12 materials for finishing the bedroom ceiling


  1. №1.Whitewashing
  2. №2.Painting
  3. №3.Wallpaper
  4. №4.Stretch ceilings
  5. №5.Drywall
  6. №6.Rack ceiling
  7. №7.Wooden lining
  8. №8.MDF-panel
  9. №9.Laminate
  10. №10.Polystyrene tile
  11. №11.Plaster
  12. №12.Coffered ceiling
  13. At the end of

In the bedroom, it is important to create a calm and harmonious interior, conducive to rest and relaxation, and carefully consider every detail. Making repairs in the bedroom, special attention should be paid to the finishing of the ceiling, and for its facing today there are many different materials: from simple whitewash to multi-level tensioning structures. Which option would be most preferable for a particular bedroom? Answer this question and help the material below.


Whitewashing was the most popular way to finish the ceiling a couple of decades ago, but today, despite the emergence of many alternatives, continues to be actively used. And all this thanks to its numerous advantages:

  • low price, so whitewashing the ceiling is available to literally everyone;
  • ease of application. You can cope on your own without having experience in carrying out repairs;
  • whitewash does not reduce the height of the ceilings, which is important for owners of small and not very high bedrooms;
  • vapor permeability;
  • fire safety;
  • white color of the coating obtained will be appropriate to look in any interior.

At the same time, simple white ceiling color may seem dull and ordinary to many. Also whitewashing can not be called a durable coating, because over time it begins to crack and fall off. Before applying whitewash it will be necessary to carefully align the ceiling, or wash off all previous layers of whitewash, if any.


By painting the ceiling can be given absolutely any shade. You can use several colors and create some kind of pattern on the ceiling. At the same time, painting remains one of the of the most budget and simplest in the execution versions of the finishing of the ceiling .It is best to apply for painting water-based paint , which dries very quickly and offers a huge amount of color options. Just like whitewashing, painting does not steal valuable centimeters of bedroom height, but if the ceiling is in poor condition, and its alignment takes a lot of time and effort, you can use drywall sheets to level the surface, but in this case the room height will decrease.

It should be noted that the ceiling will have to be very carefully prepared for painting , because it must be smooth, without cracks and cavities, otherwise they will be very noticeable. It is better to cover the ceiling with opaque paints, so as not to create unnecessary glare, and therefore you should be more careful when preparing the surface, because matte paint emphasizes all the irregularities.

# 3.Wallpaper

Although the ceilings have been trimmed with wallpaper for a long time, today this method remains modern and stylish, as the range of this finishing material has increased, and the approaches to design have changed. For the bedroom, you can use paper or non-woven wallpaper , as this is a breathable eco-friendly materials that is so important for this room. It is also good to use fabric wallpaper , and wallpaper for painting can be repainted and changed the interior of the bedroom several times without problems.

The main advantages of finishing the ceiling wallpaper:

  • low cost;
  • ease of execution. You can easily cope with wallpapering yourself, but even if you have to call in specialists, all the work can be done in one day;
  • a huge range of wallpapers in different colors and with different ornaments, which allows you to realize any interior dream;
  • If you choose a dense wallpaper, then with their help you can even disguise the small surface irregularities;

It is also worth noting that some defects in the ceiling surface can be hidden due to a well-chosen ornament. So, a contrast pattern with asymmetrical elements is what you need in this situation. If your plans use plain wallpaper, the ceiling surface will need to be prepared for finishing more carefully.

Of the minuses worth noting:

  • is not the highest durability. The service life of paper wallpaper is determined by 5 years, and non-woven wallpaper - 15. In addition, the experience of using wallpaper to finish the ceiling suggests that after some time they begin to peel off, even if all the work was carried out qualitatively, and the glue was used suitable;
  • alone wallpaper on the ceiling pokleit almost impossible, and this feature must be taken into account when carrying out repairs;
  • if the bedroom has an unconventional form, then wallpapering becomes more complicated. So, if the angles are not straight, there are some difficult elements, then it is better to use painting, whitewashing or plaster.

№4.Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are at the peak of popularity today, because their advantages are obvious:

  • beautiful appearance and the ability to create a multi-level design of any shape with spot lighting. The surface can be matte or glossy. The latter perfectly reflects, thanks to which the bedroom is visually enlarged;
  • installation process does not take much time and leaves little debris;
  • reliability and durability. The stretch ceiling will even be able to withstand a load of water if neighbors from above arrange a flood;
  • practicality, since even if the building shrinks on such a ceiling there will be no cracks. Moreover, the surface does not attract dust; it is very easy to clean;
  • safety, because stretch ceilings do not burn, do not emit harmful substances, the material can be called environmentally friendly.

Cons also have:

  • price;
  • any damage to the surface deprives it of almost all the positive qualities, and repair is impossible;
  • stretch ceilings are unable to pass air, which is not very good for a bedroom. If the main material is not PVC film, but fabric, then this disadvantage is leveled;
  • if you look closely, then a barely noticeable weld can be found on the surface of the stretch ceiling. If the room is small, or only a part of the bedroom is finished in this way, then the seams can be avoided - a solid canvas will be used. However, you can find a seamless fabric version with a width of up to 5.1 m, and PVC with a width of up to 3.5 m.

No. 5.Drywall

In the bedroom, you can equip suspended ceilings .In this case, it is necessary to create a frame on which the finishing material is then installed: plasterboard, plastic or wooden panels, metal slats, etc. The most commonly used is drywall, which has with a lot of advantages:

  • is a perfectly flat surface with no dirty processes;
  • communication can be hidden between the main ceiling and the drywall;
  • the ability to create multi-level structures, install point lighting in them, and eventually get a unique and stylish interior;
  • drywall is easy to cut, which makes it easier to work with it;
  • is a safe material for health, as it does not emit harmful substances during operation;
  • drywall is resistant to mechanical damage, and in which case such a ceiling can be repaired;
  • the ability to repaint the design allows you to change the interior quickly and easily.

Drywall could be an ideal finishing material for a bedroom ceiling, if it were not for there are some nuances:

  • design steals far from the extra inches of bedroom height, which can be a critical factor;
  • need to additionally trim the surface of the ceiling;
  • duration of work.

№6.Rack ceiling

Rack ceiling also belongs to the class of suspended, hence all its advantages and disadvantages. Externally, this ceiling looks very original , it reflects the light, so it can make the bedroom visually a little more, but still it is a very bold decision for a rest room, and before choosing such a design, you need to carefully consider the interior of the room.

The material for the rails is steel or aluminum , which is coated with varnish. The main advantages of this method of finishing are :

  • is a unique appearance and a huge scope for imagination, because the slats can even be bent, they can have different shades;
  • high strength and hygiene;
  • the ability to hide the communications system and equip the original lighting system;
  • durability;
  • quick installation.

Among the disadvantages of the are the high cost of such a solution, the reduction in the height of the bedroom, as well as the specifics of the renovation. If one of the rails is damaged, then in any place it cannot be dismantled - you will have to remove the trim from the wall to the damaged element, but then the installation of the system is very simple.

№7.Wooden wall paneling

You can create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom using wooden wall paneling. This is an absolutely natural material for the manufacture of which coniferous and hardwood wood is used. The best option for the bedroom is pine, because it is one of the most affordable types of wood, and its properties are quite suitable for a rest room. They fix the clapboard also to a previously prepared frame, hence the decrease in the height of the ceilings, but also the ability to hide the wiring.

Advantages of clapboard ceiling finishing:

  • environmental friendliness and naturalness;
  • excellent appearance;
  • relative ease of installation;
  • under the clapboard can hide not only wiring, but also heat and sound insulation.

The wooden ceiling will not fit into any interior, and such decoration will cost a lot. In addition, the tree must be carefully maintained so that it does not suffer from pests and other negative factors. Despite the fact that the wood is treated with special impregnations, it is still very easy to sustain burning.

No. 8.

MDF Panels Today, MDF panels are not very widely used as ceiling finishes, so using this technique, you can make the bedroom the original , and if you choose a suitable option, then the exterior MDF panels will resemble wood cladding. This material is more environmentally friendly than, for example, MDF or particleboard plates, since phenols and resins are not used in the production of MDF.Due to the veneer, laminated or painted surface, the panels can take on any kind of look and imitate natural materials. Modern construction market offers MDF panels in the form of tiles, sheets and rails.

Among main advantages of such a finish:

  • ease of installation, no dirty processes and high maintainability;
  • heat and sound insulation properties, which is important for the bedroom;
  • durability and reliability;
  • pleasant appearance and a huge range of panels of different colors and textures: wood, stone, etc.

Of the shortcomings of the , it is possible to note the low strength, but serious blows rarely fall on the bedroom ceiling. This material is afraid of moisture, but there are no sources in the rest room, and only flooding is dangerous. Only one drawback remains - MDF panels are easy to burn, just like wood. Another disadvantage is typical for all suspended structures - reducing the height.

Immediately it is worth noting that can also use plastic panels: they are cheap, hygienic, but they are afraid of direct sunlight, and their appearance will not fit into every bedroom. Many people say that they bring an office business hue to the room, and few people want to endure it in the bedroom, and such panels cannot be called environmentally friendly material.

# 9.Laminate

Laminate for ceiling decoration is also rarely used so far, but with its help you can create an excellent interior in the bedroom, because the material differs in with a lot of advantages:

  • has a huge range. Laminate can imitate the structure of a tree of any kind, stone, etc.;
  • durability;
  • heat and sound insulation;
  • safety, because laminate will not become a source of harmful substances fumes.

Of the minuses, there is the fear of water, but for the ceiling of the bedroom it is not so bad. But nevertheless, there is a risk that the neighbors can flood, or the roof will leak( if the apartment is on the top floor), so it will not hurt to perform a layer of waterproofing. Laminate can be mounted on a pre-erected frame, but it can be glued directly to the ceiling.

# 10.Polystyrene tiles

Budget option for the ceiling bedroom. polystyrene plates are very light , therefore, can even be installed independently by , especially since they are glued directly to the ceiling. Tiles can be smooth and embossed , any shade, to imitate the surface of wood, stone or leather .Most often they are square with a side of 50 cm, but can be rectangular, diamond-shaped, hexagonal, or even have a fancy irregular shape. To create a monolithic surface, you can pick up the plates that are combined on the ceiling in a holistic pattern, and the borders between them are invisible.

This finish has the properties of heat and sound insulation, tolerates changes in temperature and humidity, has a low price. But it should be noted that polystyrene foam tiles can be deformed with constant exposure to high temperatures. We are talking about sources of lighting, so the lamps will have to be located at a distance of 20 cm from the ceiling or more. In addition, material does not allow air, and the cheapest tiles may begin to turn yellow when exposed to sunlight.

# 11.Plaster

Another good option for finishing the ceiling in the bedroom - plaster. In this case, the room height will remain the same , and if the room has some non-standard shapes or elements, then use this finish is very convenient. The plastered ceiling may have a smooth surface or be distinguished by a characteristic relief. The use of Venetian decorative plaster will make the bedroom a source of pride, since the ceiling will be glossy, smooth and resemble a stone. Another advantage of using plaster is its versatility , since it can be applied to almost any surface. Moreover, it is a natural, safe, breathable cover that is great for a bedroom.

From the minuses of it is worth noting the need for certain skills for applying plaster, as well as its low moisture resistance, so the flooding will not transfer the material very well, and cosmetic repairs will be needed.

# 12.Coffered ceiling

Coffered ceilings have their history from ancient Greece, and today continue to be used, albeit in a slightly modified form. The caisson ceiling is a collection of beams that form the grooves-cells. This finishing option is suitable for for the very spacious high-standard bedrooms, which are made in a classic style. The shape of the caissons is usually square, but there may be other options. Sometimes they are used for decorating individual parts of the ceiling. In any case, the caisson ceiling looks elegant, stylish and at the same time allows you to hide some irregularities, as well as communication.

The caisson ceiling can be made from different materials:

  • tree - the most elegant and luxurious option. This ceiling creates a special atmosphere, it is eco-friendly and has a unique texture;
  • MDF - an alternative to natural wood. Such a coffered ceiling will be much cheaper, but it will look very attractive, imitating the same wood. This is a durable material, it is much easier to install than natural wood;
  • drywall is an even more budget option, but it can also be used for a caisson ceiling;
  • cardboard and polyurethane are less commonly used for this purpose, less durable, but much simpler to install.

In conclusion,

Today there are a lot of ways to originally decorate the ceiling in the bedroom, and you should base your choice on personal preferences, features of the room and the chosen interior style. It is important that the finishing material is not only beautiful, but also safe, so the choice should be based on a number of factors.

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