Choose a good washing machine with a drying function

  • What is different from the usual
  • Design and principle of operation
  • Principle of operation
  • Pros and cons of styrakil with drying
  • How to choose whether to buy?

It's hard to imagine how people did without such familiar things as a washing machine. This is a real helper in the house. The washing process is almost imperceptible and does not require any intervention. Modern models include various programs through which you can wash delicate items, shoes and the like.

The only task for us is to take things out of the drum and dry them. Although this issue is already being solved with the help of an additional function - drying. Washing machines are equipped with this feature several times simplify life. This option is very relevant when things have nowhere to dry. For example, the apartment does not have a balcony, then things will have to dry in the room. Excessive moisture and the smell of detergents, not the best atmosphere in the house.

Even when there is a balcony or a private yard, it at least partially solves the problem with drying, however, what to do if it started to rain or snow? In addition, none of the options can provide the fastest possible drying of things, and drying can. Now consider how to choose a washing machine with a drying function.

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What is different from the usual

Just want to note that there are separate dryers that actually perform only this function. However, this is not very convenient:

  • has to interfere in the washing mode and shift things;
  • separate drying takes extra space.

A washing machine with an integrated drying function is a very convenient version of household appliances, which provides an almost complete laundry care cycle, unlike an ordinary typewriter machine. In particular, it provides:

  • wash;
  • rinsing;
  • spin;
  • drying.

Probably, there are no people who would not adequately appreciate such a device. Experts in the study of the usefulness of this unit noted that when it is available in the house, saving time for the care of things comes down to at least 15 hours per month. So, in addition to convenience, we also get time savings.

Device and principle of operation

As the washing machine is equipped with an additional function, of course, its structure has become somewhat more complicated. To ensure the drying function, the device is additionally equipped with the following elements:

  1. Teng, - an electrical device that is intended for air heating.
  2. Fan and duct. The fan provides hot air through the duct to the drum with things.
  3. Special blades in the middle of the drum. During drying, the drum rotates, and the blades inside it, are designed to prevent sticking of linen and as a result of the formation of deep folds.
  4. Moisture Sensors. They signal the level of moisture, and then determine the degree of drying.
  5. Capacity( reservoir) - a place where condensate is collected and a liquid is formed.

There are models that do not include a reservoir, and the liquid immediately enters the sewer compartment. This simplifies the care of the device, does not require additional cleaning and drying.

The principle of operation

Drying is started automatically or manually after the completion of all successive cycles. After the last cycle of washing - spinning is completed, the process of drying the laundry starts. The drum begins to rotate slowly, and the hot air, due to the fan enters the drum and circulates. Excess moisture is collected in the tank or directly drains into the sewer. Thus, there is a process of drying clothes, which is controlled by installed sensors that measure the level of moisture in the drying process.

It should be understood that the drying function has a number of features. The manufacturer tries as best as possible to meet the needs of the consumer, so even this program has several varieties( modes).

Drying laundry includes various programs for this process:


  • Fast Drying( Intensive) - this type of drying is installed in all dryers and provides for guaranteed drying of laundry in the shortest possible time( 40–60 minutes).
  • Gentle drying, “Drying in the closet” is a delicate drying process that ensures gentle handling of fabrics, does not overdry them and prevents the formation of deep folds. However, the operating time of such a program will be longer than with intensive drying.


  • Ironing is an optional feature that provides lightweight post ironing. Dried linen passes steam, which softens it and smoothes large folds.
  • Dry Wash - a process of washing without water, which provides sterilization and freshening things, removing odors. It is very important to apply to things that just lay in the closet for a long time.

Pros and cons of washer dryer

One of the factors that consumers fear when choosing this type of washing machine with dryer is frequent breakdowns due to a combination of programs. It should be noted that the additional function does not reduce the quality of equipment and service life. Certified products are not less than the warranty period, and even several times more. But when you make a choice in favor of this technology, be prepared to operate it according to the instructions.

For a long and well-coordinated service, the following rules should be followed:

  1. It is forbidden to load more than what is laid on the drum.
  2. The control panel must be unavailable for children's handles. This often leads to a system crash.
  3. Turn on the machine drying in a separate outlet, that is, do not connect additional devices.
  4. Avoid things that could damage the inside of the machine.
  5. Avoid drying silk, wool and large items.
  6. Well check the contents of the pockets before washing, remove all items.

In order to finally determine and make the right choice of a washing machine with a dryer, you should know all its advantages and disadvantages.


  • A combination of two devices in one. A washing machine and dryer in one is a big plus in favor of saving space, if we assume that it could be two separate overall units of equipment.
  • Save time on drying. Even under favorable weather conditions, drying the laundry so quickly will not succeed. Provides fast drying of a considerable amount of things.
  • Versatility. With its help you can dry not only things. Shoes or children's toys are also easy to drain or disinfect with it.
  • Lack of excess moisture in the house. Drying things in the apartment, leads to excessive moisture. In addition, in order to hang things within the apartment should also take place, that is, it also takes space.


Despite the great advantages on the side of this technique, there are also disadvantages that should be considered when making the choice of a machine with a dryer.

  • When loading a full drum wash, do not expect to dry the same amount of laundry in one go. As a rule, you have to do this several times. Well, this is an extra cost of time and energy costs.
  • The cost of the machine with the dryer is much higher. This is usually up to 30 percent more expensive than the standard model without a dryer.
  • Tissue Wear. Only proper and competent care for things will ensure the preservation of its qualitative condition and appearance. Sometimes neglecting the programs, their incorrect use leads to the rapid destruction of things.
  • In general, drying consumes a lot of energy, so the bill for electricity will increase significantly.

How to choose whether to buy?

When choosing a drying machine, consider the following points.

  • How the drying process itself is regulated. It is important that the drying occurred not only on the timer, but also on the moisture indicator.
  • There is an opinion that the option of top loading is considered the best, as it allows the addition of linen for drying in a running cycle.
  • Pay attention to the amount of linen that can be put into the drum. New models provide for a drum capacity of 7 kg, dry 5 kg of wet things.
  • Select should be based on its economy. Energy class( A, B, C, D) matters. Remember, Class A is the most economical in terms of energy costs.
  • It should be understood that the warranty period for a washing machine and machine for a machine with built-in drying function will be the same. However, often breakage of models with dryers due to illiterate exploitation proper.
  • When choosing, pay attention to the firm( manufacturer).The basic rule is not to choose this technique of an unknown( dubious) manufacturer. Under any conditions it cannot be too cheap, so in order not to throw money away to the wind - choose a quality and proven one.

When it comes to a better question, a washing machine dryer or a separate dryer experts prefer a separate dryer - if there is an opportunity to spend more money and there is a place to install such a unit. However, universal washers for drying will be an excellent option where there is no place for installing two pieces of equipment.

Is it worth the money, perhaps, it is worth judging given how relevant this option is in each case. If the drying function is very important for the owners, then the relative feasibility of the purchase is evaluated. Actually for some people it’s important not even the amount of dried laundry, how much the opportunity to dry a small amount of it, however, as soon as possible.

Having examined in detail all the nuances of this washing equipment, you can more objectively evaluate it as a whole and make the right choice guaranteed.

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