if an apartment has already had a similar device in the apartment - you will not have to redo the riser and adjust everything to a new model.

But this does not end the various design options for a heated towel rail, because there are so-called design radiators that can really become a stylish decoration of a room. Such interesting models are presented mainly in the assortment of foreign manufacturers: they can be heated to 1800 towel warmers, perforated models with rounded holes, and other most unimaginable options.

The best manufacturers of

towel warmers Apart from all the above tips, upon purchase you also need to check all relevant documents for the product, and doesn’t stop the from inspecting the surface: it should be smooth and even. If the price for a particular model is several times lower than everywhere else, then it is worth thinking about the quality of such a heated towel rail. And in order not to miscalculate, you need to be aware of, , which key manufacturers figure on this market, , and who can be trusted.

imported products bribe us with their more subtle and elegant appearance, variety, but you have to be extremely careful when choosing such towel warmers. The fact is that in Europe, for example, heated towel rails are not connected to the hot water supply system, but to the heating system, for which the water passes the appropriate treatment. Consequently, these devices, which do not have an anticorrosive coating and feel well in European countries, may not be distinguished by their durability, because they are not adapted to pressure drops and aggressive composition of the coolant. However, import manufacturers do not want to lose the Russian market, therefore is also offered by towel warmers adapted to local conditions. When choosing it is worth paying attention to this and carefully think over how suitable this or that model.

When choosing models of foreign production, it is important to check whether they have stop valves, due to which you can release excessive pressure, eliminate air traffic jams, thereby normalizing the operation of the device and promoting uniform heating of the towel warmer.

So, what are the foreign manufacturers proved among domestic users?

  1. Towel Warmer Zehnder

    Zehnder is a well-known German manufacturer of towel warmers, whose product range includes models of all types. In addition, there are options that can act as partitions in large bathrooms. All devices combine maximum functionality and beauty. The company tries to satisfy all wishes of customers and can apply a color coating of a selected shade to a specific model, perform chrome plating or powder enamel coating, and create electrical versions of some models.

  2. Margaroli is an Italian company with a huge number of different heated towel rails in its product range. These are water and electric models, with a different, but always elegant design. The company's models differ in their appearance, because in fact they are works of art. They are made of sanitary brass, and the finish can be chrome-plated or made of matt chrome, nickel, antique, bronze, gold, silver, etc.
  3. Heated towel rail Margaroli

    Warmos - towel warmers made in Finland. Here great attention is paid not only to the appearance and functionality, but also to the safety of products. That is why electrical devices have multi-level protection so as not to cause a electric shock and not fail with the action of environmental factors.

  4. Arbonia is a German company that manufactures electric towel rails. These are functional, reliable devices that can be a great addition to the bathroom interior.
  5. Gorenje offers a small range of simple and inexpensive high-quality towel rails.
  6. Vogel & Noot is an Austrian manufacturer that offers a wide range of towel warmers and design radiators. All devices are strictly monitored and meet the requirements.

From domestic companies that have proven themselves in this market, it is worth noting:

  1. Towel-dryers "Tera"

    "Terah" is a manufacturer that offers water and electric heated stainless steel. The company has been certified, and its products meet all European requirements. This is the largest domestic company in this field, which monitors the quality and is constantly expanding its range.

  2. “Trugor” is a company that manufactures heated towel rails with the most thoughtful and convenient design. The models are distinguished by good quality, rich colors, a variety of configuration: there are both the simplest options and the very unusual ones.
  3. Dvin Towel Dryers

    Dvin is one of the largest domestic manufacturers that manufactures heated towel rails that are most adapted to Russian conditions of use. In terms of the range and quality of products of this company in the national market there is no equal, and separately presented luxury products that have very strange and interesting forms.

  4. "Terminus" is a leading manufacturer that offers more than 200 different types of towel warmers, presented in different price categories. Due to the variety of shapes, types, colors, size and price, everyone can find the perfect model for themselves.
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