7 best blenders according to customer reviews

  • A bit about stationary blenders
  • Best stationary blender 2018
  • Consider a submersible binder
  • Which submersible blender is better to buy in 2018
  • Errors that are made when choosing a blender

What is coming year we are hard to say. Therefore, we will not look into the future, but to summarize the present. We will affect the market of small household appliances, namely the blender segment. You must admit that this device quickly gained our trust and fit into our life so perfectly that there is nothing to complain about. And even if you are still not the happy owner of this miracle of technology, do not be discouraged! Be sure to read this article to the end, and you will know which blender is better to choose. We reviewed dozens of sites and read hundreds of reviews and compiled for you the rating of the best blenders of 2017-2018, according to customers.

A little about stationary blenders

Many modern housewives can not imagine their life without a blender. He will crush the nuts, and whip up a cocktail, and. .. Yes, a lot more. But when it comes time to buy, something in the chest begins to pinch. After all, you want to buy this one too, which is with a beautiful cup, and that one is red, and another pink one, that the saleswoman just got out from under the counter. ..

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To make the choice easier, let's find out what types of "whipping" apparatus exist, andis right for you. So, blenders are divided into two types:

Stationary blender. Relatively cumbersome and powerful unit. It is designed to:

  • Prick ice;
  • beat( eggs, cocktail);
  • grind;
  • cut;

The stationary unit is practical and easy to use. Minus - for it you need to free up space, as its size is quite impressive.

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Best stationary blender in 2018

BRAUN JB 3060 Tribute

This model opens the rating of the best stationary blenders in 2018.Let's take a closer look at this "crushing and whipping monster."So, this is a 800 W stationary blender. In its arsenal has five speeds of work. It is completed with steel knives, a bowl from thermoglass on 1 l.750 ml. It costs around 65 dollars.

Blender BRAUN JB 3060 is incredibly practical and not only you, but also all members of your family will appreciate this. Thanks to the thermal glass from which the bowl of the unit is made, you can sculpt delicious hot broths in it. Also worth noting is the triangular shape of the container, thanks to which the products in the nutria of it move both vertically and horizontally. This will allow you to achieve the desired consistency of ingredients.

The design of the blender is thought out to the smallest detail, so cooking with it will bring only pleasure. After all, no matter what task you set for him, he can handle it perfectly. And all thanks to high power, sturdy construction and well-chosen set of functions.

Zelmer SB1000

Conquered the hearts of users and got into our review of the best models of blenders of 2017-2018, deservedly enough, won the hearts of users. Its one and a half liter bowl is made of tempered glass, and the knives are made of steel. Its performance is 750 watts. The number of speeds - five + pulse mode.

High-quality, conservative and at the same time charismatic, it will become not just a decoration of your kitchen, but your right hand( and maybe even two).But keep in mind, ZELMER ZSB 1400 B( SB 1000) is a beast that absolutely everything in the teeth( within its competence, of course).Perhaps he can even grind an elephant.

Philips HR 2166

We called him the “Master of Grinding”.The blender is relatively inexpensive, the quality is good. Its power is 600 watts. This is quite enough to perform standard daily tasks.

Of course, its functionality is more modest. It boasts only two speeds, but there is a pulsed mode and a nozzle filter. The bowl is made of plastic. The cost is not high, starts from 19 dollars. If you need a budget blender, feel free to choose it. Philips HR 2166 - This model completes our ranking of the best stationary blenders. There is nothing superfluous, only quality.

In general, a home blender is not just household appliances, it's a family member you can always rely on. And only you decide which is better to choose from existing blenders on the market. The main thing is not to be mistaken.

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Consider a submersible bender

Now consider another type of blender. Progruzhnaya blender. This device is mobile and relative powerful. He copes with cutting:

  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • boiled meat;

and also indispensable for cooking:

  • mashed potatoes;
  • blends;
  • creams and other yummy.

The main "body" of the submersible blender is the "leg", so you should pay special attention to this part of it. Specify what material it is made of( plastic or metal).By itself, metal is the best choice. Of course, it is expensive, but it will serve you for a very long time. But plastic has a tendency to deform and soon become useless.

What kind of immersion blender is better to buy in 2018

? If everything is more or less clear with stationary blenders, here's a submersible blender - a worrying thing. Yes, it is easy to operate, but its functionality and equipment sometimes scare more than the dimensions of a stationary unit. Immediately the thought arises: "But where will I find so many places. ..".But whatever one may say, the rating of blenders says that the hostesses of all stripes prefer him - the submersible “master of purees and cream”.


HE ranked among the best blenders for a reason, but because this blender is a dream. Despite the fact that its power is only 350 W, it copes with everyday tasks. In addition to the blender itself, a chopper, a measuring bowl, and a whisk are included in the package. The unit is powered by mechanical control.

The leg of the submersible part is made of metal. The device pleases with its relatively low cost and extensive equipment. But it is worth considering the disadvantages. Alas, due to weak power, the device is not always able to deal with solid food the first time. The grinder is the same situation.

Philips HR1627

This blender is ready to show us something interesting. Just imagine, the power of this manual "pupsika" is already 650 watts. Yes Yes! You heard right. This means that it is practically in no way inferior to a stationary device, except in price. Philips HR1627/00 is more expensive.

This "little helper" is equipped with two speeds. The complete set consists of a measuring bowl on 0,5 liters, a mini-grinder, a whisk for beating. The submersible element is made of metal. So that he does not hold strength.

This is a truly thoughtful and complete blender, which many only dream of. Due to the wavy shape of the nozzle during the operation of the unit, nothing flies out of the bowl. So you can be calm, after cooking delicacies you do not have to scrub the walls and floor. So, you will have an extra minute( and maybe 30. .. or a whole hour) that you can spend on yourself.

Bosch MSM 66130

And here is another member of the Bosch family. Not surprisingly, he was ranked in the best, and all thanks to the unique technical characteristics. Still would!600 watts of power, 12 speeds, 0.5 l beaker, whisk. Here he will cope not only with a set of everyday tasks, but also with tasks "with an asterisk".Such an aggregate and ice, and nuts, and meat uneasy. Further comments are superfluous.

By the way, if you plan to choose the Bosch immersion blender for many years, please note that the chopper bowls( if such an item is included in the package) usually become unusable after a few years. Plastic simply does not withstand the load and can crack at any time. The same applies to the bowls in which the process of whipping / grinding. It is better to take care of this in advance and pick up a knee glass or thermoglass to the new unit. Yes, it is expensive, but it is worth it.


This model is an indicator of how a manufacturer treats its consumer. The model is not expensive, because it is made of plastic, but. .. so nice and durable household items must also be found. The power of this technical piece of art is 700 watts.

The device boasts five speeds. And that's not counting the pulse and turbo mode. The complete set of KENWOOD HB655 also pleases: two nozzles for making mashed potatoes, a measuring cup, a whisk and a stand for accessories. The unit is merciless to both soft and hard products. So in the process of cooking your favorite dishes you will not have any difficulties.

If you have increased requirements for small household appliances, but at the same time a modest budget, KENWOOD HB655 is what you need! Of course, this investment will make your life easier and more comfortable, but the choice is still yours.

Errors that are allowed when choosing an

blender Before you spend your hard-earned money, think once more about why you need this or that household appliance, in this case a blender. Decide for yourself what the aggregate should “be able to do,” and only then buy. Do not make such mistakes here, because. ..

  1. Brendmania.“I bought it because I often hear the name of this company. ..” is one of the most common excuses for a failed purchase. Remember, today even "branded" things can be fake. If you want to get a really high-quality product of a famous brand, ask the seller for documents confirming the originality of the products. If, in response, you hear 100,500 excuses, it means that you want to "push in" the falsification.
  2. Appearance.“To me, he( the blender) seemed pretty. ..” - another “excuse” to get away from reality. Yes, appearance, of course, is important, but this criterion should not be a decisive factor in the purchase. Remember, you need to choose a kitchen tool in such a way that it satisfies your needs first of all. Keep your family budget safe. And the appearance of modern blenders does not really shine with design delights, so in any price category you will always pick up something that will please your eye.
  3. Chasing Innovation. Where to "lower" the money is up to you, but spending it on something that you don’t use is at least inappropriate. Think about each additional function increases the cost of the unit at least 1.5 times. But you can never take advantage of it. Even if the neighbor has, think, but do you really need it personally?

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We hope that now you know which blender is better to choose for the house and our rating of the best blenders of 2017-2018 helped us with this. On this optimistic note, we end our hit parade. Of course, it is always sad to say goodbye, but. .. Let's not dwell on it. After all, soon there will be "all-powerful" blenders, with which you will cook the most delicious dishes!

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