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  • After all, it is simply indispensable in the kitchen, and the freshness of the food stored in it depends on its quality and reliability. Before you go to the store for a new device, you need to determine which firm the refrigerator is better for. To save your time, we read a lot of reviews and information from companies, and based on this data, made a rating of the best manufacturers in 2018.

    Who can you trust?

    Any self-respecting manufacturer of home appliances must try to cover the maximum segment of buyers. Therefore, in the catalogs of any brand you can find both mini-refrigerators for offices and summer houses, as well as huge two-door side-by-side. Today, not only specialists-engineers and electronics engineers are involved in the creation of popular units - designers and programmers are also working to create the perfect unit - beautiful and stylish, “smart” and functional. Can you blame them for the variety of models and the complexity of the choice for an ordinary client?

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    We are not going to be cunning, and let's face it, some trademarks are widely known. For example, Bosh, Samsung, Whirpool. Does this mean flawless quality of refrigerators? Any manufacturer has frankly unsuccessful models of refrigerators, so it is always better to be vigilant than to overpay for other people's shortcomings. There are also less advertised, but famous brands - Liebherr, Sharp, Electrolux, Gorenje, Candy, Vestfrost. Manufacturers with a large number of affordable models - Beko, Indesit, LG.Noteworthy domestic manufacturers of Atlant, Nord, Biryusa, Stinol.

    Production geography for the Russian market - China, Poland. Russia. Some units assemble in Korea, Austria, Germany, Italy.

    But which brand can you trust? It is worth comparing reviews of real owners of refrigerators and technical characteristics of top models from different manufacturers to try to find an objective answer. That's exactly what we do!

    Ranking of the best manufacturers

    Manufacturers of inexpensive refrigerators

    1. Atlas;
    2. Beko;
    3. Indesit.

    Manufacturers of price-quality refrigerators: .

    1. LG;
    2. Samsung;
    3. Candy.

    Reliable premium-class refrigerator manufacturers:

    1. Whirpool;
    2. Liebherr;
    3. Bosh;

    And now let's look at each trademark more meticulously.


    These are inexpensive Belarusian units that have been known to the domestic buyer for over 50 years. No frills, nothing superfluous, but, nevertheless, there are a large number of decent models. In addition, such devices are mostly easily and cheaply repaired in almost every city.

    Among the shortcomings worth noting are cheap materials and a high level of noise, since most Atlant refrigerators are two-compressor. Therefore, if you are looking for the simplest device without complaints, but affordable, this is the best option.


    This trademark is from Turkey. The first Beco refrigerator was designed and released in the distant 1960s, and since 2005, the production of machinery has been open in Russia.

    In the arsenal of the manufacturer a huge number of non-standard models - narrow, wide under glass and even side-by-side. Developing experts try to keep up with the times and meticulously monitor the functionality and manufacturability of their units. Among Beco's refrigerators, you can pick up a simple and reliable appliance or a more refined model more expensive. Combine them will be an economical class of energy consumption, but quite a noticeable noise level. Also, when choosing, you should carefully monitor the quality of performance.


    Indesit is a huge number of models of economy class with Italian roots. For all its cheapness, the units of this manufacturer are quite roomy, durable and functional. Perhaps the popular models will not differ exquisite design, designed by electronics or ultra-modern technology. Indesit units are simple and non-capricious, this is their advantage.

    In addition, this manufacturer is developing noteworthy built-in refrigerators. And if you still look for a twist, take a look at the “wooden models” line. It resembles a simple kitchen cabinet and creates an atmosphere of comfort and color in any kitchen.


    Korean brand has won the home appliance market for a long time and thoroughly. And no wonder, because the founder of the brand managed to overwhelm the world markets with high-quality and affordable technology. However, over time, more advanced models made with the latest technology began to appear in the product lines of this company. Technological innovations and good old classics in stylish processing are the distinguishing features of the LG brand.

    Modern Korean-made devices attract customers not only with their catchy appearance and new developments. In addition, the Al Ji units do not make noise, consume little electricity, and calmly relate to voltage surges within reasonable limits.

    However, it is worth being very careful when choosing not to buy a Chinese assembly. For such a device you will definitely overpay, but you will not receive high-quality and durable work in return.


    This is a family business of a father and three sons from South Korea who were able to “rise” during the state mass support of a domestic manufacturer.

    Translated from the Korean "Samsung" - three stars, but the technology under this brand obviously threatened all five. Samsung Refrigerators are distinguished by their modern appearance, well-thought-out ergonomics and reliable electronic filling. This is a confident middle price segment when you clearly understand.what you pay for. In addition, Samsung is not annoying hearing noisy work, do not fail when power is disconnected, have good thermal insulation. Such a purchase will serve you faithfully for many years, stably maintaining the necessary temperature inside the chambers.


    The Kandy brand is not as advertised as the previous two brands, but this does not detract from the merits of this technique. Impeccable quality, thoughtful content and special attention - appearance. Well, the Italians love everything pretty and unusual!

    The price of refrigerators is the highest in this category, however, a large number of additional modes, the latest technologies and various sensors and regulators more than compensate for this disadvantage.

    All Candy equipment is meticulously tested by the manufacturer. But this statement, unfortunately, is true only for those models that are assembled at home. In general, these are modern and reliable units, distinguished by conscientious execution and technical forethought.


    This trademark has not yet tormented us with intrusive advertising. However, in the arsenal of the manufacturer - really high quality models, notable for their elegant design, thoughtful functionality, typical diversity.

    Whirlpool offer their customers energy-saving and roomy models, absolutely silent, with automatic temperature control systems. Air purification and defrosting. In addition, this refrigerator will decorate the most stylish kitchen.

    It is worth noting that the masters of service repair equipment rarely encounter instruments Whirlpool. And it says about the reliability of the brand. But, if something is broken, the repair will be painstaking - due to the complexity of the internal filling. I am glad that the service of the Virpul devices is also brought to the highest level.


    Brand of German quality. Reliable and very functional. The internal organization is thought out to the smallest detail, with a huge number of additional compartments, shelves, baskets, etc. There are freshness zones, and cameras are null, an impressive variety of models, a huge number of additional functions. The uptime of any unit is more than 25 years.

    The ideal reputation of the manufacturer is implemented in reliable and reliable models, attractive in appearance and thoughtful inside. On guard of the freshness of your products are the latest technology and sophisticated electronics. Liebherr refrigerators have almost limitless possibilities, and they are very energy efficient, stable in operation, and virtually silent.


    This manufacturer values ​​its reputation. The founder of the brand. Robert Bosch, founded a well-coordinated, reliable and responsible company that produces truly first-class appliances.

    Bosch Refrigerators are extremely attractive, elegant and original, despite the well-known German pedantry. There are also metal models that are simple at first glance or interesting variations from fashion designers.

    Technologically, these German models are extremely thoughtful. System of uniform cooling, automatic adjustment of the temperature of the internal space, sensitive sensors, convenient and easy operation, reliable electronics. With all its complexity and versatility, Bosch units are distinguished by stable and uninterrupted operation, even in the most aggressive conditions - power surges, ambient temperature mismatch, intense loads, etc. For your home, you can choose a roomy two-door appliance or compact neat models for small spaces; interesting colors and design are also always available.

    Bosch is considered to be the flagship of the industry and a kind of trendsetter of refrigeration fashion. Want the best fridge in the world - choose a good, real Bosch.


    At this point, our ranking of the best refrigerator manufacturers in 2018 has come to an end. Now you are armed with information and independent opinion, which means you can easily choose a truly suitable device with the necessary functionality and a reasonable price. Remember that you do not buy the refrigerator for one year, so choose deliberately!

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