7 tips for decorating a barbecue area in the country + photos


  1. №1. Choose a hearth, or than a barbecue is different from a barbecue
  2. №2. Options for arranging a barbecue area in the country
  3. No. 3. Choice of a place for a recreation area with a barbecue or barbecue at the cottage
  4. №4. Zoning and paving of the barbecue area
  5. №5. Build or buy?
  6. №6. Furniture for a barbecue area in the country
  7. №7. Landscaping, decor and lighting of the recreation area

Warm evening, close and close people next to and the scent of a shish kebab preparing for fire - is not this the majority of us waiting for the whole winter? With the onset of the first fair days, many are rushing to leave the stuffy apartment and organize a picnic in nature. Sooner or later comes a clear realization that rest outside the city will be most comfortable if you equip a barbecue area in the country. A minimum of effort - and at your disposal there is a comfortable and thoughtful recreation area with everything you need for cooking any meat and fish dishes, family meals or great parties with friends. It remains to determine its location, equipment and other features.

№1. Choose a hearth, or than a barbecue is different from a barbecue

The heart of the recreation area in the country is the hearth, which will prepare delicacies. Often concepts"BBQ "grill "outdoor fireplace" and others are identified, although there is some difference between them. Let's see what is what:

  • BBQ- the most simple design, most often executed from steel, less often - from cast iron. Usually these are mobile portable structures, but sometimes they are stationary. The brazier is arranged as simply as possible and is a rectangular bowl with several holes at the bottom, but there are also design models. Meat is prepared by stringing it on the skewers, the height of their location can not be regulated, the heat comes from the embers;
  • grillresembles a deep frying pan on legs, it is equipped with a lid and grate. The cooking is on fire, often grilling meat and fish;
  • outdoor fireplaceresembles the usual home, is used for purely decorative purposes, since its design does not presuppose the presence of a special grate for cooking;
  • atgarden oventhere is a firebox, as in a conventional home oven, but you can cook food only in the dishes. Since smoke is diverted through the chimney, one can safely set such an oven on the terrace;
  • fireplace, oropen stationary hearth, overlaid with a stone or a brick, can also be used for a picnic, and you can prepare food on it using a grid, skewers or skewers;
  • tandyr- the eastern version of the hearth, which is becoming increasingly popular. Lay it with their fire-resistant or fireclay bricks, even independently is not difficult, but the possibilities are wide: except traditional dishes of meat, poultry and fish, you can bake bread, while the consumption of coal or wood will be minimal;
  • B-B-Qfor today is the most functional, convenient and popular way of preparation of meat, fish and vegetables on the nature. Preparation is carried out by means of a grate on which products are put, its height can be adjusted.Compact portable barbecuerectangular or round shape will be useful in those cases when picnics are arranged from the case to occasion: such models have low weight, are easy to operate, easy to disassemble, but are trimmed in functionality.Stationary barbecuereminiscent of garden ovens, but they are equipped with braziers with baking bars, their position can be adjusted. For their construction they use refractory bricks. As a rule, in the construction of a stationary barbecue there are flaps with which you can regulate the flow of fresh air.

Stationary barbecue oven can be equippedadditional elementsfor maximum convenience of cooking your favorite dishes in nature. These include, for example, shelves for storing utensils, a compartment for firewood, hooks for blades, tongs and other devices, as well as meat smokers and even a sink, stove and fireplace. If you place a barbecue in a gazebo or under a canopy, you get a comfortable rest area, which can be used in any weather.

To build a stationary barbecue area, undoubtedly, efforts and some financial investments will be needed, but alsoadvantagesyou will get considerable:

  • appearance of a full kitchen area in the open air;
  • higher fire safety compared to open fire; besides, in a stationary barbecue oven smoke is provided;
  • possibility to organize a picnic in any weather;
  • the barbecue zone will become an ornament of the country site, if, of course, it is wise to approach its arrangement.
. . . .

№2. Options for arranging a barbecue area in the country

Depending on the size of the suburban area, the frequency of rest on the nature and your own preferences, the barbecue area can be arranged in one of the following ways:

  • open areais arranged when there is not much free space on the site, and picnics are held infrequently. For its organization, a portable barbecue or a barbecue, a table and a shelter above it are suitable. At desire it is possible to receive as a result a cozy zone of rest, though deprived of many advantages of the closed variant;
  • closed zoneIt is equipped with a fixed hearth, has a canopy and walls. Often for the organization of such a recreation area is a gazebo or terrace, which actually turns into a comfortable summer dining room, where it will be comfortable to cook food and dine in all weather conditions;
  • universal zone, or the transformer, it is executed so that at any moment it can turn from closed to open and vice versa, therefore it combines the advantages of both. Such zones are equipped with metal or wooden frames, which can be prefabricated or portable;
  • patio- room in the open air, fencing which serves as the walls of adjacent buildings (house, house and farm buildings). It is a secluded and hidden place from prying eyes, which can be arranged, if desired, by any kind of fireplace and canopy.

No. 3. Choice of a place for a recreation area with a barbecue or barbecue at the cottage

You can buy a modern functional BBQ or build a well-thought-out oven BBQ, but never to ensure a comfortable rest, after all, it is equally important to determine the most suitable place for the area for the zone B-B-Q. Ideally, it is chosen even at the stage of designing a country or suburban area - then a rest area with a barbecue will be inscribed perfectly,but if it is necessary to arrange a barbecue on the already formed site, the following rules should be taken into account:

  • distance from home. Here the golden mean is important. On the one hand, the distance should not be too large, so that there is no difficulty in transporting the necessary products from the refrigerator. On the other hand, to have a barbecue area too close to the house means to condemn the latter to constant smoke. Try to find a moderately distant from residential buildings and a secluded place on the site;
  • Rest zone with barbecue should be locatedaway from wooden fences, crowns of trees and other easily flammable objectsto avoid fires;
  • closeness of the water supply systemto the recreation area will be a big plus, because the dishes have to be washed regularly, and wearing it for long distances is not very convenient;
  • is worthtake into account the wind roseand locate the hearth so that the smoke from it does not go towards the dining table, the house and the playground;
  • If you do not plan to make a canopy or roof over a rest area, try to find a place on the site located inpartial shade;
  • it is desirable to have a rest zoneon a level surface, build a garden path to it from the house and pave the area, as the lawn quickly tramples down. If the selected place has irregularities, then it is better to align them.

Even in a small area, you can find a suitable place to set up a recreation area, if you correctly analyze all the opportunities and features of the territory. Regardless of the area of ​​the site and the recreation area, when building the latter it is necessary to build on the chosen landscape design style of the territory, so that everything looks harmonious.

№4. Zoning and paving of the barbecue area


The place chosen for arrangement of the mangal zone should be appropriately arranged. First of all it concernsconvenience of approach: to the barbecue area should lead garden paths, made in the same style as the rest. For convenience, the area where the dining table will stand is betterto pave, using the same materials as for the arrangement of garden paths or combined with them. Often, paving slabs, stone, wood, clinker bricks, garden parquet are used for this purpose. Concrete and rubber tiles are used for more budgetary options. In principle, you can sow everything with a lawn, only the dining table is a place of intense movement of a large number of people, so there is a big risk that it will soon be trampled down. Grass cover can be done except in the barbecue area: in this case, plus everything, you can sometimes make picnics right on the lawn.

In large areas, spacious recreation areas can be arranged, which will be more comfortable and cozy if theirpartition into zones. Traditionally, two parts are distinguished:cooking area and dining area. They can be divided into a hedge of grapes, ivy and coniferous climbing plants, or a nice wicker, openwork metal, wooden, brick or even bamboo partition.

№5. Build or buy?

For rare raids on nature is quite suitableportable barbecue grill, besides, it will cost inexpensively. The choice in stores of such structures is huge: there are both the simplest in functions and appearance, and design designs with enhanced functionality.

Stationary barbecue oven- an excellent option for those who are in the country or a country site spends a lot of time and does not imagine a summer holiday without barbecue. It is possible to build a furnace both with the help of specialists and independently - it all depends on the skills and complexity of the design. Barbecue with barbecue, spit, stove under the cauldron and other additional elements is better to entrust to professionals, and the U-shaped brick hearth is easy to lay out with your own hands. This requires a minimum of effort, fireproof and fireclay bricks, mortar. The height of such a structure is 1 m, two grids are fastened between the walls, parallel to each other: one for coals, the second for products.

At the end of the picnic season, a stationary stove, if it is not under a canopy, is best covered with a protective cover, and the grilles must be pulled out beforehand so that they do not rust.

№6. Furniture for a barbecue area in the country

Furniture is chosen so that it ismaximum resistant to negative weather factors and had a low weight, so that if necessary, it can be easily hidden in the room. The most common in the arrangement of the recreation area in the country house has acquired such furniture:

  • plastic. This is the most affordable option, which is very diverse. On sale you can find plastic tables and chairs, stylized wood and other noble materials. Plastic is not afraid of moisture, has a small weight and is easy to care for. But under the direct rays of the sun it quickly loses its original appearance, when used, it is covered with scratches, and it is very difficult to call it durable;
  • forged furniture- an ideal in terms of durability and aesthetics, looks great with soft, bright pillows. Forged products are not afraid of the sun, they can be repainted, but in the sun metal becomes hot, so it is better to use such furniture only under a canopy or in the evening. For the durability will have to pay - forged tables and chairs are worth a lot, and the platform for them must necessarily be paved, otherwise the metal legs lie in the ground;
  • artificial rattan- one of the best options for garden furniture. Products made of it are light, cute, do not get very warm in the sun, are not afraid of moisture and sunlight and are durable;
  • natural wood- an elite material with an excellent appearance, but requiring great attention in the care to maintain this appearance in a normal state. The tree is afraid of moisture, pests and fire, so use such furniture better away from the hearth;
  • improvised materials, seeming, at first glance, unnecessary trash, can help with minimal investment to create stylish garden furniture. This, above all, concerns wooden pallets, as well as tires.

Textiles will never be superfluous:plaids, pillows and tableclothswill make a recreation area with barbecue cozy and having a long sitting.

№7. Landscaping, decor and lighting of the recreation area

Green plantations can be not only decoration of the recreation area, but also to benefit, but only to have them better away from the fire:

  • To shape a rest zone it is possible coniferous bushesor low trees, juniper and thuja are suitable. With their help you can create even a hedge that will make the rest zone secluded and hidden from prying eyes;
  • in containers located along the perimeter, silt on the beds near the barbecue area can be grownspicesto use the freshest greens while preparing the next culinary masterpiece;
  • flowerpots and flowerpots with flowers, rose bushes and mixborders will decorate the dining area any dinner on the holiday.

Parties and family feasts are often delayed until dark, so it is important to think about proper lighting of the recreation area, as well as about other components of it. It is unlikely that the general lighting of the site will be enough, so for the barbecue area it is better to provide separate light sources:

  • lamp above the table and near the hearth;
  • Low lanterns located along the contour of the recreation area;
  • lanterns on solar batteries;
  • LED strip that can be hidden in the crown of a tree or a bush;
  • Garlands.

To complement the man-made paradise in nature can be cute garden figures, mosaic, decorative pots, barrels or other elements that will fully correspond to the chosen style of landscape design.

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