Time management hostess: 5 golden rules that save time

Now you will have more time for yourself!

Modern housewives have a lot of work, plans, gadgets in the kitchen. Children, hobbies, domestic affairs - all this requires attention and, most importantly, time. There are proven experience tips that will help not to be scattered on the secondary and important.

Love the rituals of

Rituals or rituals - a term that became popular with the emergence of the author's system of order Flylady. In essence, this is a sequence of actions that we perform every day.
Despite the fact that each has its own sequence of affairs, there are common moments - morning rituals are devoted to the beginning of a new day, evening rituals are devoted to its completion and preparation for the next day.

Our task is to bring these rituals to automaticity. Knowing what and in what sequence you need to do in the morning, you will spend less time and energy on throwing and training( especially for mothers with children).

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At the initial stage it is best to fix your rituals in your phone or diary to check. After some time this will no longer be necessary.

Start a diary

The habit of regularly keeping a diary can be safely called the starting point on the path to order and organization. One may read books on time management, organize space, create rituals, but if you do not plan your time, you will constantly roll back to chaos and bustle.

It is very important to choose your diary format, such that it is convenient for you: handwritten options like bulletjournal, dated tables, online applications, good old Excel tablets - experiment and try.

Schedule the days when you will plan your time and try to stick to your schedule. For example, on the 1st of every month you write a list of 5–8 big tasks for the month, every Sunday - you make plans for the next week, in the morning or in the evening you paint tactical tasks for the day.

Organize space

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Each of us knows how much time it takes to search for a second glove, bags with a second shoe for a child, a contract or a receipt for payment.

All these problem situations have one reason - things have no permanent, convenient, clear place for everyone.

If you set a goal to be in time, you cannot do without organizing space. Take a room, describe what activities are taking place in it, what things are needed for them. Place things so that it is convenient to take in the process and return to the place. For example, you are reading books on a sofa, and a bookcase is located far enough away from it. As a result, a pile of books and magazines is constantly being formed near the sofa. The way out is to allocate a place for these "fugitives".

Put a beautiful wicker basket where it will be convenient to put what you are reading right now. A simple technique that adds order and comfort.

Replenish the resources of

The secret of doing is very simple - you have a plan of action and strength for you to do it. If with the first everything is clear, then at the second moment, many do not pay attention.
In the meantime, the task of remaining “in resource” is one of the primary ones.

Think and make your list of ways to replenish your strength. One needs to be alone, others need regular physical exercise, someone sews, reads or is engaged in creativity.

A bad practice is to try to charge an already low battery, when there is noise and din, a lot of things, but there is no time. Taking care of yourself should be a must-have for you, worthy of putting on your diary.


Carry a lot of work on yourself and do it for a very long time - it is fraught with at least chronic fatigue. The modern mistress can be compared with the head, in whose management the whole family: her life, future plans, holidays, purchases and much more. And if we draw an analogy with the business, the company, where the director does everything himself, will not last long or will eventually become ineffective.

Exit - delegate what takes you a lot of resources. If someone considers it a luxury, look at how much money on average goes to small( at first glance) spending - going to a cafe or restaurant, buying extra or unnecessary things. Even an approximate calculation will show that such expenses are more than worth the cost of cleaning the apartment or cleaning the windows.

Do not hesitate from time to time to use the services of courier delivery from shops, nannies or professional cleaners, have a rest and stick to a comfortable schedule for yourself - and then you will just keep up!

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