9 tips for choosing a kitchen sink made of artificial stone


  1. №1.Production technology and composition
  2. №2.Sink made of artificial stone: the pros and cons
  3. №3.Colors and surface types
  4. №4.The shape and size of the sink made of artificial stone
  5. №5.The number of bowls
  6. №6.Mixer and accessories for washing of artificial stone
  7. №7.The best manufacturers of sinks made of artificial stone
  8. №8.Features of care
  9. №9.Artificial stone or stainless steel - which wash is better?
  10. In conclusion,

until recently stainless steel was considered to be the standard material for kitchen sinks, until artificial stone counterparts became widely popular. Stone sinks look much more noble and smart, well absorb sounds, durable, hygienic and offer the widest variety of colors and shapes. These products have some disadvantages. Should I take a stone sink, or give preference to stainless steel? If you take, which kitchen sink made of artificial stone is better to choose? Let's try to deal with all of this and dot the i's.

№1.The production technology and composition of the

Looking ahead, we note that the high-quality washing made of artificial stone is indistinguishable from the natural analogue of the , and at the same time it costs less, having often improved performance. Sinks from a natural stone are made by "cutting down" from a whole piece of rock products of the required shape and size. Sometimes interconnected several plates. Such rocks as onyx, marble, granite, travertine are used. The production technology of the artificial analogue is completely different.

Natural stone chips( ideally 80%), binders( usually acrylic resins, about 20%) and dyes for obtaining the desired shade are part of artificial stone sinks( composite sinks).Production is carried out by vibratory casting, so the result is a solid solid product, which can be of any desired shape and size.

The features of the production technology and the components used by different manufacturers differ, and each company keeps its “recipe” secret, giving beautiful names to the developed material. The main operational qualities depend on what stone crumb was used in production. There are few options:

  • granite is the most preferred option. The more granite chips in the composition, the more solid and durable will be washing. The best showings are 80% made of granite chips. Such products, by the way, are even more durable than natural stone. Keep in mind that the composition of granite, along with other minerals includes quartz, so many manufacturers in the description of the technology operate on the name of these two substances;
  • products from marble chips are often called sinks made of cast marble, they are inferior in strength to their counterparts, and if there are polyester resins in the composition, then it is better to refuse to buy such a product - it is too whimsical to care for, sensitive to temperature changes, impacts, andmay change color over time. But there are such sinks cheaper than granite.

The surface of the product is covered with a special compound, gelcoat .It gives additional strength, makes the surface more smooth and devoid of pores, allows you to maintain the original appearance of the sink for a long time. Products made of artificial stone in many ways surpass natural analogues, if, of course, the manufacturer follows the technology.

We should also note the washing of the so-called. Acrylic Stone .It consists of acrylic resins, aluminum hydroxide, polymethyl methacrylate, mineral particles and dyes. Part of the mineral particles is smaller than in traditional composite washes. The product is obtained by pouring into the form, so it can have any configuration.

Acrylic stone washer is inexpensive, but has a lot of flaws. The most significant is the sensitivity to high temperatures( hot pans and pots from the stove will have to be put on special stands) and susceptibility to the formation of scratches. To make the product look presentable longer, stop at the options of dark shades with a large pattern, but rather take a sink from the composite - there are fewer problems with it.

№2.Sink made of artificial stone: the pros and cons of

Sink made of artificial stone is a serious competitor for stainless steel products, and you will understand why, after reading the list of main advantages:

  • high strength .By this parameter, the artificial stone surpasses the natural analog and even concrete, so let the unintentional drop of a fork, knife or iron utensils not scare you - there will be nothing to wash. Deformations, bends and cracks from mechanical loads on the product will not occur, however, scratches may appear on glossy surfaces if improperly used;
  • resistance to low and high temperatures .The material retains properties in the range from -30 to + 180. .. 2800C, and a sharp temperature difference will not cause cracks;
  • hygiene .The surface of the sink made of artificial stone is devoid of pores, so there is nowhere to accumulate dirt. No dirt - no harmful bacteria, slippery patina and unpleasant odor;
  • resistance to chemically aggressive substances and ease of care .To clean the surface, you can use any means, and the care itself will be easy, since the dirt does not linger on a smooth surface. Studies show that composite washes are not afraid of exposure to hydrochloric and phosphoric acid, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and iodine solution, and only acetone and nitric acid of high concentration can leave traces on the surface;
  • durability .Most manufacturers give for a sink of artificial stone a guarantee of 1-2 years. There are companies that provide a warranty of 5 years. The minimum shelf life of the product is 10 years, and if the operation is correct, then the wash will serve many times more. During the entire period of use, the product retains the original color;
  • sound absorption .Stainless steel sinks when dropping water drops on them emit a loud annoying sound, and even the fabrications of manufacturers with a layer of sound insulation under the sink do not save. With a stone product such problems will not arise - the water will fall silently;
  • maintainability. If scratches on the surface nevertheless occur, it is easy to get rid of them using ordinary polishing;
  • material does not conduct electric current , and this is important for ensuring security in a room where there is moisture and an abundance of household appliances;
  • a huge variety of colors and shapes, elegant appearance , pleasant to the touch surface. Sinks made of artificial stone imitate the appearance of many natural rocks, can be of almost any shade, and the paint does not wear out over time, as the dye is added to the mass. The type of surface, the size of the bowl and its shape also vary widely, so choosing the right sink is not difficult, and if the finished options are not suitable, then you can always create a product with an individual design. We recommend the service AmigoStone, which operates on the principle of an exchange: you just need to create an order and select the most advantageous offer from the performers who will make stone sinks and other products from natural and artificial stone according to your requirements.

It’s impossible to call artificial stone sinks ideal - they have some disadvantages :

  • price , which on average is two times higher than the cost of a similar stainless steel sink;
  • washing of the composite, although it weighs less than analogue of natural stone, is still enough heavy , and this leads to problems during transportation and installation;
  • is better not to put very hot objects on the surface of the sink, otherwise a white mark may remain. It is better to use special coasters. Products from large manufacturers can withstand temperatures up to + 2800С, so there will be no problems with them. With cheap products it’s generally better not to risk it - they are afraid of temperature differences. The temperature that the material can withstand is indicated in the passport of the product;
  • in the fall of very heavy objects, cracks or chipping may occur, but such cases are rare;
  • if something happens to the sink, which is combined with the table top, then you have to change the entire table top. Interestingly, such combined products are most often damaged.

The market is full of fakes for composite washing, there are also poor-quality products from unscrupulous manufacturers, so there remains the risk of buying a product that will cause only negative impressions. They, by the way, are replete with the Internet. Acquire products from trusted manufacturers, which we will discuss below.

№3.Colors and Surface Types

By introducing color pigments into the mass, you can get a wash of any shade, but usually manufacturers paint products in natural colors. The most popular sinks are white, black and beige colors .Some companies produce and brighter products pink, green, blue and other colors .In the manufacture of custom-made product in general can be of any shade.

Monochrome car washes are rare - usually they are covered with a specific pattern, which is designed to imitate the natural surface. Looks, really, naturally. As a rule, in the collections of manufacturers are presented 6-12 different colors. The choice, of course, is yours, but keep in mind that products with a pattern of stone or crumbs are easier to maintain , since small dirt on them is not visible. From this point of view, bright sinks with black speckles will be ideal, and dark ones with light patches.

Since natural stone often has a matte surface, its artificial counterpart usually receives the same type of surface. If you want something more interesting, then pay attention to products with a glossy and silky-matte surface, as well as products made in the technique of shagreen and antique. The structural surface of the sink will create the feeling that the bowl is cut from a block of stone.

№4.The shape and size of the sink made of artificial stone

The size of the kitchen sink is selected depending on the activity of its use and the area of ​​the kitchen, and the second factor, as a rule, is decisive. But it does not matter! Even for a tiny kitchen, you can pick up a roomy and comfortable sink.

comes in the form of a sink bowl:

  • The standard rectangular and square bowls are sufficiently spacious and easy to install;
  • round bowls look more interesting, but they fit less dishes or vegetables that need to be washed. It's simple: if a square sink with a side of 60 cm gives 36 dm2 of usable area, then a round sink with the same diameter is only 28 dm2.If you have a dishwasher, you can afford the temptation in the form of a non-standard form of washing. Round sinks perfectly fit into the interior in the style of Provence and classic, and square will complement the modern styles;The
  • corner bowl of a rounded or trapezoidal shape fits perfectly into the corner headsets and allows you to effectively use the space in the corner. Such shells are usually a bit more expensive;
  • washing fancy forms are made only to order. The main thing is not to overdo it, because washing is, first of all, a functional element.

As for , the size of the is 60 cm wide. If there is not enough space, you can find a more compact version 45-50 cm wide. Such washers are often made deeper to compensate for their reduced width. If the tabletop allows, then 80-120 cm of space can be allocated to the “wet” zone and use more than one bowl, but several at once.

№5.The number of bowls

In small kitchens fit only one bowl .It can be supplemented with a wing for drying dishes. If the lockers already have a dryer for dishes, there is no need for such a wing. Wing is not needed in cases where you have a dishwasher.

When space allows, it is appropriate to equip the sink with an additional bowl. With it, you can wash dishes and thaw meat at the same time or soak vegetables with greens. Everything is comfortable and hygienic. As a rule, bowls are made in different sizes, but you can install two identical ones. Someone goes further, and uses three bowls at once, but such a performance will be needed only for those who have a very large kitchen, and the culinary processes on it are going on actively. Double or triple bowl can be supplemented with a wing for pre-drying dishes and vegetables. It is better to take a faucet with a pull-out spout, but if the distance between the cups is small, then the usual one with a rotary structure will suffice.

№6.Mixer and accessories for washing of artificial stone

The mixer is matched to the wash, so that everything looks harmonious. Do not be alarmed if the sink and faucet from the same collection will differ slightly in color. Manufacturers allow a difference of 1-2 tones, blaming it on the nuances of technology. If the washing is done by casting and it turns out solid, then the coating is applied to the mixer by spraying. However, it is not necessary to take the mixer in tone - you can stop, for example, on the chrome version.

The hole for the mixer, as a rule, is already in the sink, but if you need to arrange an additional hole, you can simply use a diamond-coated drill - you will not have to look for a model with the required number of holes.

As for the other accessories, their set is no different from what is purchased for stainless steel washing. For example, the product can be equipped with a waste shredder. A specific attribute for washing from a composite is special metal mesh , which may be necessary if you purchased an inexpensive product and fear the consequences of its contact with sharp and hot items. In addition, this mesh will allow more convenient to wash vegetables and fruits. You can also purchase special stands made of cork that will protect the sink from the effects of hot objects.

№7.The best manufacturers of sinks made of artificial stone

Remember the saying about the fact that the miser pays twice? So, in the case of composite sinks, this rule works win-win. Anyone who wants to save money and buys an inexpensive product, after a few months of operation, faces a lot of problems and runs to the store again, but this time it buys the car wash more expensive, given the bitter experience. Learn from the mistakes of others! Trust only the products of large manufacturers, which represent a guarantee for their products and are responsible for their quality by their own reputation.

We recommend you choose the products of the following manufacturers:

  • Schock - German sinks, which are 85% made of granite( Kristalite material), are of the highest quality, are available in a decent range. There are products of different colors and shapes, with two bowls of various configurations. Separately, we note compact models, as well as washing bright colors. All products are manufactured in Germany, they are durable, durable, resistant to scratches and bacteria. The manufacturer has a lot of innovative solutions. Particularly noteworthy sinks with built-in lights;
  • Franke is a German manufacturer that manufactures a range of appliances and accessories for the kitchen. Sinks here are made of 80% granite and 20% of acrylic - the perfect formula. The patented material Fragranite perfectly copes with loads and long retains its original appearance. Sinks are made in 9 colors and a huge variety of shapes;
  • Longran is an international trademark that has been present on the domestic market since 1999.Sinks here are made from Lonstone composite, which consists of 80% granite and can withstand temperatures up to + 2800С.Products differ in stylish design, are made at factories in Italy, Turkey and India, have all necessary certificates;
  • Blanco is a German company that produces sinks made of Silgranit material. It is 80% granite, so it is not surprising that the washes can withstand temperatures up to + 2800С, resistant to scratches, dyes, sunlight and other influences. The design is also great;
  • Teka is a German company that makes washing out of Tegranit Plus. The material is 70-80% composed of granite chips, 19-24% are acrylic binders and 5% are pigments. Products are presented in 8 shades and a wide range of shapes and sizes; they perfectly withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress;
  • Poligran-M LLC is a domestic company that manufactures car washes under the trademarks Polygran and Tolero. With a sufficiently high quality and diverse assortment, the manufacturer offers competitive prices;
  • Grafest is another major domestic manufacturer that has been on the market for over 15 years. The assortment of the company is distinguished by the widest variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The manufacturer boasts its own design bureau and modern technical equipment;
  • can also recommend products from companies such as Benthor, Lemark, Omoikiri, lGranFest, Florentina and Smeg.

Fake on a well-known brand or just poor-quality products can be recognized by through poor packaging. Normal companies pack sinks in thick cardboard boxes with stiffeners that securely fix the product. On the packaging is the name of the manufacturer, sometimes holographic sticker. The fake will be packed in a flimsy box of thin cardboard with unmarked signs.

Another sign of low quality - problems with geometry, which is easy to check with ordinary roulette. A good sink will have a wall thickness of 9-12 mm, and its surface will be uniform. It is advisable to buy a car wash from authorized dealers, in large salons and shops.

№8.Peculiarities of

care If it is treated with respect to the product, it really can last for decades. It is easy to care for composite washing:

  • the main thing is to start following the product from the moment of installation;
  • each time after using the wall and the bottom of the bowl must be rinsed with water and preferably wipe dry;
  • once a week the product must be cleaned with detergent;
  • is too hot to put the dishes on the stand;
  • cheap sinks are afraid of temperature differences, so when you drain boiling water, turn on cold water.

№9.Artificial stone or stainless steel - which wash is better?

The main competitor of sinks made of artificial stone are stainless steel bowls. Definitely say which product is better is difficult. Stainless steel sinks are a couple of times cheaper, very durable and durable, not afraid of temperature changes and contact with hot objects. They are in perfect harmony with metal mixers, but do not differ in a wide choice in terms of colors. The stainless steel quickly becomes covered with small scratches( they can not be removed), it is clearly visible traces of droplets, and the noise when water falls, makes many nervous.

Sink made of artificial stone bypasses analogue of stainless steel on the number of available colors and the ability to absorb sounds. But it costs more and weighs more, and on cheap products there may be traces of contact with hot objects.

In conclusion,

When buying, carefully inspect the product, evaluate the quality of the surface and geometry. Also do not forget to ask about the warranty. After the purchase and installation do not be lazy to care for the sink in order to prolong its life.

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