How to remove scum in an electric kettle: Secrets of housewives

  • How to clean an electric kettle from scale with citric acid
  • How to clean an electric kettle from scale with vinegar
  • How to clean an electric kettle with ordinary soda
  • How to remove scale with the help of "Antinakipin"
  • Prevention

Scale in the electric kettle is a calcareous deposit, which is formed due to the use of water with increased rigidity. How to remove scale in the electric kettle? The most actual way to deal with the formed coating is to soften the water itself. Using filters for water treatment, you reduce its hardness and remove excess salts and impurities, which adversely affect human health.

How to clean an electric kettle from scale with citric acid

To do this, fill the electric kettle with cold water, about 2/3, then pour out about half the citric acid pack (or the package if there is a lot of scale on the surface). Leave the kettle in this form for about half an hour, after which the water is replaced with a new one. This method of cleaning is optimal when there are spiral or disk elements in the unit. If necessary, you can easily use citric acid repeatedly when the scale is too much on the surface of the kettle's walls. In this way, it is possible to wash the scum, both from a plastic electric kettle, and from glass, ceramic, stainless steel.

How to clean an electric kettle from scale with vinegar

It is very easy to clean an electric kettle with vinegar. In the electric kettle is poured about 100 ml of acetic acid liquid (not lemon), and diluted 1 liter of water. The solution of vinegar is boiled, after which it is left for two hours, at most for the night. Next, pour the solution and rinse it with running water, then boil again.

How to clean an electric kettle with ordinary soda

The electric kettle is filled with water to the maximum mark, after which one tablespoon of soda is added. Next, boil the liquid, and rinse thoroughly with a flowing electric water kettle. If necessary, use a coarse sponge, repeat the procedure for at least 2-3 times to remove the soda residue. It is necessary to use caution soda slightly, so that the solution does not hit the eyes.

How to remove scale with the help of "Antinakipin"

It is enough to just buy this product, its cost is relatively low, but it is important to pay attention to the increased risk of getting into the body of various chemicals and components. To prevent this, it is worth using natural substances. However, the final choice depends only on your preferences, but it will be citric acid, any other remedy, it's up to you.


To get rid of scum in the electric kettle forever, you need to perform a few simple preventive measures.

These simple tips will help you get rid of such a problem as to remove the scum in the electric kettle:

  • During the operation, use only cleaned liquid, without any inclusions or harmful substances.
  • Do not leave liquid in the kettle for a long time, night.
  • Do not bring the product to a state where the scale on the surface forms an extremely thick layer.
  • It is worth every day to take a sponge and remove a light coating from the surface, which will take relatively little time and will save the unit in operational condition.
  • For prevention, it is necessary to use water with citric acid from time to time, without waiting for the formation of a thick layer of lime plaque. Alternatively, you can try to fill the unit with a slightly acidified liquid.

And finally, a couple of points that should be taken into account when using one of the above methods. The procedure for removing the layered scale is not difficult, but you still have to repeat several times one of the above methods to permanently get rid of the scale. Before proceeding with procedures, it is important to warn family members that they do not inadvertently drank a chemical compound. Not all methods can be simultaneously effective, you need to choose the one that is ideally suited to the specific operating conditions and design of the electric kettle.

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