Electronic floor scales

First understand - the liquid crystal display of the scale does not mean filling the device entirely with electronic stuffing. We assume that the displacement of the mechanical rocker is measured by amperes and volts, but by true electronic models, it is customary to understand equipment functioning through strain gauges, equipped with functions that have shaken mechanical ancestors. How to distinguish, tell. The reader will know what are the electronic scales of floor, how to overcome the variety of choices, how to use the product so that the device does not break.

The principle of operation of floor scales

One way to distinguish electronic scales from mechanical ones is invented. Not all electronic floor scales of small thickness, modest dimensions. The sign is limited by the principle of the sensors. Mechanical scales move elastic rods, steel rocker arms, crossing the case - strain gauges are based in the legs. Therefore, the principle of operation is as follows:

  • include scales;
  • take one palm from the bottom in the middle, without touching the legs;
  • flatten the top slightly with the other hand;
  • readings of electronic scales will remain zero.

Found a significant difference. Of course, you can search for a movable platform, which is equipped with mechanical scales, today it is customary to make imitations. Things may not be what they seem. Given the presence of LCD indicators of some mechanical models, the difference is leveled.

Note. The best electronic scales have no disadvantage( marketing moves to deceive the appearance).

It is believed that the correctly configured mechanical scales are accurate, but the electronic ones show values ​​up to tenths, hundredths of a kilogram. It is important here to take into account one feature of electronic scales:

  • Measure body mass using electronic scales, putting it on a flat hard surface. Otherwise, the legs of the device fall into the pile of the carpet, the latter in contact with the bottom. We saw the result, if you press with the palm in the middle of the electronic scales. Part of the body weight will be lost. With a significant weight, the difference in value with objective indicators will easily be 10 kilograms. The first and main drawback of electronic floor scales. The second is an indecent price.

The mechanical scales on the scales have passed, the pressure is measured between the base and the movable platform. As a result, having perfected the beach sand, we will get plausible indications: the traditional business of dealers who put on medical scales of a characteristic view on the beach. Every vacationer wants to know, gained weight, lost, certain earnings can be obtained by exploiting resort areas.

Strain gauges

The mysterious word strain gauges were mentioned, the principle of operation of the device is devoid of difficulties. Those who have encountered a bimetallic plate, they know: under the influence of temperature, a cohesive pair bends, the value of the flowing current changes. Similarly, the strain gauge operates. It is influenced not by temperature - the physical force of the bend. To normalize the force, each strain gauge is embedded in the foot of a special material, and the sensitive plates are glued to a metal substrate.

We can see how many factors determine the accuracy of readings of electronic floor scales. It is difficult to achieve perfect testimony. The process of evaluating currents, voltages are carried out precisely. It is explained by the level of development of computer technology, the elements of which are used by electronic floor scales for measuring parameters. For example, analog-to-digital converters.

Let us clarify:

  1. The strain gauge is represented by resistance, is included in the resistance bridge.
  2. The physical deformation of the sensitive plate changes the ohmic resistance of the contacts.
  3. The balance of the bridge is disturbed, current begins to flow.
  4. Parameters are measured by analog-to-digital converter.

Then the obtained values ​​are processed by electronic weights, the result is displayed on the screen.

Biometric Scales

How to choose floor scales for athletes, the question is simple - biometric take those who want to achieve form. In the best models, the owner sets the height( cm), weight( kg), some other parameters. Gets the percentage of muscle mass, fat( including visceral), water. A smart device diagnoses a person’s physical condition, advises the diet depending on the level of load, age.

The simplest tool for making a diet, a connoisseur selects a daily / weekly diet. Electronic floor diagnostic scales contain several groups of settings for family members, sports teams. Otherwise, it would be a strictly individual device, tuning one owner. Careless switching of a priori occurrences of the base weights use 3-10 people. Increases the marketing appeal of the product.

In combination with biological instruments for measuring mass, electronic kitchen scales look good. With the help of the meter hung products. A special information base will allow you to immediately see the nutritional value in calories on the screen. Using the recommendations of nutritionists, biological scales make the process of drafting a diet incredibly easy.

Advanced models will provide the value of the product in terms of the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. It is necessary feeding on a separate scheme. Waiting for dinner, take protein foods, after dinner - carbohydrate. Malysheva in a television program on health proposes to create specialized days formed by the same type of food. You lose weight without rejecting calories( your body becomes tired of producing the necessary enzymes, some of the nutrients transit).

Follow a couple of simple rules. Avoid eating after 19.00, drink plenty of water. Fresh air is useful because the reaction of the oxidation of fats requires oxygen( the progenitor of oxides).The energy factories of the body work to the fullest. Good to know: go to bed should be at 22.00 hours at the astronomical time of the geographical area, which may differ from the local, especially the capital. The interval 23.00 - 1.00 is used by the body synthesizing serotonin, a growth hormone. Two factors that provide elevated mood, working capacity of mitochondria. The latter are responsible for splitting the fat( when burning oxygen).

Note that growth hormone grows the same muscle and fat. It is recommended to supplement the diet with physical exercises, the result should be monitored with electronic floor biological weights. In the body tissues, two processes struggle tirelessly:

  • catabolism;
  • anabolism.

The first provides growth, the second - durability. Hormones fight for our healthy body against the passage of time. Exercise increases the level of catabolism, the person looks younger. The level of anabolism is difficult to move. There are special techniques( excluding the use of steroids, the use of which is prohibited by law).The main role is assigned to catabolism.

How to choose the right biological scales? According to the functional. For 4000 rubles and above buy the necessary.

Signs that allow you to choose

electronic scales How to choose floor scales. Ordinary person is not so important weight, how much change. Any electronic floor scales will be suitable, whose ultimate load capacity is higher than the mass of a person who is about to stand on top. Please note: failure to comply with the rule is fraught with failure of the device. The legs are deformed, it is rarely possible to restore the product with a Russian hammer( sledge hammer), helping with pliers.

With mechanical weights, the former rule applies when it comes to electronic, the accuracy of the repair is difficult to assess without any special tools. Draw your own conclusions. Boast to the guests, take the trouble to put the device on a hard, flat base, otherwise it will lie.

Athletes, athletes simply need electronic floor biometric scales. Will allow to monitor whether the diet, exercise a positive result. Outwardly, floor electronic glass scales SATURN ST-PS1240 look curious. Do not be afraid of transmitting light platform that can withstand up to 150 kg of weight. It is important not to put on top of a person with a larger mass. Through the glass you can see the details of the implementation of the mechanism of strain gauges.

Today new models of weights have appeared, measuring the efforts of the foot, the heels of the feet with four platforms. The principle of operation is rarely described, there are reasons to assume: the idea resembles a mechanical scale. Measurement takes place on moving platforms.

Do not equal the rating of floor electronic scales, it is profitable for the seller to sell the stale, expensive goods. The choice will not be the most successful. Electronic bathroom scales are reliable, easy to reach by mail. It is necessary to unpack the goods correctly, check. If mechanical can be taken, giving 300 rubles, the cost of electronic floor scales amounts to thousands( excluding simple models of teenage girls).

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