The organization of conducting in the frame house

The frame residential house is a structure based on special panels. To preserve the properties of the material and the integrity of the coating it is important to properly arrange the wiring in the frame house.

Contactsfrom the panel

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    • 5.1 .Therefore, during the construction of a frame building or other residential construction an agreement is concluded between the grid company and the owner of the house. Pre-determined the presence and location of the power grid with a voltage of 220 or 380 volts. Such networks are distinguished by the fact that on the posts there are four wires or a complex of cables rolled into a bundle. In the absence of such a voltage is determined by the location of the source with a voltage of 6 - 10 kW, which has three wires.
      When connecting to the network, certain rules apply

      After choosing a power network, you need to sign a contract, and for this you will need a package of documents. Formal issues are resolved quite simply, but the technical side of the matter requires special attention. Next is the determination of the location of the branch wires running in the direction of the frame house. Most often, such is the nearest support of overhead lines. At the same time the cable can be laid under the ground or stretched along poles. When implementing a single-phase connection or other options, there are many technical issues. Therefore, it is difficult to organize such a process independently and with the help of professionals it allows you to create a secure network in a frame house.

      Compliance with the rules - a guarantee of safety

      In the case of air conduction, it is forbidden to run a cable through the walls of frame or wooden structures. In the underground method, special corrugations are used through which the wire is laid. In the places where elements pass through the foundation or walls of a building, metal pipes about 2 meters long are installed in the exit and entrance areas of the pipe. After all the work is completed, the empty space inside the corrugations should be filled with a light cement-containing mixture that can be easily punched. Often used tow, which is pre-mixed with a solution of cement.

      A popular option is to introduce a cable into the house through the foundation. The following rules apply:

      • Entrance and exit of the conductor from the ground should be protected by metal pipes 2 meters long;
      • If an armored cable was used for supplying electricity instead of a self-supporting wire, it is suspended using a cable;
      • To the wall of the house, the cable rising from the ground is strengthened with the help of overhead brackets;
      • In case of using a cable, it is connected to the wall with an eyebolt;
      • The cable to the house must have a deflection below the hole so that sediment water does not penetrate inside.

      In the gasket, do not strain the cable. Its free arrangement provides effective operation of the power supply network. In this connection diagrams may be different.

      Careful organization of the connection ensures the safety of

      . When conducting the power grid to a frame house, various methods are used. The final stage of any process is the installation of a device for the distribution of electricity throughout the house. Professional conduct of all work allows you to take into account all the important points and ensure safety.

      Wiring options in the

      frame house. Wiring can be external or internal. To preserve the strength and aesthetics of the frame structure, the first option is often used, in which the wires are mounted inside the cable channels. This type of network is laid at the end of all construction and finishing works.

      Cable channels ensure the aesthetics of

      wiring. Advantages and disadvantages of

      Hidden or internal wiring is settled during the construction phase and installed inside walls. In this case, only sockets, switches, and all other parts are hidden inside the walls. The absence of the possibility of organizing an additional connection is a disadvantage of this option for a frame house. As well as a negative feature of the internal wiring is the inability to periodically assess the status of the network, the complexity in the design of insurance. At the same time, the financial and time costs for the arrangement are very high.

      A more practical and safe type of wiring for a frame house is an outdoor electrical system. If necessary, you can easily create additional connections using a junction box. If a problem arises or to check the system, it is easy to open the cable channel and troubleshoot by first turning off the power supply.

      The development of the project of electrical wiring

      The organization of the electrical network from the main system to the house or in all rooms of the frame building requires careful preparation. In the absence of the necessary knowledge in the field of the electrical system, it is best to entrust the work to professional craftsmen. In any case, it is necessary to develop a project that clearly reflects all the features of the system.

      Design requires increased attention.

      Design involves calculating the load, determining the number and type of materials needed, the location of sockets and switches in the house, as well as other important points. This takes into account the established rules and regulations. For example, the height of the sockets and switches for different rooms in a frame house. Compliance with standards allows you to ensure the safety, reliability and efficient operation of the electrical system.

      Materials and tools for making their own hands

      When carrying out internal work on the creation of external wiring using only quality materials. It’s quite easy to lay a cable through all the rooms in the house with your own hands, but for complex work with the system professional help is required. Special attention is required for calculating the amount of materials and determining the type of wire. Metric area is calculated using roulette throughout the network in all rooms in the frame house. In this case, it is best to add a few meters to the stock. Additional insulation should be equal to the length of the entire cable.

      Basic materials for wiring in a frame house:

      • electric cable having a cross section of 14 mm;
      • distribution boxes, the number of which is calculated from the calculation of at least one piece on the floor;
      • sockets and switches of the required level of functionality;
      • fasteners and adapters are purchased with a large margin.

      For your own hands you will need fairly simple tools. Hammer, drill, voltage indicator in the power supply network, screwdrivers of various types, flat-nose pliers, construction knife are the main devices. Tools must be of high quality, the knife must be sharp, and the electric drill must be reliable.

      Rules, regulations, load calculation

      Of particular importance in the arrangement of the system is the calculation of the load and its correct distribution. At least one distribution box should be located on each floor of a frame house. The less load on each such element, the safer the system will be. And also takes into account the height of the outlets and switches and their number for each room.

      Standard parameters should be taken into account when installing the

      When randomly placing switches and sockets, it is best to take into account the basic standards, since the rules are necessary for the safety of the electrical system. In the bathroom, in the kitchen and bathroom it is especially important to use sockets with protection from moisture. When connecting household appliances, stabilizers are used to prevent equipment from breaking during a short circuit.

      Standards should be considered for the safety of the electrical system.

      . Carrying the cable into the house and from the

      shield. The cable passes from the support pole by air or underground to the house. After connecting the cable, an input switchgear is installed - I LIE.The device receives and distributes electricity to the frame house. The panel includes the following devices:

      • electricity meter;
      • introductory bipolar circuit breaker;
      • protective circuit breaker for groups;
      • RCD device.

      Installation of the shield and all its elements is carried out by professional craftsmen. The power cable enters the frame house through a corrugation protected by a metal tube. Next is the wiring to all outlets, switches according to the project.

      Open wiring

      A simple electrical system version - open wiring is optimal for a frame house. The advantages of this method provide security, and the aesthetic appearance is easy to organize with the help of a cable channel in which the wire is hidden. Installation is easy to do with your own hands, using quality materials and tools. In the process of work, you should follow the layout of all elements, that is, sockets, switches, junction boxes. And you should also know the features of the elements used and the types of connections that the video tells about.

      . Application of cable channels and installation of boxes.

      . Installation of a system with cable channels and boxes involves pre-fixing one part of the cable channel according to the line layout of the wires. Self-tapping screws are used for this. At the same time the system can pass through the line of baseboards.

      A variety of elements allow you to hide the open wiring

      After fixing the wire is laid in the base. Mounted junction boxes. Next, sockets and switches are installed, and then the system is connected to the network. Adapters are actively used to connect wires. More details about all the features of the process tells the video.

      About wiring to video

      Often when installing electrical wiring corrugated pipe is used. Heat-resistant pipe material ensures safety in emergency situations. The installation process differs little from the method of using cable channels and ducts. At the same time the corrugated tube can be easily hidden inside the walls.

      The pipe is made of reliable material

      . To begin work with your own hands, it is necessary to determine the pipe fastening lines. Next, the element is fixed to the surface, the cable is conducted inwards to the junction box. In more detail the installation features are described in the video.

      How to make installation in a corrugated hose: video

      In the process of arranging electrical wiring with your own hands, difficulties may arise related to the individual construction of the walls, layout, and connection. Therefore, the help of a professional master is always necessary.

      Concealed wiring

      The organization of hidden wiring is carried out during the construction phase of a frame house. This is due to the fact that the cable must be hidden inside the walls. At the same time, there are only sockets and switches outside, which can also be built-in. An important feature of this method is the use of a corrugated protective tube or a metal “sleeve”.

      When arranging concealed wiring in a frame house, it is important not to create a lot of connections and carefully calculate the load. Copper podozetniki and the same wires that are durable and safe are used for sockets. Tubes for such wiring must have fire protection properties.

      A detailed description of the installation features hidden wiring presented in the video.

      How to make a hidden installation of wires: step-by-step instructions on video


      With any type of wiring, the cable is wired for switches, sockets and electrical appliances. All connections are made inside distribution boxes using adapters. The basic rules of this process are as follows:

      • when placing two or more wires in parallel, it is important to ensure the distance between them or isolate the elements with a tube;
      • neutral wires or grounding are attached to devices with bolted connections;
      • when organizing any wiring should avoid contact with the cable metal parts of structures.

      For the connection of especially powerful devices it is worth using a stabilizer. The procedure for connecting sockets and switches will be much simpler if the elements are divided into groups according to the rooms in the house.

      Video Recommendations

      The process of creating electrical wiring in a frame house requires consideration of the individual design features. There is no universal recommendation for a single procedure. Basic rules and regulations, quality materials and safety are the principles of arrangement of electrical wiring. Interesting recommendations can be found in the videos.

      Concealed wiring is arranged after laying insulation and waterproofing for walls and all surfaces. And also this type of wiring has features that the video will tell about.

      Arrangement of electrical wiring in a frame house of any size and design requires special attention. This is due to the fact that in such a residential space, the organization of a secure system that is effective in work is necessary. The basic rules of installation and placement of the elements of the electrical system allow you to create a durable and reliable power complex.

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