How to connect the speakers to the TV, depending on their type

Suppose you decide to improve the sound of your TV in order to get maximum pleasure from watching movies. In this case, the samba itself will have a problem, how to connect speakers to the TV, because without them you can’t change the sound quality.

The problem with modern flat-panel TVs is that there is no room for good speakers. The processor processes the audio signal rather qualitatively, but the tool to bring the sound to the viewer should be improved. Therefore, stereos, speakers and ordinary speakers are connected to the TV.In the case of limited finance, you can even connect headphones, and single-handedly enjoy high-quality sound. But it is quite simple to connect headphones if there is an appropriate jack for them.

Before all work, do not forget to disconnect your electrical equipment from the network. Turn it on after everything is connected, and initially set the sound to minimum. This is especially true for powerful audio systems and amplifiers.


  • 1 Connecting Active Speakers
  • 2 Connecting Passive Speakers
  • 3 Connecting through a tape recorder or radio
  • 4 Outputting to the

Compact Speaker System Connecting Active Speakers

There is an integrated amplifier in the active speakers. They feed on the network. They can be connected directly without using any complicated additional devices. Often active are computer speakers.

If you look at the back of your TV, you will see a lot of sockets there. Each of them is signed. Paying attention to the labeling, you can easily determine for what purpose the nest is provided. So standard white and red audio outputs have Audio-R and Audio-L labels. If you have any doubts, you need to look into the instructions.

The speakers from the computer are connected through 3.5 mm round jacks, which is called TRS( another common name is mini jack “mini jack”).They are easily identified by the earphone icon. The TV must have the same jack as the computer in order to connect it to the speaker system.

On large TVs, instead of a small TRS, there is a "tulip" connector. To connect computer speakers to it, you must use an adapter.

Connection of passive speaker systems

The passive speaker system does not have a power amplifier, so it is connected to an amplifier, which in turn is connected to a TV.Connection is via cables.

  • It is believed that the amplifier power should be at least 30% of the speaker power. Wires choose with a cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 1 square.see, and the thicker - the better.
  • The speaker impedance must be equal to the nominal output impedance of the amplifier.
  • Be sure to observe the polarity, connecting the left channel with the left column, and the right with the right column. If you break this rule, the sound will be much worse.

If your stereo system consists of several passive speakers, you can connect it via an AV receiver using a cable. You can use speakers of almost any power and get the highest-quality surround sound. Music lovers pick up the equipment at the hearing, but do not forget about the main characteristics of the equipment. Modern models have HDMI connectors. If you use it, you will get the best result, because a high-quality digital signal is transmitted through it.

Connection via a tape recorder or a radio tape recorder

Those who want to transfer the sound to the speakers of the music center, you must use a connecting cable.

  • We connect the TV cable with a tape recorder.
  • The tape recorder is connected to the speakers.

In the same way, you can connect the speakers to the TV via a radio tape recorder, which will serve as an amplifier.

Connection takes place through the sockets "tulip" and "mini jack".Use adapters if necessary. Since we output the audio signal from the TV, the cable on it must be plugged into the output jack. Below it is the OUT label. At the same time on the tape recorder it must be connected to the input jack. Look at the instructions for your electrical devices, and you will understand where a connector is located.

Output to a compact stereo

Here the sound will be better than on a tape recorder, but slightly worse than on a composite stereo system. In general, this is an average option, also very popular. The cable can be connected to the SCART connector using the SCART-RSA( tulip) or SCART-TRS( mini-jack) adapter.

When viewing analogue channels, the sound cannot be improved. It can only be made louder, but all errors will remain.

Improve the sound of your TV by connecting additional devices to it. This is quite an exciting and addictive process. As soon as you begin to understand the wires and connectors, it remains only to choose the optimal sound that will suit you completely.

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