As drain from the heater

To carry out the planned switch off the appliance from the water communications. Drain the contents through the service valve. Even now the tank is partially filled, proceed with caution. Remove from under the hand under current instruments. Prepare a couple of buckets to collect dirty water. The tank is full of impurities formed during the work.

Disabling cylinder by electric current supply network

Before starting work, disconnect the electric water heater from AC 220V Recall that the device is connected through a differential protection device. This requirement RF standards. Other options are used much less frequently. As for the power machine, the figure should be 2-3 times the overlap unit consumption. Specify a limit to the water heater passport.

If the water heater is not installed properly

Let's say, did not work at the entrance to set the tee between the water heater and bypass valve, conduct discharge into the sewer side, put the tap. Forgot. Just arrange the inlet check valve, and the output - the crane walking on hot water.

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Overlapping riser

Overlapping riser

  1. Shuts off the cold water from the riser to the flat input. The same is done on the side of the hot water. Pressure has not fallen.
  2. Open both valves on the mixer. Pressure drops. We go in the direction of the water heater and open both taps.
  3. As a result of merges upper quarter, the problem is solved by 25%.

Further check valve prevents standing at the entrance to the water supply is turned off when not merged back into the riser. Then put the tee to the water heater. Now I start to understand the system.

It seems, yield - in unscrewing the tap on the cold side, the hot pre-closing. Covering hot tap, when removing the cold observe hydraulic shock due to the air cushion formed in the upper quarter. Take American sleeve and the check valve:

  • Turn off the liner to the valve with a check valve.
  • Put the return valve towards the first. Between them stuck hunting sleeve, in a twisted state of American unlocking both sides.
  • If necessary, on the outer part of the liner set the desired length to the toilet or bathroom.
  • An American curl. The sleeve inside unlocks two check valves, due to which the water will rush into the desired direction.
water heater wall

water heater wall

Before draining water will untwist plumbing connection. A big plus that we should not touch and check fumlentu sits input crane capable of cross threading how many turns. Draining will be held smoothly without jerks. It remains open valve on the side of the hot water and the flow of rush in a new direction. Draining takes place almost entirely - the inlet pipe protrudes above the bottom a couple of centimeters. Keep this in mind if you have planned to go inside and remove heater.

The second way to solve the problem with the water heater

We use hydraulic laws. While under pressure from the tank, carefully close the inlet and outlet valves. Now dismantle liner.

If you turn the bottle over the sink, the water flows poorly. To speed up the process of the rotating body in his hands, left and right. discharge rate increases. Water acts as an elastic body, not letting the flow in the neck.

Such permissible crank and with a full cylinder. You just need to do this:

  1. Unscrew the inlet liner. Shut off both valves.
  2. Carefully twist return valve together with a tap inlet.
    check valve

    check valve

  3. From the water flow openings, but not head picks thread fumlenty from beneath and from above.
  4. Calmly remove the valve. Open the valve on the hot water side, after directing a jet in the desired direction.

If not carry, fall through the threads on the cold water side. Plus one: there is no chance to score a check valve sediment certainly formed during operation of the heater. Studies have shown it is not scum and salt deposits. Just during operation magnesium anode rod attracts aggressive additives contained in water and decomposes. sediment appears in the bottom of the tank. Dregs from the mixer does not arise, settling on the bottom.

So, the water heater can not operate without the magnesium anode. On the other hand, deposits are formed. Plus the fact that it really reduces the scale and indicates the need to check the technical condition, tank cleaning and replacement of the anode.



The resulting slurry is discharged into the toilet without fear. They say official sources to drink and bathe in this absolutely can not, what. If cleaning is regularly carried out, the water exists a good use of the liquid. A large volume of water handy at least for cleaning the floor.

How is the process of draining the water heater technology

In addition to the inlet and outlet valves crane place. Optional non-return valve on the inlet. Consider the whole order. On withdrawal from the riser establish coarse water filter purification. Mesh, hidden under the inclined nut catches rust and other large conglomerates. At this point it is sometimes recommended to put magnetic filters. Even if you do not improve the composition of the water, get rid of large particles.

Next is a check valve, combined with an overflow. It is necessary, first, to keep a stock of hot water to drain into the riser during planned outages, and secondly, the thermal expansion is blocked. Due to the physical characteristics when heated water volume increases more than the tank volume. Capacity to deform without additional measures.

Through a relief valve to drain the water really, but problematic (score the narrow course, will have to buy a new one). For emptying the stock tank is used as a tee coupler, medium pipe which goes in the right direction. Finally, the higher is the crane, which we have already unscrewed above. Now let us see what is happening with hot water. Here, instead of a valve vent which serves to cut off the supply of hot water to the system during routine or emergency drain cylinder.

It is recommended to remove water from the water heater in this case:

  1. We cover both the riser. Cold and hot water in the apartment is blocked.
  2. Now open the mixer to produce hot water. It merges a quarter tank.
  3. Opens branch tee. the hot water faucet is also open.
  4. Water through Tee begin to merge in the specified location.

Installation is more difficult, but the draining process is extremely simple. Everyone is free to choose the abundance of purchased parts and long laborious installation or just a couple of taps on the inlet and outlet. In the first case of torture obtain easy emptying (service), in the second case - more space.

Formally adopted by the first method. Water abstraction from the system and return through the tees are maintained. It turns out that the water heater is connected in parallel to the central supply. But this does not change anything, when the task drain the water from the water heater.

It is understood that reconstruction is possible and variant. When dismantling the crane and follow the assembly is allowed to put the missing pieces: tee, filters, cuttings, reverse and bypass valve. This is due to the need to once every six months to change the magnesium anode. It should be clearly understood that the water heater belongs to household appliances that require regular maintenance.

Overview over. We strongly recommend not to hurry with the choice, taking into account all the nuances and peculiarities

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