How to lengthen the drain hose washing machine

When purchasing a new washing machine, you need to immediately think about the place of its installation. In addition to leveling the base, it is necessary to ensure the proper discharge and normal distance to the communications so that during the operation of the device there is no inconvenience. However, sometimes there are abnormal situations - for example, the need to lengthen the drain hose of the washing machine.

Configya drain hose arises when it is necessary to stretch it to the sewage

, depending on which room the washing machine is in( in the kitchen or in the bathroom)Nate), is not always possible to provide for it the necessary distance to the sewer. At the same time, it turns out that the length of the factory drain hose( its standard size is 1.5 m) is not enough, and care must be taken to extend it.

What is needed for the procedure

Parts required for the extension of the drain hose

To lengthen the hose, you must purchase the following parts and materials:

  • A piece of rubber hose;
  • The connector is a small tube made of plastic. It can be replaced with a thin rubber tube, on the edges of which you can put on the components of a new drain hose;
  • Clamps - 2 pieces.
Measure seven times

With all the responsibility, go to the choice of the missing piece of the new hose. Make sure that its length is enough. To do this, use the tape measure to measure the distance from the household appliance to the sewage system. Keep in mind that the hose will not be in a strained position, especially when water flows through it. That is why take the length with a margin.

In stores today you can buy hoses from 1 to 5 m long and even modular models. Due to the presence of small modules( up to 50 cm), they make it possible to get the size that you need. Experts advise not to make the hose over 3.5 m, since the drain pump will work for wear, spending much more energy to pump water over a substantial distance.

In this case, the diameter of the hose at the two ends may be the same or different. Most often it is 19 mm on one side, and 22 mm on the other. The wide end is attached to the connector, narrow - to the washing machine or put into the sewer.

As for the clamps, their size should be 16x27 mm. This indicator affects only the diameter of the drain hose. In accordance with this, the necessary connector is acquired for it, the ends of which may have differences in size, for example, 19x22 mm, or be equal - 22x22 mm.

Step-by-step description of the process

The sequence for extending the drain hose for the washer is as follows:

1. Put the new hose onto the hose and the old one coming from the household appliance.

Installing the clamps

2. Scroll the connector in your hand and insert it into the hose attached to the typewriter.

3. Attach the purchase hose to the other end of the connector.

4. Using a screwdriver, tighten the clamps, making sure that they do not break.

Tightening the clamps

When all the work is done, run the washer by selecting the shortest program on it and make sure that there are no leaks at the junction.

Are there any nuances depending on the model of the washing machine

If you want to lengthen the drain tube in the machine and at the same time perform the replacement of its native hose, you need to know some of the design features of your home appliance. In all washing machines, the hose is connected directly to the drain pump. Depending on the model of the washing machine, getting to this element will be quite simple or even beyond the power of home.

In most Samsung models, it is possible to reach the drain only through the bottom of the

. So, in Samsung, Ardo, Ariston, LG, Indesit machines, you can only get to the drain through the bottom. To do this, you have to tilt it strongly or completely turn it over, unscrew the bottom cover and the drain filter. After that, the connecting clamp is unscrewed, which makes it possible to disconnect the tube. In its place, a new element is installed and all components are assembled.

Electrolux and Zanussi devices are equipped in such a way that they can only get to the drain hose through the back wall of the machine. Remove it immediately fail. First of all, unscrew the top cover, which is attached to the body with two screws. Unscrewing the two bolts( with the help of them holding the back of the machine), remove the cover. Loosening the clamps, remove the drain hose and replace it.

Getting to the drain in Siemens washers is not an easy task.

Washing machines from the manufacturers Siemens, AEG, Bosch have a much more complicated design, so it’s not easy to get to the hose. It is located behind the front cover, which can not be removed without first disconnecting the other components of the device. So, the first thing removed powder dispenser. After that, loosen the collar that holds the cuff, and remove it. Unscrew the bolts that fix the front of the machine. By slightly lifting and pulling the wall towards you, you will be able to remove it and get free access to the drain hose.

If you have a device with a vertical load in your home, the side cover is removed previously( for this you unscrew the bolts).Loosening the clamp, you can disconnect the drain hose and replace it.

Video: How to lengthen the drain hose of the washing machine

The process of lengthening the drain hose does not require much experience and skill. All work can be done independently without the help of a wizard. The main thing - after replacing all components to check the connections, to avoid the presence of water leaks and the emergence of even greater problems in the operation of the device.

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