Features and installation of security alarm system GSM in the house do it yourself

Installing a GSM alarm system in the country, in the garage or in a private house allows you to ensure the safety and security of property. Management is carried out through the phone, and for installation by hand you need to master all the features of the system.


  • 1 The principle of the GSM-alarm system
  • 2 The scope of the application of the
  • 3 security system components for home and garden
  • 4 Self-assembly of the system
    • 4.1 Video: alarm with a motion sensor
    • 4.2 System with a time for the driver / 17Disadvantages of a self-made system
    • 6 Reviews
    • 7 specialists Project for self-made devices: yes or no?
    • 8 Laser signaling
      • 8.1 Choosing the scheme
      • 8.2 Creating the system
      • 8.3 Pros and cons
      • 8.4 Video: mounting the laser alarm system

The principle of operation of the GSM-alarm system

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8.4 signal. The elements of the complex are installed at the facility, and the control and reception of signals is carried out using a landline or mobile phone located at the owner. This way you can receive alarm notifications about unauthorized people entering a guarded object. The system is managed according to the same principle, but for this you need to send the necessary signal from the phone. As a result, the site can activate the fire extinguishing systems, manage electronic locks and other elements.
The appearance of the GSM alarm system can be anything, but there are always several

devices. Application area of ​​the security system

Security systems operating over the GSM network are diverse and are widely used in private homes, garages, cottages. Effective use of alarm systems for cars, but this system is significantly different from the complex for real estate. Small remote warehouses, production facilities or other structures can be easily equipped with similar devices. Functional alarm allows you to respond in a timely manner to fire or damage to property, to prevent other unpleasant actions of intruders.

Devices, depending on the model, perform the following functions:

  • ensuring the fire safety of the cottage, garage or other object;
  • monitoring the availability of electricity in the network;
  • leak monitoring and shut-off of water valves;
  • gas pipeline leakage control and system shutdown;
  • activation of the siren, as well as heating or watering on the site;
  • listening room;
  • room temperature control.

Various sensors can be included in the device complex, for example, to monitor the integrity of window panes or smoke detectors. This allows you to vary the functionality of the security system. Therefore, the GSM complex is optimal not only for a summer house, a garage or a private house, but also used for greenhouses, private objects under construction and other structures.

Components of the device for home and garden

A simple version of the alarm does not imply the presence of complex devices that allows you to create a security system yourself. It is necessary to understand the principle of the whole complex. As a result, you can do your own hands to create an effective GSM alarm system for the garden or garage. It is so easy to avoid the cost of purchasing expensive equipment.

For signaling the following components will be needed:

  • simple push-button mobile phone in working condition;
  • ready sensor or reed switch + magnet;
  • switch;
  • installation wire;
  • soldering iron and solder;
  • sim card.
Assembling with your own hands an alarm simply

Assembling a system with your hands

The security system complex assumes the presence of a control unit with outputs for sensors and sirens. Emergence of emergency situations triggers commands that are pre-programmed. For example, in case of violation of the integrity of window glass in a house, the system is able to send an SMS message to the owner. Listening to everything that happens in the house is also possible when calling a unit located in a guarded house.

First you need to determine what type of sensors are needed on the object. Devices are needed that determine damage to window glass, as well as sensitive to smoke and high air temperature. On the front door also install special motion sensors. After determining the types of devices is selected their location.

Simple placement of sensors does not cause difficulties

The work package includes the following steps:

  1. On the button phone, you need to define a hot key and set up speed dialing when an emergency occurs. Further the call and vibration of the device are disconnected. The phone can be connected to the charger or left on the battery, but with a long-term preservation of health. The scheme of such a system is very simple;
    Minimum details are necessary for signaling
  2. From the phone you need to remove the top panel and solder to the selected button of the speed dial wire reed sensor. Next, the magnet and the sensor are attached to the door. Due to this, the scheme of work is simple: when the door is opened, a signal is sent from the reed switch to the button, and the phone makes a call at the specified number;
    The sensor has a simple design.
  3. According to the scheme, all the details are fixed, and the phone should work properly for a long time. If necessary, the device should be connected to the charger.

Video: alarm with motion sensor

A simple system with a minimum of detail is convenient, but an alarm that reacts to movements is more effective. The system is easy to create with your own hands, and video recommendations allow you to master the process of work.

System with a time relay

GSM alarm circuits with a time relay are different, but simple options are easy to create with your own hands. In this case, the relay is necessary for the sound of the siren, and the design may contain both two and one such element. In the first case, one relay activates an audible warning, and the other element turns it off after a set time period has elapsed. The item has two groups of contacts. If there is one relay, the disconnection is carried out manually, that is, the alarm off button.

Video instruction on creating a time relay

GSM alarm system, equipped with a time relay, is functional and convenient. To master the rules and the principle of the relay allows the video, which presents the features of installation.

Disadvantages of a self-made system

Simple assembly, cost-effective, easy operation and the possibility of increasing functionality are the advantages of a self-made alarm system for the garden, garage or private house. The system is not without flaws, which are expressed in the following:

  • easy alarm blocking by unauthorized persons;
  • malfunctions occur quite often;
  • large set of functions requires proper installation of each element;
  • complex system requires careful planning.

Reviews of

experts Opinions of experts about the effectiveness of home-made devices are different. Important is the location of the object, as well as the type of system. The presence of a siren often makes the alarm method of scaring intruders, but before creating the system should be taken into account and reviews of experts. Comments on the effectiveness of home-made devices are few, but contain some key points.

When installing an alarm in an apartment with pets, it is worth considering the feedback from experts:

Motion sensors can be adjusted to a specific reaction height. If your cat, effortlessly does not jump to a height of 2 meters, and the attacker does not climb in cresting way( you can't even open the closet in such a pose!), Then the alarm system is quite justified. The main thing is that the installation should be carried out by specialists who understand the subject well.

Andrey Kotousov

https: //otvet.mail.ru/question/ 82855068

Motion sensors only allow the setting to be triggered if an object of more than certain sizes is moved in the room. You can adjust it so that when you move an object less than 10 kilograms there will be no drawdowns. My relatives have an alarm system in the apartment, including motion sensors. They have 2 cats that walk throughout the apartment, while there were only 2 false positives, and both times when the cats knocked over massive objects( once their 4-storey house), the 2nd carpet rolled up in the corner. So the main thing is to set it up correctly. ..

Mikhail Karpov

https: //otvet.mail.ru/question/ 82855068

A project for self-made devices: yes or no?

There is no need to create a project when installing a homemade GSM alarm system. This is due to the fact that the system includes a minimum number of elements that are easily connected and interact with each other. It should determine the location of the main unit, as well as the location of all sensors. Schematic image of the entire system allows you to quickly make an alarm with your own hands.

Laser Alarm System

A homemade laser alarm system is an effective security system that is easy to manage. It uses more complex components than for GSM signaling. For example, a laser source, resistors and other elements are needed. The principle of operation of such a security system is that when the laser beam is interrupted, the voltage at one of the terminals falls below the reference voltage at the other terminal. In this case, at the output of the first operational amplifier, the degree of voltage increases, and the resulting pulse can be used to turn on a siren, a searchlight, and other devices.

When the beam is interrupted, the

alert signal is activated. Choosing the

scheme An alarm system that is based on the laser beam is created according to the scheme. There are many options of varying difficulty. The choice depends on the skills in the field of electronics. For example, an effective system with a timer is quite simple and is actively used to protect private objects.

Pre-worth learning the designations on electronic circuits

Creating an

system To mount a laser alarm system with your own hands, you need to prepare a BT169 thyristor, a laser, an LED bulb, a capacitor, 47k resistors, a photoresistor or LDR.Installation includes the following work steps:

  1. Thyristor connects to breadboard. At the same time, the cathode is located on the left, and the anode is on the right, the control electrode is located in the middle. According to the scheme, plus does not go directly to the thyristor, but is conducted through the element that should be included. Next you need to place a plus next to the thyristor, and then the plus through the LED is fed to the anode;
    Plus is located near the thyristor
  2. The cathode is immediately connected to the minus and placed on the left. The left leg of the thyristor is also connected to the left. The capacitor and photoresistor are placed on the left, namely the capacitor on the minus and on line 45 on breadboard. After that the photoresistor is also connected;
    The capacitor is located on the left
  3. On line 45, a resistor is connected to the plus side. Further, these three elements must be applied to the thyristor control electrode. To do this, one contact of the wire is connected to line 45, and the second is conducted to the central contact of the thyristor. After that, the laser is tested by switching on and pointing to the photoresistor. When power is applied to the breadboard, the LED does not light up, and when placing the noise the light is on.
    The light is on when there is interference.

Pros and cons

Laser signaling has such advantages as efficiency, long range, reliability and prompt response to emergency situations. To create a system of their own hands need simple elements that are easy to purchase. The source of the laser beam is a conventional pointer, which gives a beam of red or another color. The finished device makes the assembly process simple.

Conventional laser is used to create the

system. Signaling has such disadvantages as the complexity of the assembly circuit, which requires knowledge and skills in the field of electronics. Additional elements in the form of a timer or other devices, it is important to properly mount and connect to the system.

Video: installation of a laser alarm system

Detailed video instructions allow you to master all the features of self-assembly. In this case, the alarm will be economical, high quality and effective in use.

The GSM security system or laser complex allows you to ensure the safety of property and the safety of the object. To give or garage it is easy to create a system with your own hands, but it is important to follow the rules of installation and use quality components.

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