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True coffee makers know that the taste of a life-giving beverage directly depends not only on the kind of coffee gouries, but not a crap, you can buy yogurt, but you can get from the quality of life-giving beverage directly depends on the quality of life-giving beverage depends not only on the quality of life-giving beverage jets, but not a crap, you can buy yogurt, etc. Connoisseurs argue fiercely among themselves what type of mechanism to prefer and which manufacturer to give preference to. So which coffee grinder should you buy for your home? It all depends on how you used to prepare this drink.

"Knife" grinding is great for the Turks, and the powder, crushed by millstones, is more often used in coffee machines. Special connoisseurs prefer manual coffee grinders, enjoying not only the grinding process itself, but also the aroma spreading around.

To make it easier for our readers to choose, we have compiled a small rating of the best coffee grinders for the home or a small coffee house. The selection is based on customer feedback, pricing, power and quality of performance. In general, there is something to choose from!

Rating of the best manufacturers of

Before we talk about the models themselves, let's conduct a brief overview of the manufacturers of the "fragrant" technology.

It is quite rare to find a company that specializes in the production of coffee grinders. So the best in this matter are traditionally considered to be those firms that produce various and fairly high-quality household appliances. If you do not want to suffer doubts, you can opt for such world famous brands as Bosch, Moulinex, Philips or Kenwood and some others. Bekker, Vitek and Scarlett companies produce slightly cheaper but no less quality products. We will not award nominations and medals, but just tell you a little more about some of them.


A well-known concern whose products are associated with quality, reliability and German thoroughness of performance. Coffee grinders of this brand are widely known literally on all continents.


Another fairly well-known German company with a wide network of service partners around the world. This is one of the few manufacturers that specializes in the “coffee” theme for over 80 years.


Popular company from Italy, whose main activity is the production of small and large kitchen appliances. They make grinders as well.


Moscow plant, producing enough high-quality electrical appliances. The manufacturer boasts a wide range and affordable prices. Technique for processing high-quality coffee beans, modern and designed for the mass buyer.


A very popular brand on the Russian market that holds leading positions in the average price range. The company's products many times honored with prestigious awards.


A popular Italian company specializing in the production of coffee equipment for about 90 years. High-quality "coffee" technology of this company is supplied to more than 50 countries of the world.

Manufacturers that produce equipment for processing coffee beans, a lot. Name and carefully consider each in one article is simply impossible. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s better to proceed to the description of the models.

Popular rotary models

Bosch MKM-6000

Opens the rating of the best models of electric coffee grinders device from the eminent German manufacturer. The unit is recognized as a champion in the ratio of functionality, price and quality of performance. The power of the device is 0.18 kWh, and the tray holds up to 75 g of grains. The system has an auto-lock feature. It works if you try to turn on the grinder with the lid open. The inner bowl is made of stainless steel, and the design is so simple that there is absolutely nothing to break.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • sturdy case;
  • excellent performance;The ability to grind
  • quickly and very finely;
  • the bottom of the metal bowl has a slight slope;
  • affordable price.


  • significant noise at work;
  • there is no compartment for storing a cord and a device for winding it;
  • cover may not fit tightly enough;
  • short power cord;
  • heats up with long work.

Delonghi KG 49

This coffee grinder has a more spacious bowl - 90 g. The model is equipped with a timer and a grinding indicator. There is a special compartment in which a special brush for cleaning the instrument is hidden. The degree of grinding can be adjusted. The unit looks solid and will become a real decoration of your kitchen.


  • attractive appearance;
  • fine grinding;
  • fast work;
  • not too loud;
  • is a device for winding the cord;The
  • coffee bowl is removed separately.


  • is not pulsed;
  • after the completion of the process part of the coffee when you open the lid wakes up;
  • quite a high price.

Irit IR-5303

Very simple coffee grinder made in China. Many users believe that with careful and proper use, it repeatedly pays for its cost. The device has a spacious stainless steel bowl and the power is only 0.1 kWh. The disadvantages include a plastic case. However, if you handle the device carefully, it will serve you for many years.


  • very low price;
  • pulse mode;
  • simple construction;
  • interesting appearance;
  • small size;
  • stainless steel interior filling.


  • for one cycle grinds quite large;
  • there is no fixing of the power button, you need to keep it all the time with your finger;
  • there is no device for twisting the cable.

Mikma EKMU IP-30

A high-quality domestic coffee grinder, with good performance and an affordable price.


  • pleasant price;
  • power 0.115 kWh;
  • small size;
  • pulse mode;
  • cover in the form of a dispenser;
  • good security system;
  • stainless steel contact surfaces;
  • suitable for grinding cereals or sugar;
  • is easy to clean and operate;
  • virtually no noise;
  • is durable and practical.

Negative moments:

  • rather short electric wire;
  • no cord winder;
  • from the long work heated knives.

Vitek VT-1542

The obvious advantages of this model are the “insides” of stainless steel and decent grinding quality. With this coffee grinder you can cook up to 70 grams of flavored powder. Through the transparent lid, you can visually assess the quality of grinding. Three levels of protection ensure completely safe operation of the device.

Positive qualities:

  • metal case;
  • compact size;
  • quiet operation;
  • good power( 0.13 kWh);
  • great price.


  • fairly short power wire;
  • happens uneven grinding.

The best grind models

Rommelsbacher EKM-300

If you decide to buy this device, an instant drink will become something distant and forgotten. The unit provides even fine grinding. It is noteworthy that the degree of grinding is easy to adjust in 12 versions. A spacious container is able to provide immediately 10 servings of an aromatic beverage.

The grinder is extremely easy to clean, the grinding unit can be easily removed and cleaned with a special brush. The machine belongs to the premium class, while its cost is relatively low. Of course, it can not be attributed to the average price category, but for the "higher caste" price is excellent.


  • strict and concise appearance;
  • usability;
  • uniform grinding;
  • device for winding wires;
  • roomy grain compartment - 220 g;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • lack of backlash and squeaks when working;
  • long power cord;
  • tapered steel millstones;
  • low energy consumption;
  • 12 speeds of work;
  • good price.


  • quite noisy work;
  • heats up during prolonged operation.

First 5480

Excellent budget grinder millstone design. The cost is much lower than the previous model, however, and the functionality is significantly lower. Economical energy consumption( 0.1 kWh) is well correlated with increased productivity. Up to 100 g of product can be ground at a time. This is quite enough for making several cups of coffee.

The unit has a grinding level adjustment and a timer, which is very unexpected, given the low cost of the model. For ground powder there is a special compartment in which coffee can be stored without loss of quality.


  • great price;
  • convenient container;
  • timer;
  • cord winding system;
  • reliability of the power unit;
  • functionality;
  • capacious capacity for grains.


  • heats up quickly;
  • uncomfortable container enters the grooves after cleaning;
  • grinding quality is unstable;
  • in some models, the lid lock leaves much to be desired.

Cunill Brasil

One of the best professional models, greatly facilitating the work of a barista in a small coffee shop or cafe-bar. With a power of just 0.275 kWh, the unit can grind about 5 kg of fragrant grains within an hour. And for 1 time in the container the whole kilogram is located. The degree of fineness of grinding can be customized. And it is also possible to arbitrarily set the weight of the portion - from 12 to 5 g. The unit is equipped with tempera, this will allow portions of powder to be pressed into tablets for the coffee machine. The tempera dispenser places up to 300 g of powder at a time, and the handle can be set to a comfortable position.


  • unbreakable container for coffee beans;
  • arbitrary adjustment of grinding fineness and grain weight;
  • work result uniformity;
  • high power;
  • wide functionality;
  • ability to continuously work up to 30 minutes;
  • high-quality protection against heat.


  • is quite noisy;
  • high price.

Delonghi KG 89

The following model is quite budget, but it has all the necessary functions. Optionally, you can independently adjust the quality of the grinding and the number of servings from 1 to 12. It is very easy to care for the coffee grinder, for this is provided a removable upper millstone. Many users note that despite the millstone design, the grinding is not fine enough. Although, if you are used to making coffee in the Turk, this will not be noticeable. Craftsmen say that if you slightly adjust the factory location of the millstones, the quality of grinding becomes just perfect.

Positive qualities:

  • robust metal case;
  • a wide choice of portions for one grinding;
  • clear handling;
  • uniform, though not too fine grinding;
  • high-quality protection system;
  • automatic shutdown when the container is removed;
  • reasonable price.


  • uneven grinding quality.

Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Mill

This coffee grinder makes an ambiguous impression. Stylish, but at the same time very "solid" appearance resemble design decisions of the 60s of the last century. If you're a fan of retrostil, this coffee grinder is for you.

Durable metal housing, impact-resistant glass bowls, quiet operation and workmanship - all this does not cause complaints. At the same time, the unit is a bit cumbersome and complicated for everyday home use. To obtain the desired degree of grinding machine requires further adjustment. True, it is easy to do, the set provides clear instructions.


  • average noise level;
  • robust case;
  • original design;
  • sustainability;
  • 15 degrees of grinding;
  • build quality;
  • shockproof glass bowl.


  • there is no timer and portion portions;
  • a small gap between the body and capacity for coffee powder;
  • happens that at the initial stage of the coffee grinder emits the smell of engine oil, over time it passes;
  • is expensive.

Popular Hand Mill Coffee Grinders

Russian Tea Company( RChK) Puerto Rico

A fairly simple and elegant model, equipped with a simple stainless steel mechanism. Despite the very modest cost of the device has the adjustment of the fineness of grinding. A beautiful jar with a tight-fitting lid is provided as a container for ground coffee. It is very convenient, because for storage of ground coffee powder, simply snap the locks.


  • quality millstones;
  • fine and medium ground;
  • hermetic storage tank;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • great value.


  • quite a noisy working mechanism.


Another great handheld unit at an affordable price. The coffee grinder will become not only a practical device for producing an aromatic beverage, but also a real interior decoration. This unit is pleasant to hold in your hands and not ashamed to show guests. The device is made of wooden, plastic and metal parts. Its colors will remain relevant for almost any interior.


  • ease of use;
  • reliability;
  • functionality;
  • ergonomic and comfortable grip;
  • neat design;
  • quality performance;
  • low cost.

Negative moments:

  • slight play in the handle;
  • is not very convenient to clean the grinding zone, there are collected particles of undistorted grains.

Bekker BK-2517

The porcelain case of the device is painted in colorful iridescent colors. The grindstones are made of ceramic, they are excellent in washing and do not absorb odors. The coffee bean bowl holds up to 30 g of the product at a time, and the minimum portion is only 5 g, just for preparing 1 cup of the drink.

The level and quality of grinding can be adjusted independently. To do this, just enough to change the gap between the millstones. The handle can be twisted both in and counterclockwise. This helps to save significant effort.


  • stylish ergonomic handle;
  • ceramic millstones;
  • simple regulation of grinding fineness;
  • handle rotation in any direction;
  • normal price.


  • is quite fragile, it is not recommended to drop.

TimA SL-073

New domestic brand, which has already managed to gain high popularity among consumers. The cost is slightly above average, but quite democratic. For this money, the buyer gets an interesting design, a small but quite comfortable handle, compact size and high-quality work.

Positive qualities:

  • unusual appearance;
  • usability;
  • reliable operation;
  • high maintainability;
  • nice colors;
  • simplicity of design;
  • average price.


  • is not a very spacious container for grains;
  • slight play in the handle;
  • unstable gold plating.

Silampos Stellar

A sophisticated manual coffee grinder. The device is completely made of stainless steel, so it will be very difficult to break it. The coating is scratch and corrosion resistant.

The coffee bean compartment is closed with a special curtain, so that in the process of work, nothing will fall out. The unit can be disassembled, and the container for the crushed grain simply cover with a tight lid. Thus, the aroma of freshly ground grain will last longer. The grinder is so strong that all its parts can be safely washed in a dishwasher.


  • robust and reliable case;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • Portuguese Mechanism;
  • possibility of complete disassembly;
  • dishwasher-proof;
  • fine grinding adjustment.

Disadvantages: high price

  • .


The selection of good coffee grinders is so great that it is pretty easy to get lost. There is a huge selection of models on the market, many of which are no worse than those described by us. We really hope that our rating of the best coffee grinders for your home will make your choice easier and you will be able to enjoy a fragrant homemade drink every day.

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