How to hang vertical and horizontal blinds

Blinds have long become a practical replacement for curtains, so instead of the question of screwing the eaves, it is increasingly common question how to hang blinds of a particular type. Make it easy if you know how to handle a screwdriver or drill.

Preparation of

Before you think about the question of how to hang blinds, you should clearly understand what type of them you want to buy. Vertical slats are often used on high windows, they are most similar to standard curtains, and even surpass them sometimes in aesthetic characteristics. Horizontal slats are more practical, so they are used in the kitchen and in the nursery.

In the selection process, you may wonder how to use the blinds, how to care for them, how the structures are fixed on the windows, what are their sizes. So you will understand that it is better for you to choose and will be able to independently perform all installation work. After purchase, check whether all the details are present and understand the purpose of each of them.

How to make measurements

Suppose you decide to hang horizontal blinds. In this case, it is necessary to know the width of the window and its height. These parameters must match the size of the blinds. If you buy a model that is too short, you will not be able to extend it later. Keep in mind that fittings can be placed on the frames, and it should not interfere with the slats to close the window tightly. In this regard, it is possible, for example, to use blinds of two halves, designed for two window casements.

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In order to install horizontal blinds, measure the width and length of the window sash, measuring the dimensions from bead to bead along the edge of the glass. Knowing these dimensions, the manufacturer himself creates the necessary allowances. Usually, 0.5 cm is added from the sides, and 2 cm above.

If you buy ready-made horizontal blinds, measurements will also be useful to you, because without them you can’t choose the right model. If you take the blinds on several doors, then pay attention to which side the lifting mechanism is located.

Slightly easier to measure if you want to hang vertical blinds. They can be fixed to the upper slope( its edge) or to the wall above the window. Measure the length of the place of attachment and try not to be mistaken with the size, because they will not be able to change them after the purchase. Is that exchange model for another.

Installation of horizontal structures

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Consider how to hang blinds on plastic windows. Initially, it will be horizontal slats. For installation, you will need a pencil and level for marking, a screwdriver, self-tapping screws( at least 2 pieces) or a drill bit, a screwdriver and screws.

  • At first, we do leveling for fixing brackets( metal brackets or corners), on which horizontal blinds will be hung. Staples should not interfere with the internal mechanism.
  • We drill holes in the plastic and fix the brackets using self-tapping screws so that the latches are located at the top. The design of the mount may be different, so always pay attention to it and view the instructions. Most often used convenient and simple type of latches "swallow".
  • We hang the box on the brackets and check how securely and correctly everything is done. To do this, pull the rope, open and close the curtains.

You can do without screws, making holes with a thin drill and tightening the screws. To make it convenient to make the markup, you can temporarily attach the blinds to the latches of the brackets and attach them to the window. Holes too close to the glass can not be done, they must be drilled just above the bead, it is in the frame.

At the bottom of the same way clips are attached. They are needed in order for horizontal blinds to securely close the window if it is open for ventilation. At last, the cane joins, with the help of which the fins are turned up and down.

The wooden brackets fasten in the same way. The only difference is that for plastic windows there are special mounting designs that allow you to install blinds without drilling.

How to hang vertical blinds

The most reliable and relatively easy way to fasten vertical blinds is to hang them on brackets bolted to the wall above the window. The bracket is fixed on two brackets. On the bar hang slats.

In order for everything to turn out beautifully, it is necessary to observe the level by placing the fasteners strictly horizontal. If you at least once hung eaves in the apartment, fixed hinged shelves, cabinets or paintings, then this procedure will not be difficult for you.

A rather painstaking exercise - hanging on the slats. Need to thread each hook in the loop. The more films, the longer you will hang them. It is clear that for vertical structures does not matter plastic window or with wooden frames.

Roller shutters are installed in the same way. Attach the curtain to the window, mark where the mounts will be located, and screw in the screws that secure the brackets. On the side of the rolled curtains is usually located fishing line, not allowing them to sag. At the bottom are the fixation elements.

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