Best gas heaters according to customer reviews

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  • Best gas heaters for a tent( compact)
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Themethall gas heaters for the tent( compact)

  • The best outdoor gas heaters
  • Theme tidy gas heaters for the tents( compact) The best outdoor gas heaters

    The best outdoor gas heaters

    The best outdoor gas heaters for the tent( compact)

    or alternative heating device. With their help, in the cold season, you can heat a non-residential area, for example, , garage, workshop, open pavilion or tent.

    In practice, they showed their effectiveness, and proved that they can be used both for internal heating and as street heaters. In order to choose the right appliance, we have compiled a rating of the best gas heaters, based on customer feedback and expert opinion.

    Rating of the best manufacturers( firms)

    When choosing heating equipment, the first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the device. Of course, you should choose it based on the needs and place of its application. But in order to be effective in operation, it is recommended to pay attention to the manufacturer( company), which has positive recommendations and feedback on the quality of the product.

    The market for such goods is oversaturated. Heating equipment is represented by many manufacturers that meet the criteria of quality. However, among them there are those that won the championship. Among the companies whose heating equipment deserves attention and has worked well during operation, the following can be highlighted.

    • Ballu is a specialized company for the manufacture of climate technology. It has offices all over the world, most of which are located in Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Poland and China. The company incorporates specialized laboratories for conducting experiments in design and designing a bureau.
    • Timberk - the company was founded in 2004, today it distributes its products in Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS.Climatic equipment is presented in a wide range( more than 120 positions), which can be divided into split-systems and specialized heating equipment.
    • Kovea - founded in 1982, is a popular and widely used in the world company for the production of spectrum products outdoor .Including has a wide range of gas burners and lamps.
    • Pathfinder is a Russian company, with a specialized profile - camping equipment. Among other things, produces gas heaters for the tourism industry. The products are manufactured since 1991, it has worked well and is supplied to neighboring countries.
    • Siabs is an Italian company, marked by the uniqueness of the presented products, which has no analogues. Especially the company was noted for impeccable quality during the operation of heating devices.

    The above-mentioned companies stood out in the ranking of the best, based on consumer feedback. The evaluation criterion taken quality and efficiency in the process of long-term operation.

    Types of gas heaters

    If you have decided to buy a gas heater, then you should be familiar with their varieties. Heaters of one type are intended for the house and the apartment. And for the garage or cottages are offered completely different gas burners. As well as a separate category of outdoor devices for heating.

    Consider which of the models are the best for use in specific conditions.

    The best gas floor heaters

    This type of heaters runs on bottled gas. Particularly relevant where necessary to ensure the smoothing of drowning, and there is no gas pipeline. Among them the most popular are:

    Ballu Bigh-55

    A thoughtful and productive model of a gas floor heater. Heat is emitted by infrared radiation. The built-in ceramic plate helps to absorb heat and direct it to surrounding objects. As a result, the structure itself and the furniture in it heat up and keep warm.

    • Its feature is that it does not require attachment to the chimney, since it almost does not emit carbon monoxide.
    • Has a built-in propane tank( 27 liters).The
    • is quite a powerful 4.2 kWh, with the ability to heat a large area. The specified heater is designed to provide a warm area of ​​up to 60 m².The device provides three modes of operation.
    • Costs: 50 liters of propane is roughly enough for one month when working in the second power mode.
    • Safe, when overturning, automatically shuts off, which will not cause a fire.

    Timberk TGH 4200 M1

    This model has worked well for use as the main type of heating. Powerful enough( 4.2 kWh), it works in three modes. Able to heat an apartment or a small house. Heat is generated by heating a ceramic block with honeycombs that emits infrared rays.

    • The device is equipped with a piezoelectric ignition element.
    • Safe, in the event of a dim light, the gas supply is shut off.
    • This model is improved. Toggle buttons are located on the top panel.
    • Equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to move in the room.

    IGC AS-GH03

    Heater variant designed for occasional use. The set heater power is 4.2 kWh. Effectively heats an area up to 30 m².

    • Compact, easy to move with the help of wheels and side handles.
    • For the price is quite cheap option.
    • Case material: steel coated with black enamel.
    • Heats the room quickly, however, requires periodic ventilation( every hour).
    • It is often used as a garage or suburban heater.

    The best wall-mounted gas heaters

    Wall-mounted heater types relevant for continuous and main heating. They have a modern and compact body. Among them, the ranking of the best gas heaters are.

    Alpine Air NGS-50

    Good heater, has a modern design, white with black trim. The heating element is made of cast iron, which saves long-term heat transfer. In this regard, the heater is economical in gas consumption.

    • The control sensors are conveniently hidden in a separate cell on the front panel.
    • It is absolutely safe to use, because the combustion products are discharged through the chimney. Therefore, the installation of this device requires the output of a thin horizontal chimney.
    • Such a device is sufficient to heat an area of ​​up to 60 m².But, its value will be slightly higher than the previous ones.
    • Can work from the main gas supply or from liquefied gas.

    Hosseven HBS-12/1

    Powerful model, alternative to the boiler. Heater with a capacity of 12 kWh, allows you to heat an area up to 200 square meters. To establish the required chimney, so the kit included a special telescopic tube for the output of combustion products.

    • There is access to the combustion chamber, which allows for prophylactic cleaning of the igniter.
    • It has a steel heat exchange element and a fan placed behind it, which quickly and efficiently distributes heat.
    • Silently works, can be wall-mounted and has supports for floor placement.

    The best gas heaters for tents( compact)

    This type of heaters can be appreciated by lovers of outdoor recreation. In a hiking trip or fishing, in the cold season, gas burners are very relevant. For this purpose, the following options are most often chosen.

    Pathfinder Ion PF-GHP-S01

    Direct appointment - heating a small design. This may be a small private house, a tent, a pavilion. To bring it into action using bottled gas.

    Powerful enough, but compact, which allows you to take with you on a hike. It is considered economical, as it requires little fuel consumption.

    Kovea Fire Ball KH-071

    A type of mobile catalytic heater operating on gas. Powered by piezo ignition.

    Very popular because of its versatility. Its direct purpose is to heat a small area, including tents during a camping trip or fishing. However, it can be used for heating or cooking.

    Can be installed in the tilt position( as a heater) and in horizontal form( for cooking).Both positions are fixed, which eliminates its overturning.

    Ballu BIGH-3

    compact heater with a power of 3 kWh, able to warm a tent or other structure with an area of ​​30 m².It sees heat from a gas-heated ceramic panel by infrared radiation. Model popular due to its versatility. It can serve as a pure heater, as well as a device for cooking.

    Equipped with protective sensors, does not go out during wind or rain.

    The best gas street heaters

    Street gas heaters are very popular. With their help, you can not give up the pleasure of organizing gatherings in nature in the cold. Among the best are:

    Siabs Kaliente

    Stylish outdoor heater in the form of the Eiffel Tower. Has a vertical arrangement( 223 cm).With a capacity of 10.5 kWh, it can cover a space of up to 35 m² with its heat. Uninterrupted operation time is from 10 to 12 hours, depending on the set mode.

    Housing made of aluminum and stainless steel. Resistant to the surface. The gas cylinder is hidden in the middle of the structure.

    Has a very elegant design. The lower part has a decorative lighting. During operation, it produces infrared rays, which not only generates heat, but also creates a pleasant view.

    ENDERS Elegance

    Heater of German quality, ideal for a small company. On gas, with a power of 8 kWh. It produces heat in a radius of 9 m².

    Designed as a street lamp, it is successfully combined with the setting in nature. Construction height 2.2 m, made of polished stainless steel.

    Its feature is quite a long time. Completely filled cylinder guarantees heating from 19 to 50 hours. The heater is equipped with a gas control sensor. At extinction of a flame, gas leak is blocked.

    ACTIVA Pyramide Cheops 13600

    • Pyramid gas heater. Like the preliminary, has a sophisticated design.
    • Heater power rating 10.5 m².The flame is concentrated in a steady flask. Heat is emitted by infrared radiation.
    • The heater is made of stainless steel, weighing 33 kg, however, it moves easily with the help of castors.

    Gas heaters are not only distinguished by models and manufacturers. The essential difference between them is where and how they can be used. Based on the purpose of the application, it is easy to choose an efficient and expedient heater for its intended use.

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