The refrigerator does not turn off: why and what to do?

  • Why the refrigeration does not turn off even without the
  • freezing mode Probable causes of breakdowns
  • Door sealer
  • was damagedAfter some time, there was no change, the engine continues to work without stopping. This indicates the occurrence of a certain failure, which caused an unnatural mode of operation. What are the factors that lead to such faults, will be described below.

    Even those who do not understand this technique, noticed that the engine runs with a break. After how much should the refrigerator be turned off? The duration of the working and off state is different. This is affected by the set temperature of the inner chambers, and the surrounding air temperature. However, if the refrigerator does not turn off for about seven or eight hours, you should pay attention to the mode of operation of the refrigerator. When intensive cooling or freezing is set, the engine may not turn off and operate without stopping for a long time, and this will be the norm for it. It should be remembered: later models equipped with electronic scoreboards stop independently after a specified period of time, returning to normal operation. As for the old refrigerators, they need to be taken out of the freezing mode with their own hands. Otherwise, the motor will work for a long time without stopping.

    Why the refrigeration does not turn off even without the freezing mode

    These factors can cause a similar phenomenon:

    1. The door did not close completely. Plates, pans, or other kitchen utensils placed in the refrigerator compartment may obstruct the tight closing of the door. Warm air will penetrate through the gap between the rubber bottom door and the refrigerator. Temperature sensors installed inside the chamber will signal a change in the temperature level, which will trigger the start and continuous operation of the compressor. For this reason, the engine does not turn off and runs unacceptably for a long time. To eliminate this factor, you just need to correctly place the contents of the refrigerator and close the door hermetically. After the temperature reaches the desired level, the engine will shut off.
    2. Of no small importance is the ambient temperature. Often the refrigerator does not turn off, because it is overheating strongly outside. It is contraindicated to place such equipment in close proximity to heating radiators or pipes of the heating system. What to do in a similar situation? If possible, it is worth reducing the heating temperature in the place where the equipment is located. And the best thing to think about a new place for the camera, where it will not be disturbed by high temperatures.

    If all of the listed factors are not confirmed, and the refrigerator is turned off and continues to work, it indicates the presence of a malfunction in its system. When the refrigerator is constantly working, and the causes of the malfunction have not been clarified, it should be disconnected from the power supply to keep the engine from burning out.

    Probable causes of failures

    There are many different reasons due to which the unit does not turn off. However, it should focus on the main factors why the engine is constantly in operation.

    • does not trip;
    • thermostat malfunction;
    • does not work the board or the thermostatic circuit;
    • worn out a rubber seal on the door;
    • disrupted the tightness of the tubes, which led to the leakage of freon;
    • clogged thin capillary tube that fits the filter;The
    • refrigerator works in a stuffy room or very close to a heat source.


    door sealer

    The door sealer located around its perimeter often wears out, so the engine does not stop. Consequently, the hermetic closing of the door is broken, warm air penetrates into the cooled compartment. The engine constantly pumps the cooled freon to remove heat and cool the penetrating air. What to do in this case? A worn refrigerator seal needs to be replaced. New sealant can be bought in specialized stores or on the market. In order not to be mistaken, and buy the necessary sealant for the refrigerator, take with you a piece of the old sealant.

    freezes and constantly buzzes. If, after turning off the freezing mode, the engine still runs without stopping, it is likely that the thermostat or the motor is faulty.

    Why does the engine run without interruption? In this case, the cause may be sticking of the relay, which regulates the open circuit. When the refrigerator starts to work after defrosting, after a while it sets the required temperature and turns off due to the opening of the electrical circuit. If it does not turn off for a long time, the contact relays are probably one-on-one, and the engine runs constantly.

    When the temperature sensor fails, the signal about the set temperature simply does not arrive. The compressor runs continuously, since the signal to the relay does not receive information about the opening of the circuit and stopping the engine. Modern models are equipped with electronic control units that can give a software failure. The signal from the temperature sensor is blocked again and the relay does not break the compressor power supply circuit.

    Poor cools and does not turn off.

    A common reason why a refrigerator does not stop working may be the depressurization of brazed copper tubes. When the mass of freon is reduced, the engine takes more time to extract heat and complete cooling. The motor during such work wears out. What to do? Independently eliminate such a malfunction is very difficult. It is necessary to find the leakage place, solder it, fill the cooling system with a new portion of freon.

    In addition, the evaporator capillary tube may clog. This can provoke a small drop of moisture, which instantly turns into ice and blocks the passage of freon through a capillary tube. The motor can not pump freon through the entire cooling system and therefore works without stopping.

    If the refrigerator works without stopping, the engine will not sustain such a load for a long time - it will overheat and burn. Replacing the engine is a time consuming process that entails substantial financial costs.

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