Why does the microwave sparkle inside: what to do?

  • Microwave device
  • Possible causes of the problem
  • Repair problems associated with mica
  • Some tips and recommendations

All electrical appliances sooner or later break and the microwave oven is no exception. One of the most common problems with it - the spark inside the microwave. Like the , why is the microwave sparkling inside the , you will learn in this article. We will tell you about the causes of the problem, as well as about the possibility of repair.

The device of the microwave oven

To understand the problem, what to do if the microwave is sparking inside, you need to know its structure and working principle. The basis of the microwave is a device called a magnetron. Depending on the mode of operation, voltage is applied to it. Under the action of a voltage on the magnetron, short energy pulses are emitted. A certain number of waves pass through the waveguide, and exit through a hole made inside the microwave. The normal operation of the microwave requires the presence of products inside.

These are the products that absorb released microwaves, which can no longer be reflected back into the radiator. Because of the reflected waves of the , the microwave cracks the and that very unpleasant arcing occurs.

A little advice - if you heat a small amount of food inside, then with it you need to put a glass of water that will take on the extra radiation, this will extend the life cycle of your microwave oven.

Possible causes of the

problem. Sparking can occur due to some of the main factors, below we will tell about them:

  • overheated mica plate for a microwave;
  • a violation of the enamel layer of the main chamber;
  • inside the main compartment are foreign objects made of metal.

The very first reason, perhaps, is the most important one, in this case an urgent replacement of the mica in the microwave is required. Burning occurs due to the fact that during the heating of food fat enters the mica plate, and causes temperature fluctuations in it. If you do not take any action, then the mica may become unusable and the magnetron, which is very expensive, and the repair will cost you a pretty penny, and it will be easier for you to buy a new microwave oven than repair the old one.

In the case of replacement, the first thing to do is to go to the store and buy the original part or close to it in terms of characteristics and dimensions. Mica for a microwave oven is sold in many household or household stores, in extreme cases, you can order it in the online store of the manufacturer of your unit, or on a third-party resource. The main thing is that mica for microwave ovens fit the size and not be smaller or larger.

Enamel coating - in order to restore the original layer, you must purchase a special tool sold in specialized stores. Painting the inner walls of the chamber by other means is not recommended. It is best to contact the service center, where they will make all the necessary operations to replace the internal coating.

As for sparking due to metal objects, everything is simple, you should check their presence in the main chamber and remove it accordingly.

Repair of defects associated with mica

In order to get rid of sparks and prevent further damage, the following manipulations must be performed:

  • dismantle the old unusable plate, for this you need to disconnect the latches or fasteners, it all depends on the manufacturer;
  • impose this plate on a new one, and use it to cut mica with the appropriate dimensions, if you have it larger;
  • can also check the protective cap on the magnetron itself in time for replacement and, if necessary, replace it to avoid further problems;
  • install a new element in place of the old one, and fasten it;
  • after all the above, check the microwave oven for its performance. In no case do not conduct a check with an empty camera, it can end badly.

Is it possible to operate a microwave without mica?

Mica for a microwave oven is a protective screen for the element behind it - the magnetron, namely its antenna. With careful use of the microwave oven, it can work for some time without this protective screen. To do this, cover all food with special covers.

A few tips and recommendations

We told you why the microwave is sparkling inside , and described what to do. From all of the above, we can conclude that the main cause of breakdowns in a microwave oven is faulty mica, and it should be changed, but it is best to provide this work to specialists with experience and the necessary knowledge to repair these devices. But if you decided to replace the mica plate yourself, you should remember some nuances:

  • , before replacing mica from a microwave oven, you should clean the main chamber from food and other things;
  • is worth remembering that microwave mica is made of a rather fragile material and must be handled very carefully. When you cut it, use as sharp objects as possible to do everything quickly and not damage the mica itself;
  • when you make holes, punch them with a drill or punch;
  • after you cut mica for a microwave oven, be sure to process its edges with sandpaper.

The newly installed plate will last you for a long time if you cover them with a lid during heating, this will protect not only the mica, but also the inner walls themselves, since it will be easier to clean the lid itself than the main chamber. Take care of your household appliances.

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