8 best narrow washing machines according to buyers

  • Best models with front loading 33–36 cm deep
  • Best models with front loading up to 40 cm deep
  • Best models with vertical loading

Essential household appliances require the removal of a special place for it. Especially when it comes to dimensional technology, for which you need a lot of space. For example, washing machines, you always want to compactly place in the bathroom or integrate into the kitchen. Of course, when the kitchen or bathroom is spacious and allows you to place everything you need without any problems, the question of the placement of dimensional equipment is simplified. But when the area does not allow, the question arises how to economically integrate the desired washing machine so that it fits into the modest parameters of the room.

Actually, in this article, we will consider compact versions of washing machines, the placement of which, perhaps, even in the closest corners. In order that the appliances not only fit in size, but also perform their functions as efficiently as possible, consider the rating of the best narrow washing machines of 2018.Our TOP is based on customer feedback and expert opinion.

The best models with front loading 33–36 cm in depth.

This section describes models that effectively perform their functions, while they are dominated by their compactness. The automatic machine with a depth of 33-36 cm can be installed in practically the most modest apartments. However, this does not mean that it will perform direct functions worse than a large-sized machine. Consider the top-best models among the washing machines in this segment.

Candy GVS34 126TC2 / 2

Italian model, produced by Russia. Its depth is 34 cm. Despite its compact parameters, it is characterized by a large load of up to 6 kg. Taking into account these features, the model had to be somewhat strengthened to ensure the safe spin of 1200 revolutions, therefore, by weight it is somewhat heavier than its counterparts.

  • The model provides 15 programs for different types of washing, with additional standard functions: rinsing, delicate mode.
  • Another feature and significant advantage of this machine is economical power consumption.
  • Equipped with a touch control panel, with convenient front loading.
  • Buyers note low noise during operation.
  • A for the main parameters, it came out on top among the narrow-sized ones.

LG F-1096SD3

South Korean model, with the Russian assembly. Reached second place in this segment. Reliable washing machine of excellent quality. Drum capacity up to 4 kg. The complex of programs assumes "six movements of care".A feature of the model is the latest technology - it produces less noise in comparison with analogues: 57 dB - wash, 74 dB - spin. Buyers say these advantages:

  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Washing quality is very good.
  • Smart( she counts the washing time).
  • Child lock and scheduled laundry.
  • Understandable control menu and music.
  • Wash and spin - almost silent, behind the bathroom door is almost inaudible.
  • When spinning at high revs, it does not jump, it stands rooted to the spot.

The downside of such a brand machine is its price.


Model of Belarusian production. A feature of this washing machine is less water consumption, with optimal washing - 39 liters.

This washing machine is marked by modest internal and external parameters. Because of this, the drum holds only 4 kg. In terms of economy, power consumption is not high - A +
. Its main advantage is low price. In the market, it is not very popular, but given this and other properties, this option is quite consistent with the price. However, the quality of technology is absolutely satisfying. Buyers point out the following advantages:

  • Spin up to 1000 rpm, after washing practical dry laundry.
  • Good build.
  • Washes everything perfectly.
  • Inexpensive and compact.
  • Many programs for washing.
  • Understandable control.
  • Works almost silently.

Among the minuses consumers noted:

  • Low-capacity drum.
  • Large mass.

The best models with front loading up to 40 cm in depth

Washing machines with a depth of up to 40 cm practically do not differ in functionality and practicality from standard sizes. The difference with the previous type is the large depth of loading. However, they are narrow, and very suitable for installation in rooms with limited space. Each individual model is endowed with its own features. Consider them.

Hotpoint-Ariston VMUG 501 B

Has the best ratings among consumers. The model is noted by excellent quality and long coordinated operation. Works on 14 modes and includes additional features. It is noted by a small expenditure of water. For an optimal wash cycle, 47 liters is sufficient. The drum holds up to 5 kg of laundry.

This model has distinguished itself:

  • Excellent hatch with a large diameter, it is much more convenient to use the machine with it.
  • Economical water consumption.
  • Power Spin.
  • Attractive design.
  • Compact enough.
  • There is protection from children.
  • Well washes things.

Among the minuses: the characteristic low protection against leakage - only the body is protected.

Siemens WS 10G240

German company, produced in Russia. The model is distinguished for its impeccable design and excellent quality. The depth of the drum allows you to load up to 5 kg of laundry - the predominant factor in favor of this washing machine.

Stylish design with built-in latest technology( accelerated wash) and a roomy drum make the model stand out among others. Very comfortable and good car, it works quietly, the noise and vibration level is minimal, the washing quality is excellent and the menu is clear.

However, there are also disadvantages. According to the characteristics, the machine is equipped with leakage and leakproofness. But during the operation, some models are characterized by the flow of water through the hatch cover during washing. In general, adequate value for money.

Bosch WLG 20162

German company, produced in Russia. The model has proven itself well with a service life and more than one year of robots without repair. Includes the necessary list of programs for effective use. Has a roomy drum, - holds up to 5 kg. For a given volume, uses only 40 liters of water, which characterizes it as economical.

Provides spin power regulation, which is necessary for washing different types of fabrics, and the possibility of its shutdown altogether. As well as the device provides for the control of foam formation.

  • Quite quiet, very stable, does not shake when spinning.
  • There is quite a lot of laundry.
  • Washes well.
  • You can throw laundry in the process, if you forgot something.
  • There are short programs - 15 minutes minimum.
  • Aquastop and child protection.
  • High-quality washing machine at a reasonable price.

Among the feedbacks from consumers, there are no cons in work that would negatively characterize the technique - no.

The best models with a vertical load

Which narrow washing machine is better to buy: frontal or vertical type. If we analyze the demand, then machines with front-loading type are more in demand. Visually, they are considered more sophisticated in design, with an overview of the washing process. This type is considered more comfortable for consumers. However, there are cases that it is still possible to install a technique by parameters, but it is impossible to provide unhindered access to the front window( hatch).This often happens when you have to install it in a corner of a small bathroom. In such cases, top-loading washing machines are simply necessary and have higher priority. Consider the best models of this type:

Indesit ITW A 5851 W

Italian brand, produced in Slovakia. A top-loading washing machine holds 5 kilograms for the washing process. Energy class - A, Spin speed up to 800 rpm, you can adjust the spin speed or turn it off completely. Water consumption for washing - 52 liters, has 15 main programs.

Convenient location of program management, everything is clearly signed in Russian. Easy to open / close the drum. You can see what operations are performed. Well erase and squeeze underwear. It is convenient to install programs, to lay and remove the laundry - no need to bend over, crouch.

Of the minuses, users noted: a short drain hose, vibrates slightly on the spin and does not show the time until the end of washing.

Electrolux EWT 1064 ILW

Swedish brand, assembled in Poland. Vertical loading allows you to hold up to 6 kg of laundry. It is possible to add things to the laundry already in the running mode. Spin at 1000 revolutions / minute, you can select the spin speed or cancel it. Energy class - A +++, water consumption for washing - 47 l. Powerful and spacious, while small-sized.


  • Many programs.
  • Electronic Control.
  • Time Manager.
  • Takes up little space.
  • Removable powder tube - easy to clean.
  • Wipes fine.
  • There is a beep at the end of the wash.
  • Automatic drum after washing.
  • Soft open sash drum.
  • Spin does not jump.


  • Slight noise when spinning.
  • Handle - bulges and interferes.
  • No filter on the drain.

Top-loading washing machines are not marked by the latest technology. However, their price is much lower. All models are characterized by low price compared with the front-end technology.

Considered the types of washing machines that position themselves narrow-sized. We found out that they are divided into types by size, type of loading. Features of the best rated models allows you to objectively evaluate each of them, and make the choice of the most successful option for yourself.

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