How to independently change the matrix on the TV

Table of Contents:
  • LCD Matrix Principle
  • Matrix Malfunctions
  • Disassembling a TV with
  • chassis front system Dismantling a rear disassembling matrix

The LCD TV has replaced the CRT - a kinescope relatively recently. Functional, with low energy consumption, as well as those without harmful exposure, such LED and LCD arrays have become popular among electronic devices and have almost replaced outdated devices that use CRT.However, new items also break. Various malfunctions of televisions are not uncommon, including LCD matrix breakdowns. In connection with what their replacement or timely repair is required. Replacement or repair of the LCD matrix can be made by hand.

The principle of operation of the LCD matrix

LCD matrix is ​​called the working surface of glass with several million pixels, they change the color, as well as the brightness of its glow due to the influence of external control signals. Matrix pixels form the image that we see.

In order to manage some of the pixels used chips. Chips are called drivers that control signals that send a specific signal for each pixel. Typically, control drivers are located on flexible cables soldered to the very base of the matrix glass. This cable cannot be separated from the glass, it is also impossible to replace one cable. In addition, it contains the details of the power drivers, as well as decoder chips.

Matrix malfunctions

Matrix breakdowns can be divided conditionally into the following groups:

  • Mechanical disturbances( bends of matrices, water penetration, impact).
  • Breakage of microcircuits and other parts( resistor, diodes, capacitor, inductance), ensuring the continued operation of these microcircuits that form the image. They are on a flexible non-removable cable.
  • Violation of the fixed cable
  • "Burnout" of pixels that have ceased to be workable without mechanical justification.
  • The backlight of the

does not work The malfunctions of the matrix described above lead to their replacement, because the repair will be too expensive or simply impossible. Replacement in this case is a priority option. For example, the backlight inverter on fluorescent lamps is often located on the power supply board, while the lamps are also easy to replace. It is more difficult to malfunction in LED lights, usually the manufacturer does control it on flexible, non-wrinkleable cables. However, here you can try to make repairs with their own hands.

Disassembling a TV with an

chassis front system The principle of matrix replacement depends on the TV model, manufacturer, and matrix size. However, there are general rules. There are two popular types of fastening of the case - these are screw connections and on plastic latches.

The front cladding panel must be pressed and the latches removed. Then you will see the matrix, screwed to the main body of the TV with metal screws or screws. It is necessary to unscrew each mount and separate it. Be careful - maybe the screws are duplicated with snaps. You will also need to dismantle the bolts on the back of the TV, they fasten the case with a metal screen that provides protection against power supply faults and the control board.

When everything is done as it should, the matrix with all the electronics should be separated from the case. In order to prevent chips and scratches, it is recommended to place the element on a soft cloth, for this the flannel is perfect. Next, disconnect the panel from the connecting cable, be extremely careful. In some situations, for additional fastening, as well as protection against shear of the plume, the manufacturer sticks adhesive tape strips to the connection.

Carefully remove it, lift the clip - the dog located on the connector; for this you can take small tweezers. In order not to damage the narrow paths, it is necessary to try to get the train without swinging it in different directions. Then you need to remove from the matrix panel stiffness. For this purpose, we unscrew the screws from the ends, for various manufacturers they may be in the amount of 2 to 12 pieces on one side.

Dismantling the matrix with rear disassembly

This repair has a similar procedure, except that there is no front facing television frame, but this is partly due to the fact that there are quite a few models, therefore there are certain technological details. In the future, the analysis of the control board, as well as the basis of the rigidity of the matrices is identical. Installation of the matrix is ​​performed in the reverse order.

When performing these operations, you can make a hint. If you decide to replace the matrix with your own hands for the first time, then it is recommended to record the actions with the help of a camera. On this, in principle, everything. Remember and follow the safety precautions, as well as carefully carry out each step in the repair or replacement of matrices of a plasma or liquid crystal television.

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