Solenoid valve for water supply for a washing machine - check and replace

  • Design and principle of operation
  • Types of intake valves for the washing machine
  • How to check the valve for operability
  • Replacing the valve

In any model of the washing machine, the most important element is the inlet valve for the washing machine, sometimes referred to as the filling valve. In this article we will tell you how this element of the structure is arranged, we will describe the principle of operation, and what types exist.

Design and principle of operation

The inlet valve of the washing machine has two types of operating state - open and closed. In the second state, it arrives most of the time. A coil is installed inside the valve, to which the program supplies electric current, which is a signal to open the valve, which accordingly leads to the filling of the machine’s working space with water. This principle of operation gave rise to another name for the valve - electromagnetic.

When the tank is filled to the required level, the control program transmits a second signal to the filler valve, after which it closes and the fluid stops flowing into the system.

In almost all models of washing machines, the valve is located at the top of the structure, near the rear wall. But in those machines where the laundry is loaded in a vertical way, the valve is placed in the lower part of the unit, also near the rear wall. In the first case, to get to the item we need, it is necessary to remove the back cover, and in the second case, the side panel is dismantled.

Types of intake valves for washing machines

These shut-off mechanisms are of various types. Above was described the mode of operation of the valve based on an electromagnet, however, in fact, the process of functioning is a little more complicated. Water in the washing machine must be supplied through several hoses in the programmed period of time. The simplest valves have one such electromagnet, and poured water is distributed over the machine with the help of the commander mechanism. However, these units are no longer on sale, as they are morally obsolete in terms of technology.

Today filling valve for washing machine has a more complex structure, where the internal structure is divided into many sections, and each of them has its own electromagnet. Accordingly, each section is connected to a specific place where water is required, and as necessary, the control program sends signals and activates the coils. Therefore, we can safely distinguish the following types:

  • valves with one coil;
  • with two coils;
  • with three coils.

Also, now all coils have a completely electrical structure, they are completely absent mechanical components.

How to check the valve for operability

To determine the health of the valve, it must be removed. After that, connect the water supply hose to it, and apply current to the coils. If the unit is in good condition, the valve will open and let in water. After stopping the supply of voltage to the coil, the locking mechanism should close. This test is very easy and will not cause any special difficulties, but it should be done carefully, since you are working in high humidity conditions with an electric appliance, in no case do not allow the bare wires to contact the liquid.

Also, it is necessary to check the following components of the unit:

  • It is necessary to check the filtration grid on the valve, and clean it from dirt.
  • If the valve does not open, you should check if the electromagnetic coil has burnt out in it, use a multimeter for this. The resistance of the working coil varies in the region from 2 to 4 Ohms.
  • Check the presence of plastic elements in the valve fittings, they are designed to contain water pressure. If these inserts are not present, then this structural element should be replaced.

Replacing the valve

The inlet valve of the washing machine is a non-separable part, therefore it cannot be repaired. This replacement operation is as follows:

  • First, you need to de-energize the washing machine, then you should shut off the water supply and dismantle the back cover.
  • Disconnect all hoses from the valve, just remember which one was installed.
  • Then unscrew all fasteners holding our part.
  • Remove the old valve.
  • Next, install the new item, and in the reverse order, assemble the washing machine.

After completing all the necessary items, check the operability of your unit, whether the water flows and whether everything functions correctly.

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