Why did the washing machine stop pressing the laundry?

  • Causes of a bad spinning of an
  • washing machine. Incorrect loading of an
  • machine. Water level sensor
  • failure.
  • engine malfunction. Among other items of home appliances washing machine machine is perceived as the most used household item. It qualitatively performs its functions: it washes, caresses and squeezes out clean linen. However, often there are situations when the washing machine has stopped pressing the laundry or does it very badly. How to start looking for the causes of this breakdown?

    The reasons for the bad spin of the washing machine

    There are many reasons why the washing machine does not spin clothes. There may be serious causes, such as breakage of components and parts, or more typical causes, such as a failure of the heating element, excessive accumulation of scale on the surface of a metal cylinder, physical wear of the drum, and others.

    Among all the faults, experts identify the most common causes:

    • the winding of the drive motor is faulty;
    • does not work the electronic unit of the washing machine, equipped with complex control programs;
    • worn out the engine brushes, causing a loose contact from the engine armature, and it is not able to disperse the drum to maximum speed;
    • faulty water level sensor;
    • does not operate the drain pump.

    If these reasons are not confirmed, and the machine is working properly, but does not squeeze the laundry, you should pay attention to the weight of the pledged clothing. Modern washing machines have high sensitivity, equipped with sophisticated electronic modules. As soon as a specific program crashes, all processes are automatically locked. For example, if the sensors detected a significant overweight of the loaded laundry, the spinning process is blocked.

    Incorrect loading of the machine.

    . Washing machines react negatively to both the heavy weight of clothing and its shortage. The machine works in such a way that after activating the washing process it “distributes” the load.

    The rotation of the drum occurs on a specific tact, all the stuff underwear is spread around the cylinder, distributing the weight. At the same time there is a set of water. When the mass of the pledged clothes is very small, or it has gathered in a heap, a special sensor responds. Therefore, the washing machine does not wring out. These reasons start the automatic protection of the machine, since at maximum speed the drum will experience an unacceptable level of load. But the same factor serves as a reason to turn off the machine when overloading clothes.

    Breakdown of the

    water level sensor If the washing machine doesn’t squeeze out the laundry or has stopped pressing at all, there is a possibility that the water level sensor will malfunction. It is he who gives a signal about the state of the water level, then the machine starts the spin mode. If this chain is broken, the washing machine cannot spin clothes. What to do in such cases? If you have the proper skills, you can replace the pressure switch yourself or ask for the help of a qualified specialist.

    The engine is defective.

    The spinning process is carried out at the maximum revolutions of the drum. But if the damage is in the engine, the machine will not be able to press. Such a malfunction can be caused by several reasons: the brushes on the washing machine's motor have deteriorated, winding failures, etc. What needs to be done if the washing machine hums and stops pressing for this reason? In this case, you will need service and deep engine diagnostics. As a result, the cause of such a malfunction and the way to eliminate it will become clear. It will be possible to either repair or complete replacement of the unit.

    Most likely, it will not be possible to cope with all the damage on its own. But there are certain principles of operation of equipment that will help eliminate or delay the likelihood of such breakdowns for a long time. So what should you do?

    1. Before putting clothes into the drum, check for pockets. Coins, screws or other parts are capable of causing many machine malfunctions.
    2. Closely monitor the weight of the load. Do not overload the machine, it is contraindicated to dump clothes in one lump, but it is not recommended to wash one thing at a time. The machine simply will not respond.
    3. Protect against electrical shock. It is necessary to stock up with a household voltage regulator. A small contribution of savings will be a good investment in the long-term operation of all household appliances, given the possible instability of electricity.

    If you strictly follow the instructions for use of the equipment, there will not be many unforeseen problems.

    Pump malfunction

    When the fault lies in the drain system of the machine, the waste water will simply remain in the tank. In such a situation, an automatic washing machine simply cannot squeeze out the laundry. What to do in this position? When the cycle of washing and rinsing is completed, you should pay attention to whether there is a characteristic champing. It is as if the equipment is trying to drain unnecessary water, but it fails. In such a situation, a complete replacement of a faulty pump is required, after which the machine, as a rule, works properly. But before that, it is better to examine the drainage communications for garbage. The hoses may have clogged, leading to poor water draining. When the hoses are in order, but the spinning does not start, the pump itself should be inspected.

    Preventive action

    The machine needs to be cleaned after each wash. This is not difficult to accomplish:

    • take out the powder container, rinse off the powder;
    • flush the place of fixation of the tank itself;
    • dry wipe the rubber lining from the remnants of detergent.

    When the wash is over, the drum should not be closed; the typewriter needs to be dried. It is strictly forbidden to wash the machine with detergents, especially the drum.

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