The largest manufacturers of heating boilers in the world and Russia


  1. manufacturers of heating boilers in the world
  • Vaillant
  • Viessmann
  • Buderus
  • Bosch
  • Ferroli
  • Baxi
  • Ariston
  • Protherm
  • Dakon
  • Roca
  • Kiturami
  • manufacturers of heating boilers in Russia
    • Zhukovsky Machine Works
    • of "Borinskaya»
    • "Plant Konord»
    • Lemax
    • CJSC“ Rostovgazoapparat ”
    • LLC“ Signal-Heat Engineering ”
    • LLC“ Mimax ”

    Many apartments and houses use an autonomous heating system that has a lot of advantages. Its main element is considered to be a heating boiler, on which security, convenience and stability of maintaining the optimum temperature in a house largely depend. For domestic purposes today, boilers for different fuels are used: gas, electricity, liquid and solid fuels. Gas enjoy the highest popularity, as the most economical to work. When choosing, it is worth considering the mass of other characteristics of the boiler, incl.and the name of the manufacturer, as it says a lot .

    Domestic heating boilers on the market are manufactured in Europe, in China, Japan and Korea, as well as in our country. The latter are several times cheaper, but they can also boast excellent reliability and safety indicators, so they confidently compete with proven products of foreign manufacturers.

    Manufacturers of heating boilers in the world


    The company has existed for more than 140 years, and during this time has managed to accumulate a wealth of knowledge in the field of heating equipment production. Innovations are used here, and our own research centers are located in several European countries. Finished products under 8 trademarks( Vaillant is the flagship brand) are in demand in 60 countries of the world. Today, the company is proud to use renewable energy sources in production and to expand its product range.

    Each manufactured boiler passes a double quality check, and for Russian users, products are supplied that are adapted to domestic operating conditions, includinggas pressure. Today, the range of heating boilers includes:

    • gas ( wall and floor, atmospheric and turbinated, single-circuit and dual-circuit);
    • electrical ( represented by compact wall models).


    Another German company, founded in 1917.From a small family business has turned the leader in the manufacture of cooling systems and heating. The production of boilers here is approached with particular care, and the company's highlight is the use of a heat transfer system with two heat exchangers. In addition to boilers, the company also produces components for gas equipment.

    The company's product range currently includes boilers of this type:

    • gas ( condensing and low-temperature);
    • fuel oil ;
    • biomass boilers , in particular, working on lump wood.


    Buderus in the world of heating technology has already become synonymous with the highest quality. The history of the company goes back to the beginning of the 18th century, and the first boilers began to be produced at the end of the 19th century. Today, the manufacturer is considered one of the largest in Europe and the world, and the range of boilers is constantly expanding. In the domestic market, the company's products have been represented since 2004 and enjoy consistently high quality, even despite the high price. At the moment, customers are offered:

    • low-temperature gas and oil boilers ;
    • condensing boilers ;
    • solid fuel boilers .


    German company, which has gained immense popularity with the quality of its products. In the field of development and innovation, the manufacturer is considered a leader in Europe and the world. One of the company's latest interesting findings is a wall-mounted boiler with a closed combustion chamber, which allows its use even in those houses where there is no chimney.

    Today, the company's boilers are widely represented in the domestic market, and a huge range allows you to choose the right option for placing any area. All products can be divided into two types:

    • condensing boilers;
    • convection boilers.

    All of them use gas, can be floor and wall .


    The Italian company offers perfectly balanced in price and quality heating boilers. Almost all of them are compact, and most models support remote control. The manufacturer is trying to use new technologies to increase the efficiency of boilers and reduce emissions. In addition, it is worth noting that the company's boilers differ in their adaptability to domestic operating conditions, and can work perfectly well even with gas and water of not the highest quality.

    At the moment, the company's range of boilers is the widest and includes the following main types:

    • floor and wall;
    • single and dual circuit;
    • traditional and condensation.


    An Italian company that has existed for over 100 years and has been manufacturing heating equipment for about 50 years. Products are in demand in 70 countries of the world, and appeared on the domestic market quite recently, but have already managed to conquer users with excellent quality along with an acceptable price. The manufacturer pays great attention to research work, responding to market needs. Production sites are located in several countries in Europe, and offices around the world.

    In the domestic market, the company sells boilers of such types:

    • gas and solid fuel;
    • traditional and condensation;
    • floor and wall;
    • dual circuit and single circuit.


    Ariston specializes in the manufacture of heating and water heating technology, although in the 1930s it began its existence as a small company manufacturing weights. The products are more or less affordable, high-quality and durable, which makes it popular in 150 countries. Specialists of the company care not only about simplicity and reliability in work, but also about the fastest and easiest installation.

    The product range is not as extensive, but prices are attractive. Today, the company offers gas boilers for floor and wall installation, operating on the traditional and condensing type.


    The company was founded in Prague in 1991.A relatively young manufacturer today plays an important role in the market of heating boilers, offering customers the widest range, excellent quality and affordable prices. It all started with the production of electric boilers, and sales growth served as the starting point for the development of the company. Gradually, the company won the local market, and then began to actively sell products to the foreign market. In Russia, the first boilers of the company appeared already in 1996.The increasing demand for products stimulated the modernization of production lines, the introduction of new approaches in production. Today, the production of boilers is controlled at all stages, the latest developments are constantly being introduced.

    The company offers a huge selection of domestic heating boilers, so a suitable option for specific conditions and areas can be selected very easily. The manufacturer's range includes:

    • gas, electric, solid fuel and oil boilers;
    • wall and floor models;
    • traditional and condensing boilers.

    In addition, boilers with a cast-iron and steel heat exchanger, single-circuit and double-circuit are produced.


    Czech company, leading its history since 1949.In the 70s, it was even the largest in the production of heating boilers, later the main share was bought by Buderus, but today Dakon products continue to be produced and captivate customers with a huge assortment, which includes:

    • gas, solid fuel and electricity boilers;
    • steel and cast iron boilers;
    • floor and wall options.


    Spanish company, founded in 1917.It all started with the production of cast-iron radiators, later the manufacturer began to produce cast-iron and steel boilers for heating, then mastered the production of wall-mounted boilers. Today, the company's assortment also includes air conditioning, automation and accessories. Production facilities are located in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and recently the products entered the domestic market. Today we are offered the following types of boilers:

    • floor and wall-mounted ;
    • gas, electric and solid fuel ;
    • steel and cast iron ;
    • traditional and condensing .


    Kiturami is the largest manufacturer of heating equipment and HVAC equipment in South Korea, and every year the company expands its sphere of influence and is now actively seeking global leadership. In its products, the manufacturer tries to introduce its own development and innovative technologies. All products are certified, and today are in demand in 35 countries. The company manufactures boilers for use at large sites, as well as for use in country and private houses and apartments. The range includes:

    • gas, liquid fuel, solid fuel and combined boilers ;
    • floor and wall boilers .

    Manufacturers of heating boilers in Russia

    Zhukovsky engineering plant

    Immediately it should be noted that Russian-made boilers are distinguished by the most affordable price, but their quality and reliability are not so much inferior to world leaders in the field. The advantage lies not only in price, but also in maximum adaptation to domestic operating conditions.

    Zhukovsky Machine-Building Plant initially specialized in the production of products for aerospace stations, but in 1967 the production of heating equipment was launched. Products are in demand in Russia and neighboring countries abroad. The range includes boilers of different capacities, so you can pick up equipment for a small country house or apartment, and a huge country house of up to 610 m2.All boilers, depending on the origin of the automation, are divided into:

    • ECONOMY series with the Russian automation unit;
    • of the UNIVERSAL series and "KOFMORT" with the import block of automatic equipment.

    The use of modern technologies and the company's own developments have increased the efficiency of boilers to 89% and improved their environmental performance.

    Borinskoe OJSC

    The company began to produce gas equipment in 1992, and initially the products were intended for the market of the Lipetsk region. Later, the company's boilers became so popular that they are now used in all regions of the country. For the production of heating boilers, high-strength steels are used here, and automatic control systems are purchased from proven manufacturers from Germany and the USA.Great attention is paid to safety and emergency shutdown system. The company offers gas boilers with one and two circuits, wall and floor models.

    Zavod KONORD LLC

    The company's products do not shine with modern design and use of the most innovative achievements, but the buyer is offered reasonable prices, reliable and safe products, maximally adapted to domestic operating conditions. The company is proud of the use of piezo-firing, emphasizing non-volatility, as well as American automatic control systems.


    The company has been working in the market of heating equipment for about two decades, and during that time managed to gain the trust of users. High quality products due to the use of modern equipment from European suppliers and a rigid control system. The range of the company includes:

    • gas and solid fuel boilers;
    • single-circuit and dual-circuit;
    • wall and floor models.

    In addition, the manufacturer offers a number of related products.

    CJSC Rostovgazoapparat

    The company is the first in Russia to start producing boilers for home use, and today it owns the largest share of the market among domestic manufacturers. Manufacturer's products are highly durable, reliable and stable performance. Available in wall and floor gas boilers with different capacity. All of them belong to three series:

    • Siberia with Italian automatics and high power;
    • RGA with Italian automation, but less power;
    • AOGV with automatics of own production.

    Signal-Heat Engineering LLC

    The company today is part of the Signal production group, which until 1990 was engaged in the production of aviation products. Later production shifted to the production of gas equipment for both industrial systems and for living conditions. Today, heating boilers are manufactured to meet all international quality requirements, they are easy to operate and have a minimal design. The manufacturer's range includes floor gas boilers of different capacities, one or two circuits. The indisputable advantage of the manufacturer’s products lies in their extremely affordable price, for which the buyer receives a reliable device.

    Mimax LLC

    Another good domestic manufacturer that has been on the market relatively recently - since 2002.The company produces heating boilers, taking into account domestic conditions, when the quality of water may not be very good, and the gas pressure is insufficient. For the manufacture of some types of boilers used foreign automatics. The company pays great attention to the production of industrial boilers, and household are represented by outdoor gas models of different capacities .

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