Repair of electronic floor scales

Electronic scales operate in other ways than mechanical ones. Ignoring the level of complexity of the instruments, the ubiquitous fundamental principle remains the same. The basis is the measurement of resistances of strain gauges. Masters, leading the repair of electronic floor scales, carry out uniformly. Professional knowledge of the principles of operation of the device will not be afraid to spoil the intervention of the case. The master will not touch the key details.

Electronic filling

Electronic type of floor scales are composed of four fundamental elements:

  1. Load cells.
  2. Display.
  3. Electronic PCB.
  4. Buttons.

The first thing to remember is the display outside of our capabilities. If air gets under the sealed bag, the polarization of the crystals is broken, the screen becomes ugly black, covered with divorce. It is forbidden to touch the screws, glue, fasteners, holding part.

The last element may be missing in simple models. Buttons of floor scales touch, survey begin batteries. Tablet operating voltage of 3 volts.

Note. Does a pulled tablet work on another less powerful device? The fact does not mean that the power source is sufficient for household floor scales. Buy a new battery. When conducting the tests, supply the terminals with a voltage of 3 volts DC to a suitable power source, see the reaction of the balance. Further repair of floor scales is advisable if the previous step has no effect.

Visual inspection of the

We first analyze the scales. The lid is unscrewed, the instrument is visually inspected. The following are to be investigated:

  • quality of electrical connections, installation of an electronic board of floor scales;
  • integrity of parts, regardless of destination.

The actions taken are sufficient to determine the nature of the problem. Solder broken wires back, damaged electronic card tracks - repair. The place of the defect is cleaned with sandpaper, degreased, tinned. On top of the jumper soldered, a solid layer of tin. It is advisable to cover the damaged area with a special varnish, suitable for nails( female).

The inner frames are bent, it is clear that the scales tested an elephant weighing more than the maximum permissible model being repaired. .. It is necessary to carefully align the metal products so that the parts take the old shape. Use standard measuring devices: building level, caliper, angle.

Mechanical damage results in incorrect readings. Correction of details of floor scales completes one hundred percent recovery. Repair scales, work with a screwdriver, pliers. If visual inspection revealed no damage, we conduct further reading of the material. A grain of theory will be useful for understanding the principles of the operation of floor scales, creating an idea of ​​the method of repair.

Strain Gauges

We discard well-known information about mechanical weights. The platform of electronic fellows is fixed. Measuring involved legs. Under each hid solid frame solid alloy, deformed when a person uses the scales.

Changes cannot be fixed with the eye, the difference is so small - it is not possible to determine the level of construction. On each frame there is a tiny plate with a diameter of less than 2 centimeters. Indicated - the touch node of electronic scales. The detail serves as a basis for floor and other models. Products differ in the way of mounting the strain gauge.

Sensitive plate firmly imprinted in the frame, filled with compound( glue).The sensor is powered by three wires, which measure the resistance of the shoulders of the bridge. A person wants to know body mass, tramples the platform, the four corner frames bend, dividing the excess mass in proportion to the lengths. The final readings are obtained by summing up the numbers. The process is managed by the circuit board of the scale: three wires run into each corner.

The measuring bridge is formed by a square, each side contains a resistor. One diagonal receives power, the other - is a source of evidence. Official sources ignore the composition of the schematic diagrams. Suppose two resistors have chosen the frame, the others - the circuit board of the scale. Three wires guarantee a reliable electrical connection. A detailed explanation is given so that the reader will understand: it is difficult to damage the scales. Ordinary glands destroyed exclusively by mechanical means. Resist moisture( but not PCB).

The load cell has broken

The scale model is characterized by the maximum weight of the load to be installed( the human body, weights), the limit cannot be exceeded - you bend the frame's power elements. It is enough to straighten the iron, restoring performance, as mentioned above.

Suppose visually floor scales are in perfect order. The tester will help to identify the problem. Each sensor otpaivatsya gently from the board, measured resistance between the three wires. In the four corners of floor scales, the result should be the same. If there is a gap, a problem is found.

It is recommended to carefully unzip the glue( compound) covering the sensitive plate. Mechanical damage to the part will instantly cause complete node failure. A copper-colored plate is found inside: three wires are soldered here. Rarely, but sometimes, one is cut off. Reconnect the electrical connection, the performance of the scales will be resumed.

Finding a dead sensor, find( buy) the same. Repair of kitchen scales does not make it difficult: on sale will find a large number of strain gauge models. Let the component be purchased, the calibration problem arises. Special equipment is required, it is difficult to practically pick up a third-party sensor that demonstrates similar parameters. Bathroom scales can lie very much.

Calibration, purpose

The load cell is unique, a copy is not in the Universe, even if two compared products with an inseparable pair left the conveyor. Bridging connections, when making measurements, will always give an error; calibration is designed to eliminate a negative phenomenon. Note the trick. Since the total weight is calculated by summing up, if a single sensor of defective scales is faulty, a broken leg can be excluded from the process. We offer two options:

  • simply release the defective leg from the load;
  • or simulate the desired values ​​of zero load ohmic resistors.

The first works, if the sensor is lying, is incorrectly calibrated. The second( see list) is made with ease, because before the resistance measured. It remains to connect according to the scheme and carefully put inside the case. The faulty sensor disconnects, continuing to play the role of an ordinary leg. Adders will count leg weight as zero.

Some models allow manual calibration, peculiar to professional models, rarely found in everyday life. After excavating a similar broken copy, remove the necessary details.

It is important to understand: repairing floor scales with your own hands requires ordinary ingenuity. A smart device is a bunch of resistors plus a microscopic electronic board.

Biological parameters of

Recent news show body weight, a fraction of the composition of human tissues:

  • muscular;
  • subcutaneous fat;
  • bones;
  • water;
  • visceral fat.

The first four parameters are needed by the athletes who make up the training methods, the last figure characterizes the deposits that cover the internal organs. Harmful fats that contribute to the occurrence of diseases. Smart floor scales will tell about the current values ​​of the parameter, recommend the caloric content of the daily diet to achieve the effect of recovery. Moreover, the level of real physical activity is not important. The parameter is set by special teams, changing the final size of the caloric content of food.

Wonderful bathroom scales look amazing. Much easier than imagined by human imagination.

Biometric Scales

A variety of home floor scales distinguishes electronic filling. Models that determine the biometric parameters of the organism, a set of resistors, microcircuits. Devices do not differ from the simplest Chinese pink floor scales for teenage girls.

A biological parameters? Counts the chip, guided by a priori information entered by the user according to the manual. Mathematical operations are carried out by the built-in controller that collects the readings of strain gauges. Needless to be afraid of floor scales, no matter how complex they may seem.


Avoid repairing household floor electronic scales that are under warranty. Not a washing machine, but expensive models, designed in due order, repaired by professionals.

Private firms are involved. Restore the performance of electronic scales. Activities are accompanied by calibration. Another option to troubleshoot. Taring - a scientific word is alien to the rumor of the majority of citizens. The meaning of the process is limited by correlating the physical states of the sensor with numbers.

The coming century of microcontrollers makes hypothetically possible the creation of smart devices by ordinary citizens. The unique information of the Internet broadens the mind, helping to master unfamiliar professions. Programming algorithms require a special mindset. You can train everywhere: shop, logistics of your own movements, calculations mentally. Professionals discourage outside interference. The fundamentals of science are transmitted by a narrow circle of people. The Internet is helping to change obsolete traditions.

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