Installation and replacement of wiring in the room: how to find a professional


  1. How to understand that it's time to change the wiring?
  2. Where to look for an artist?
  3. Which artist to prefer?
  4. Signs of a True Professional
  5. Assessment of the
  6. work approach How to take an electrician's job?

Electricity does not tolerate unprofessionalism. When it comes to installing or replacing electrical wiring in an apartment, you need to understand that in order to properly perform all the work you will need confident knowledge in the field of physics and electrical engineering, the ability to correctly draw up a wiring diagram, select the necessary cable and connect everything correctly. What can we say, when the work must be carried out in a beauty salon, shop or cafe! If you want to be confident in your own safety, it is better to turn to professional electricians, but how to understand that you really have a good specialist? Let's find out together how and where to look for a competent performer who is able to perform installation and replacement of electrical wiring in an apartment, house or commercial room, so that everything is beautiful, high quality and safe. How to check his work and recognize problems in time?

How to understand that it's time to change the wiring?

With the installation of wiring from scratch everything is clear - it is required when you need to equip a newly built room, for example, an apartment in a new building or a store in a new shopping center. Another thing - the replacement wiring. Many people do not take this step for a very long time, motivating it with the fact that everything is in order. Say, why invent yourself a problem? Often, such a frivolous attitude to such a serious thing as electricity turns into big problems: from short circuits to fires.

So, it is time to change the wiring if:

  • the electrical wires become hot or sparkling;
  • in the room became much more technology;
  • you started to constantly use tees and extenders, i.e.the number of existing outlets and their location does not meet current requirements;
  • often knocks machine;
  • sockets fall out;
  • flat shield for many years.

Some advise to change the old aluminum wiring to a new copper one in any case if an overhaul is being undertaken. It may happen that replacement of the wiring is needed in the near future, and this will lead to the destruction of the fresh finish.

Even if you do not observe sparks, heating and frequent knocking out of the machine, this does not mean that the apartment / office / store is completely safe. Over time, the insulation of the wiring collapses , it can be damaged during the repair from strong mechanical stress, be broken when connecting too powerful equipment or under the influence of corrosive media. Errors during the manufacture of the cable and its installation can also lead to a violation of its insulation. What does this mean? And the fact that now the risk of a short circuit or current shock is greatly increased, and the equipment can quickly fail, which means that now is the time to replace the wiring.

To avoid catastrophic consequences, should regularly measure the insulation resistance of the .For commercial premises and ordinary apartments, such an procedure is carried out every three years by .The inspection is carried out by special organizations that have permission and access, qualified employees and special equipment, which is checked every year. Residents of Moscow and the Moscow region can measure insulation resistance by contacting CentrEnergoExpertiza, which carries out all work in the shortest possible time, issues a full package of documents and guarantees the lowest price in the region. When you re-apply a substantial discount.

Where to look for an artist?

When the issue of installation or replacement of wiring is an edge, and the need to resort to the services of specialists is obvious, the most interesting, kind of game, reminiscent of the show "Intuition" begins. Of the hundreds and thousands of offers on the market, you must choose one, and everyone expects that a specialist or team will do its job well and on time.

You can search for an electrician in the following ways:

  • take advantage of "word of mouth". If you have a wide circle of acquaintances, then, for sure, there will be someone who recently resorted to the services of electricians and can advise good specialists, or, at least, suggest who to contact is not exactly worth it;
  • independent search using Internet .To help you search engines and social networks. The responsible executive will indicate a maximum of information about himself, experience, pricing and even examples of work. Moreover, the Internet will help to collect a complete picture thanks to the reviews that are left about the work of a particular team or an individual electrician;
  • electrician can be found through site with free ads .There will be plenty of offers, and minimum information. The impression of the master will help to make a call or a personal meeting;
  • can also be searched in the old fashioned way, using newspapers with , or by studying advertising on pillars and leaflets. The way is so-so, but only a successful specialist can afford to organize a more or less large-scale advertising campaign;
  • is the easiest, but far from the best option - contact management company .Regular electricians will not be interested in doing all the work efficiently and quickly, as they receive a fixed fee. In addition, employees of such companies often have problems with alcohol.

Which artist to prefer?

Electricians are different. But how to understand which of them will do their work better, cheaper and safer? We offer you to conditionally divide all electricians into such groups:

  • guest workers .Their main advantage is low prices for services, but in most cases they do not have the appropriate education and ideas about what the EI is. What happens when they start wiring is easy to guess. It is better to play it safe and get around such specialists;
  • electricians from the management company ( ZhES, ZhEK) are not always bad, but, as mentioned above, they have no motivation to do their work quickly and efficiently. Often they work according to the old rules, refuse to keep up with the times, or even completely come to the site while in a state of intoxication. Fortunately, there are exceptions;
  • "husband for an hour", he is a master of all trades will help to solve some simple issues in the field of electricians. Usually such comrades have superficial knowledge in the field of plumbing, electrical equipment, etc. Trust them wiring is not worth it;
  • construction brigades , which in the composition have their own electrician. Such a choice seems to be the best when an overhaul is being carried out, because no one else needs to be hired. Sometimes this electrician agrees to perform electrical work separately from the brigade. The price will be below average, but the result is a lottery. It all depends on the personal qualities of the electrician, as discussed below;
  • private electricians , i.e. Professionals who work independently and have issued IP.Often these are people with good experience who do everything quickly and give a guarantee on their work, and all this at an affordable price. True, there are among these professionals and not very conscientious;
  • is an electrician who works in his spare time , addition to the main work( usually associated with wiring), takes a side job. These are good professionals who will do the job at the highest level and are cheaper than the market average. Since the specialist will work after the main work, the replacement of the wiring may be delayed. Another problem is the possible noise in the evenings;
  • specializing in electrical installation firm - the best option, especially for commercial premises. Several specialists will quickly make up a competent wiring scheme, and in a few pairs of hands they will quickly do everything, give a guarantee and provide all the necessary documentation. Minus - the price.

Signs of a true professional

It’s not very difficult to distinguish a good electrician from an inexperienced master. The signs of a true professional include:

  • has own professional tool .The specialist or team must do the work with their own equipment and do not ask the customer for anything. The presence of an expensive tool indirectly indicates that the specialist is responsible in his work, invests money in his work in order to achieve the highest results and maximum safety. By the way, the attitude to the tool also shows the level of the specialist;
  • profile education and experience of , preferably at least 5 years, and preferably 7-10 years. When it comes to installation and replacement of wiring, this is really important, and it’s about the experience in the field of electrical installation at private facilities, and not at a manufacturing or state-owned enterprise — there’s a different specificity of work;
  • availability of examples of completed work in the format of photos on the website, on the social network, photo album, etc.;
  • clear advice from , clear answers to questions, ability to take into account the wishes of the client and offer several options for performing the same task;
  • fixed rates for various types of work;
  • warranty on work performed ;
  • electrical safety tolerance level - the third and higher;
  • the ability to perform the design work of the to determine the required cable cross-section, the rating of the automata, etc.;
  • tidy appearance, punctuality and sobriety;
  • availability of its own base of reliable suppliers of electrical products will be a bonus;
  • good recommendations from previous clients.

As for the quotations for the work of , and this is what interests us in the first place, the too low price should seem suspicious. In the end, everyone will do everything as they will, or in the process of work more and more new payments will emerge, and as a result, the price will be even higher than the market average. Without pitfalls can not do. Some particularly tricky performers ask for their services more than the average price, relying on the customer’s logic, according to which good cannot cost cheap. If you hire an electrician is not on the advice of friends, it is better to stop at the experts who provide services in the middle price category.

Assessment of the approach to work

A good specialist, before taking on an order, must inspect the premises and assess the scope of work, but it is possible to understand how responsibly he approaches the work after the first call. Before you call the estimated price, the electrician should clarify a few important parts of the regarding the wiring and your wishes, and only then can he give an approximate amount. The executor, who puts quick earnings in the first place, will immediately announce the amount without even asking about the nuances.

Before agreeing with you to perform a specific job, an electrician must inspect the room. If it is necessary to replace the wiring in the apartment, then he must find out if there is a scheme for the current location of the wiring. Also, the specialist must clarify which electrical appliances will be used, in which places the sockets will be needed. All this will help him assess the scope of work and make at least an approximate estimate.

The customer has the right to ask the electrician or the brigade for documents confirming their qualifications. A specialist should tell you what he is going to do, answer your questions and take into account preferences if they do not go against the safety rules. Specify terms of work and a guarantee for them. If everything suits you, you can sign the contract.

Good specialists always have a lot of work, so they will try to carry out as soon as possible, and to do everything efficiently, because they are responsible for everything with reputation. By the way, the presence of workwear also allows you to judge the level of the specialist.

And one more thing. Wiring is a messy process, as you will need to make walls. Responsible specialist performs his work qualitatively from beginning to end, so be sure to clean up after himself.

How to take an electrician job?

Since childhood, many grow up with the installation in the head "trust, but verify."When it comes to evaluating the work of electricians, this rule becomes more important than ever. In general, it is best to control the work of specialists in stages. Assessment of the wiring will be a necessary minimum before patches are sealed. Pay attention to the following points:

  • wires and sockets must be located in accordance with the agreed scheme;
  • if the walls of the room are not wooden, then the cable should be laid in shafts about 2-3 cm deep;
  • wires from the boxes should go strictly vertically - no diagonals. In general, the wiring is laid only on horizontal and vertical lines, there should be no sharp corners, as well as straight lines. Keep in mind that when turning there should be a slight rounding, due to which the internal stress of the metal in the veins is relieved;
  • all cables must be intact, without cuts and twists( junction boxes - do not count, there will be twists);
  • connections in podozetniki and junction boxes must be reliable and well insulated( advantage - for shrink insulation);
  • after completion of work, electricians must provide a new wiring diagram, but you may also require a complete communications card. The plan should indicate the exact location of the wires on the walls, floor and ceilings;
  • can arrange a load check by turning on all electrical consumers at once and checking the accuracy of the selection of the protection circuit breakers. You can also check separately each wiring line by connecting to it devices with a knowingly higher total load than the one for which the wiring in the room is designed. Ideally, the machine should work. If the automaton did not work or a short circuit occurred, the line was executed with an error, or the automata were selected incorrectly;
  • on the quality of work performed is also evidenced by the quality of the wire fastening in the socket. This applies to both the machine and conventional outlets. De-energize the room and try to pull the wire out of the socket with pliers. If this is possible, the electrician will have to redo some of the work. Someone calls this method barbaric, but many netizens have already seen that it works;
  • sockets and switches must also be securely installed;
  • even if apparently everything is done qualitatively, some errors in the installation may be present. Check, really, everything is in order, the already mentioned measurement of the insulation resistance can. Sometimes the very mention of this procedure causes electricians to eliminate a lot of subquality work. If we are talking about commercial premises, then it is necessary to evaluate the quality of the insulation - before opening the store / cafe / salon, the owner will require measurement protocols for insulation resistance.

Some errors in the work of electricians at the finish may not be noticeable, so many people prefer to appear on the site several times in order to monitor the wiring installation process at various stages and in time to identify problem areas. If you happen to, you can always ask the contractor and request warranty repairs, if, of course, you have listened to our advice and have found the responsible contractor.

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