12 best dishwashers according to buyers

  • Which dishwasher is better?
  • Best Stationary Dishwashers with Full DimensionsDishwasher - a practical and useful device that saves our time and energy, eliminating the need to wash a lot of dirtNoah dishes daily. The advantages of buying such a device have been appreciated by thousands of housewives - the dishes become immaculately clean without your intervention, and you can devote your free time to yourself, taking care of your family or your favorite hobby, which "did not reach out to" before. If you also decided to purchase such a reliable and efficient assistant to your kitchen, or simply decided to change the old dishwasher to a newer model - be sure to read our rating of the best dishwashers according to customer reviews. To make the best choice and do not regret the money spent.

    Which dishwasher is better?

    Many of our readers have long been concerned about the question, which dishwasher is better? Large and roomy or economical? Electronically controlled or mechanical? What additional features? You can, of course, get rid of the answer - so that it removes fat and food residues well, but modern appliances belong to the A-class dishwashing, so this criterion cannot become fundamental.

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    A good dishwasher is not only efficient, but also reliable, practical, functional. We have selected for you the TOP 12 models of dishwashers that real buyers like most and have received the most positive feedback from their owners.

    The best stationary dishwashers with full dimensions

    Bosch Serie 2 SMS24AW01R

    The relative novelty, which attracted the active attention of users. This is a full-size model for simultaneous washing of 12 sets of dishes. But there is a half load mode, and the possibility of adjusting the basket height. Of the additions - the holder for the glasses, and in the functional - the timer delay inclusion, economy mode, soaking dishes, 2 temperatures, and only 4 modes of washing - so as not to get confused. Of the technical parameters, the water consumption is 11.7 l, the power consumption per cycle is 1.05 kWh, the average noise level during washing is 52 dB.The advantages should be attributed, and quite democratic cost - from 20 thousand rubles.

    Hotpoint-Ariston LFF 8S112

    Actively purchased standard model from an Italian manufacturer, assembled in Poland. More spacious model - designed for 15 sets of dishes and with more diverse functionality - 2 times more washing programs( 8, including - delicate washing, intensive, soaking, express mode, etc.), there is a control lock and functiondelayed start. At the same time, the dishwasher consumes slightly less water and electricity than the previous model - 11 liters and 0.95 kWh, respectively. But to pay for the advanced functionality and efficiency will have 8-10 thousand rubles. - After all, the cost of the device starts from 29 thousand rubles.

    The best stand-alone narrow models of dishwashers( up to 45 cm wide)

    Gorenje GS53314W

    Narrow, stylish dishwasher for 10 sets of dishes. It belongs to the electronic type of control, equipped with a display, in the functional - 8 programs, blocking from accidental pressing, on timer. It is possible to work at half load. For a full cycle( 2.5 hours), the dishwasher consumes 9 liters of water and consumes 0.83 kWh of electricity. The model is praised not only for its efficiency, but also for its quiet operation, reliability, and functionality. The cost of the device is from 26 thousand rubles, which is quite democratic.

    Bosch SPS 40E42

    In this dishwasher, you can wash only 9 sets of dishes at a time; for this, the appliance needs 9 liters of water and 0.78 kWh of electricity. Noise level at work - 48 dB.The functionality is rather modest, there is nothing superfluous in it - 4 washing programs( including fast washing, economy mode, soaking), a small delay in starting from 3 to 9 hours, the ability to load dishes only half and lock the buttons. There is such a dishwasher for 3 thousand rubles.cheaper than a competitor from Slovenia - Bosch SPS 40E42 will cost the user 23 thousand rubles.

    Compact and Desktop Dishwashers

    Bosch SKS 62E22

    Very functional and compact model. At one time, launders 6 sets of dishes, but note that the device does not have a half load mode. The manufacturer equipped the dishwasher with 6 modes of operation and provided for as many as 5 temperature regimes, as well as VarioSpeed ​​technology( super fast washing).The model has an indicator of water purity, a timer and a display. For washing dishes need 8 liters of water. In general, a fairly productive dishwasher in the segment of compact appliances. To pay for it will have about 26 thousand rubles.

    Electrolux ESF 2400 OW

    A less advertised brand introduced a very practical and thoughtful home assistant to the home appliance market. The dishwasher holds the same 6 sets, but consumes slightly less water - 6.5 liters. Power consumption - 0, 61 kWh. True, the time to complete the washing program will take quite a lot - 3 hours. And also, in the list of "opportunities": additional rinsing( a great function for children's dishes), notification of the end of work, 6 washing programs and 4 temperature conditions. Cost - from 18.5 thousand rubles.

    Most popular built-in full-size models of dishwashers

    Bosch SMV 40D00

    Powerful and functional dishwasher that can be built into the kitchen set. It is designed for 13 sets of dishes, there is a flow heater, 5 modes of washing and 4 temperature programs. Some noisy, according to the owners( 51 dB), but given its capacity, this figure is quite low. It is possible to run only half full dishwasher, convenient electronic control, but not enough informative display. In general, a fairly good embedded household assistant, worth from 32.5 thousand rubles.

    Hotpoint-Ariston LTF 11S111 O

    Compared with the previous model - more spacious( 15 sets) and functional( 11 programs).A complete washing cycle takes 2.5 hours, during which time it will take about 11 liters of water and 1.07 kWh of electricity. In the presence of - water heater( water temperature at the beginning of work - 60 ° C), the display, the most useful and popular modes, as well as the ability to work with incomplete loading. They praise the sink for its reasonableness, good build quality( Poland), spaciousness and quiet operation.

    Siemens iQ300 SR 64E005 Narrow built-in dishwashers

    A compact built-in dishwasher, but with rather large capacity - launders 9 sets of dishes at a time. Electronic control, no display, but there is a lock of accidental pressing. For washing dishes, the dishwasher takes in 11 liters of water and spends 0.8 kWh of electricity. The manufacturer has provided a total of 4 washing programs and 3 temperature conditions. In general, this is a simple model, a somewhat noisy model without frills, sensors of water purity and half load, but with full leak protection, a timer and a water heater. In combination with a good detergent gives excellent quality washing. Price - more than reasonable - from 17 thousand rubles.

    Whirlpool ADG 422

    This model is somewhat better equipped than the offer from Siemens. Only 9 liters of water are enough for 10 sets of dishes, it is possible to choose one of 7 operating modes or one of 4 temperature modes. The device can be run with a half load, in addition, copes with the removal of fat in fast mode. Convenient tab dishes, you can download even non-standard size appliances. The dishwasher does not make noise and consumes electricity very economically( class A ++).The cost of the device does not hit hard - from 22 thousand rubles.

    The best models for partial embedding

    Bosch Serie 4 SPI 50X95

    Narrow, 45 cm, model for partial embedding. Like most “narrow” models, it is able to wash 9 sets of dishes at once. Functionally - not rich, only 5 programs and 4 temperature modes, but there is a display, protection from children, a timer and the function of determining the purity of water. The device is completely protected from water leaks, and thanks to the use of advanced technologies, a small amount of water and electricity is consumed during operation. The cost is quite reasonable - 26.5–28 thousand rubles.

    Gorenje GV 60 ORAW

    Full-size, for partial embedding, that is, with an "open facade."Perfectly is suitable for big families, after all contains in itself 16 sets of ware. It is very economical - it can cope with such amount of dishes at a flow rate of 9.5 liters of water and 0.86 kWh of electricity. The cycle takes exactly 3 hours. In the arsenal - 5 programs and 5 temperature regimes. Half load mode is not provided, but washing and so is one of the most economical devices( energy class - A ++).


    If you carefully read our top-best dishwashers to the end, you probably noticed the representation of the Bosch brand in almost every category. Say what you like, and the authority and responsibility of the manufacturer directly affects the popularity of home appliances of this brand. Of course, Bosch is often criticized by users, but this often applies to models of the Chinese assembly, so we advise you to pay attention to this factor.

    Another brand that deserves attention is the brand with “Italian roots” - Hotpoint-Ariston. In the line of dishwashers can be found very interesting models of excellent quality and at a very reasonable cost. In addition, master repairmen claim that this technique is quite easy and cheap to repair.

    As always, at the level of the Slovenian firm Gorenije. The assortment of the brand includes a wide variety of home appliances, but all of them are united by high-quality assembly and rich functionality. Technique Burning - reliable, durable and well thought out.

    In general, with the necessary facilities, free space in the kitchen and desire, you can choose a good and efficient dishwasher from any category - among the narrow and full-size, sinks-solos and embedded models to the modern buyer there is something to pay attention to. So feel free to go to the hardware store or open online catalogs - go ahead, behind the dishwasher! Be sure to read our ratings and recommendations on the choice of equipment before buying, it's not for nothing that they say - they are familiar with the information - it means that they are armed!

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