How to use Calgon for washing machines?

  • How to use Calgon
  • Composition and form of release
  • Beneficial features
  • Is Calgon really effective?

Calgon - a tool known for many years, which is recommended to be used in addition to washing powder. However, not everyone knows why it is needed, how it works, whether it is effective or how much. Consider these and other factors.

How to use Calgon

The instruction, which is attached to any Calgon package, gives recommendations on dosages and explains that this tool should be used depending on how tight tap water. For convenience and accuracy, and therefore - cost-effectiveness, a measuring cup of 96 ml is attached to each Calgon package. How much does Calgon need to put in the washing machine:

  • If the water is of medium rigidity, 32 ml (one-third of the measuring cup) will suffice.
  • When the water is stiff, you need 64 ml (two-thirds of the cup).
  • If the water in the water pipe is very stiff, you will have to fall asleep 96 ml (full glass).

Tablets are easier to use. For washing, one tablet is added at any degree of water hardness.

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When it is determined how much Calgone needs for one wash, often the housewives have a reasonable question: where to put Calgon in the washing machine (fill the gel or pawn the pill)? After all, there is more than one compartment in the washing machine. Calgon needs to fall asleep in the main (largest) compartment - the same place where the powder is poured. You can just add it to the powder. Stir the substance directly into the drum machine, where the linen is laid, is not recommended.

The manufacturer also points out that for maximum efficiency, Calgon should be used constantly, without missing a single wash.

Composition and form of release

Calgon is needed when washing in an automatic washing machine to soften the water. What substances are involved in this process?

Any water contains calcium ions. And the main active substance of Calgon is sodium tripolyphosphate. The process of interaction of these two chemical elements ensures water softening.

Calgon also includes the following substances:

  • polycarboxylates (up to 30%);
  • microcrystalline cellulose (up to 15%);
  • polyethylene glycol (up to 5%).

The manufacturer has provided convenience in using Calgon, having developed three forms of release:

  1. powder;
  2. pills;
  3. gel.

Calgon has a slight and unobtrusive smell. The powder is convenient in that it is possible to vary the dosage. Independently to determine how much it needs to fall asleep, it is convenient for those who do not have very hard water. This will save Calgon and do not pour excess. To buy Calgon tablets for a washing machine is preferred in the case when the water is very stiff. Tablets are also convenient for accurate dosage. In composition, the same powder, and tablets, and gel are the same.

There are also different dosages of all three forms of Calgon release:

  • Powder packages are available, 5 kg, 1 kg kg;
  • tablets are packaged in boxes of 12, 15, 32, 35, 40, 70 pcs .;
  • gel is available in bottles of 5 liters, 1 liter, 2 liters.

Beneficial features

Calgon is needed not only for water softening. It prevents the appearance of scale on the heating element, and it is the scale that often causes the washing machine to need the help of a specialist. In order to avoid dealing with the repair, the manufacturer of Calgon recommends adding it to the powder for each wash. ( Cm. Also: How to clean the washing machine from scale and dirt)

What are the main advantages of Calgon:

  1. The economy of washing powder (because in softened water it is required less than in hard water).
  2. Prevent the appearance of scale on the internal parts of the machine (and thus - increase the lifetime of the washing machine machine).
  3. Preservation of bright colors of linen (as it does not allow descaling to settle on the fabric).
  4. Improving the quality of washing (since even stubborn stains are best washed in soft water).

Supporters of healthy lifestyles have a completely justified question: can the use of Kalgon have a negative impact on health? After all, it's still a chemical. Experts say that it is no more dangerous than ordinary washing powder, and even falling asleep in the car, you do not need to wear gloves.

It is, however, always worth remembering the basic security measures. Keep Calgon in a dark place so that it is not accessible to children. In case of careless handling and accidental ingestion of the product on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose or mouth (no matter how much it gets), it is necessary to quickly wash it off with plenty of clean water. To exclude this possibility, it is better to use tablets.

Is Calgon really effective?

There are studies that prove the inefficiency of Calgon. Some experts say that it is similar in composition to the detergent powder, which also contains substances that soften the water. In addition, Calgon only prevents the appearance of scale in the washing machine, but does not remove the already existing one. There is already a sufficient amount of feedback about the uselessness of using this tool and even that it can be the cause of a malfunction of the washing machine. If you have never used Calgon and a scum has formed in the washing machine, it is always can be cleaned with folk remedies, such as ordinary baking soda, vinegar or lemon acid.

However, many housewives still use Calgon, arguing that it better preserves the colors and strength of fabrics, and white fabrics do not allow it to become gray.

In this article we gave detailed instructions on how to use Calgon for washing machines. Have told where and how much to throw Kalgona in the washing machine. Now you have to weigh all the pros and cons, calculate the amount for the purchase of Kalgon and a new washing machine and determine whether to use an additional tool when washing or not. If you see more pluses than minuses, buy any form of release convenient for you - powder, tablets or gel - and be satisfied with the result.

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