How to choose electric fire with the illusion of live fire

  • Types of electric fireplaces
  • Advantages of 3D electric fires
  • How to choose the right 3D electric fire
  • How to choose an electric fire for the interior style

Do you like to look at the fire? Probably there are few people who would answer this question in the negative. What could be more pleasant than evening gatherings at a small stove with a glass of wine or a cup of aromatic coffee.

But what about those who cannot afford to install a real fireplace in the house and enjoy the real warmth and bright colors of the living flame? The answer is obvious. Come to the rescue electric fireplaces with the effect of living fire. Such devices have many advantages and can be placed in any, even the smallest apartment. How to choose a high-quality pseudo-fireplace and what should you pay attention to? You will learn about this by reading this article.

. Types of electric fireplaces.

. An electric fireplace that imitates lively flames can now be found in many apartments and private houses. Such a device allows you to give real comfort to anyone, even the most minimalist interior.

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The first "live" fireplaces had a rather unassuming appearance. There was nothing to choose from. Most often, the hearth was a strip of light flowing red tissue, which, under the influence of warm air, took off and squirmed vertically, imitating the tongues of a real flame.

Modern electric fireplace with 3d flame effect is an amazing embodiment of engineering ideas. They are so realistic that the models of some manufacturers simply cannot be distinguished from the real “live” fire. I just want to stretch my arms to him or turn the coal to a curved wrought iron poker.

All models of fireplaces with a 3d effect can be divided into small groups. For example, depending on how exactly and where the center will be located, devices can be mounted, floor-standing, built-in, or free-standing. After carefully studying the characteristics of each species, you can choose for yourself the best option.


These are pretty good and most common models. You can use them immediately after purchase. You will not have to think about how to further decorate the device and equip a special place for its placement.

Floor fireplaces are great for small rooms, it can be placed where you need it at the moment. If necessary, it can be completely removed in the cabinet as useless.

Depending on the placement, floor pseudo fires are of two types:

  1. Attached .Such a device is placed close to the wall and can be secured with additional fixings for security purposes. There are corner and frontal models. The first ones are most often used in very small rooms to save space, the second ones are located in the center of the wall and decorated with additional shelves for storing trinkets dear to the heart.
  2. Portable stand-alone devices .This fireplace can be installed at any place of your choice. A slight disadvantage of such models is their low weight. If carelessly handling it, you can accidentally flip it over. And this is a very negative impact on such a fragile device.


As the name implies, such models are mounted on the wall. Visually, they resemble a small picture or a plasma TV hanging on the wall. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be used for their intended purpose and emit a small amount of heat.

There are also models that do not have a heating function. They have a purely visual effect and can be used as sources of additional lighting. This option is chosen most often by those who want to bring a small "flavor" in the decor of the room and does not need additional heating.


Such fireplaces are a good solution for those who want to get the most natural effect. They are most similar to the natural hearth, but from them there is no smoke and smell.

Built-in fireplaces require framing. Most often, it is made from natural stone, wood, or covered with ceramic tiles. This fireplace perfectly copes with its direct purpose and is an excellent additional source of heat.

One of the varieties of built-in fireplaces are double-sided models. They are mounted in the pier between two rooms. Such fireplaces play an important role in decorating and zoning space. Moreover, they are very convenient, as they are built into the already existing space and do not require additional space for installation.

All types of electric pseudokaminoes can also be divided into groups, depending on the method by which imitation of live fire is realized:

  • LCD monitor built into the body. Such devices operate on the principle of TV.They do not give much light and do not radiate heat. It is like a GIF image that continuously reproduces the movement of flames.
  • Electromechanical. Here the design provides for the presence of a small motor, and this is its main drawback. During operation, the motor produces a slight noise, so the effect of the natural fire is leveled.
  • With steam generator. These designs realize the most realistic 3D effect. As a working tool, cold steam is used here, which is specially illuminated with special LEDs.
  • Illusory Effect. Here is implemented a unified model of a still-standing mock-up with a moving picture of highlights, sparks and flames.

As you can see, the choice is amazing variety. Therefore, to decide what exactly I would like to see in my living room is quite difficult. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on exactly where you are going to install such a device and why you need it.

Advantages of 3D Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces with imitation of a living flame are radically different from traditional devices. They are completely safe and in the event of a contingency they are instantly turned off. In addition, such devices do not have an open flame, so the risk of fire is minimal.


  1. Absolute compliance with fire safety requirements. A glowing ember that could cause a fire will never fall out of such a fireplace.
  2. The operation of such a device is not accompanied by the release of harmful substances. Your home will never be filled with smoke due to a clogged chimney.
  3. Since pseudokamine does not burn real fuel, carbon monoxide and other combustion products are not released.
  4. There is no need for chimney equipment, because there is simply nothing to take away.
  5. To install such a device, you do not need to re-equip the ventilation system or obtain a special permit.
  6. Installation is simple, even an overly experienced owner can handle it.
  7. Maintenance of electric heater in working condition does not require any special costs. You do not have to clean the chimney or scrape soot from the walls of the furnace twice a year. To ensure a beautiful visualization, it is enough to replace burnt out bulbs in time. The
  8. 3D electric fire is easy to install, even in a very small room. It is only necessary to choose a suitable model.
  9. The electric center does not demand special leaving. The owners will only have to periodically wash the dust from it during cleaning.
  10. Some models have a built-in steam generator, which means they can be used as an additional air humidifier.
  11. Almost all designs are equipped with a thermostat. It will turn off the heating function when it reaches the set room temperature. If desired, the heating can be completely turned off. For example, in the summer you can enjoy virtual flames in a cool room.

Worth remembering! If you want to use electric fire for heating a home, then its power may not be enough for a large room. In this case, you will need an additional source of heat.

How to choose the right

3D electric fire

Companies launching electric fireplaces with a 3d flame effect delight consumers with new and new models. How to choose the most favorable option? Make it a snap. It is only necessary to choose the right parameters of the product and determine for itself the list of necessary functions.

In order not to be disappointed in your purchase, it is necessary to understand that electric fireplaces with a flame effect are a combination of two systems:

  • actual room heating;
  • imitation of a real fire flame.

For sale are models that can combine these two functions or use them separately. The latter are much more convenient, because they allow you to include only the function that is needed at the moment.

When choosing a 3d electric fire, you should pay attention to such factors:

Dimensions and dimensions

They need to be selected depending on how the device will be placed. Stones should not occupy half the wall or room. Otherwise, you will soon get tired of stumbling through it.


There are a lot of options and versions. Before you go to the store you need to at least have a rough idea of ​​how your center should look like.

Power of the device

It is selected depending on the area of ​​the room and the functional purpose of the device. If the electric fireplace becomes the only source of heat, its power should be sufficient for full heating. In the case when the pseudo-center will have only a decorative purpose, you can stop at the device of minimum power. It will not bring much heat, and it will save energy significantly.

Functional filling

Current models of electric fireplaces are equipped with a steam generation system, soundtracks in the form of crackling firewood and ash rustling. They can manually or automatically set the temperature and brightness. Such models are much more expensive than traditional ones. So you should initially decide whether you need it.

The amount of electricity consumed

Depending on the power and the number of available functions, you can choose a model with optimal parameters.


Prices for 3d electric fireplaces are very diverse. In some models, it is possible to first purchase the basic package, and later purchase a variety of add-ons in the form of sound or visual accompaniment.

Since an electric fireplace with the effect of a living flame is not a necessity, then you should not save on its purchase. Otherwise, you risk to spend money and not get the expected pleasure.

Inexpensive models most often have only a basic set of functions, and, as a rule, more power is consumed by electric power than its “clever” counterparts. Audiovisual image created by devices of the price category "above average" is much brighter and more realistic. So if you have already decided to treat yourself to such an acquisition, you will have to fork out.

How to choose an electric fireplace for the interior style

Portable electric fireplaces with the effect of a living flame can be installed in almost any room: in the kitchen, in the bedroom or living room. The only exceptions are balconies, open terraces and bathrooms. Like other electrical appliances, electric fires are afraid of high humidity.

Decorative pseudo fireplaces may differ not only in style, but also in the material from which they are made. Thanks to these qualities, you can easily choose the right model for any interior.

Design Options:

  • If your home is finished in a high-tech style, you can use an electric fireplace of the original form with spot lighting and metal details in the design. For placement in the wall space between rooms, you can choose a transparent glass fireplace with a cubic shape or open models with decorative grilles.
  • For a classic or country-style interior, models made of wood or imitation of wild stone are perfect. They will distract the attention of guests from some of the shortcomings in the interior, if any.
  • Granite, stone or marble fireplaces are appropriate in the style of Provence. They will be an excellent choice and will add to the interior "thoroughness."
  • For the interior in the Japanese style most often choose wall models. They provide traditional Japanese minimalism and add room comfort and harmony.
  • Unpretentious chebbi style - chic will decorate a plastic fireplace with floral patterns.
  • The inhabitants of cottages and wooden country houses are most often chosen by traditional models decorated with brickwork. Such models look very “home-style” and make the style traditional.

Electric fireplaces with the effect of living fire will add comfort and elegance to any interior. Dancing flames and gentle crackling of logs will help to relax after a hard day, and even the smallest heating element will give a drop of heat on a dank autumn evening.

If you have not found a fireplace with a suitable design, you can buy a built-in version and create an original veneer with your own hands. Whatever model you prefer, an electric fireplace will be a great addition to the interior of your home.

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