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Today you can buy a TV for every taste and budget. Technologies are rapidly developing and manufacturers of home electronics are trying to best comply with global trends. Trademarks seek to fill model lines in all price segments in order to reach a wider consumer audience.

A wide choice of prices, diagonals, matrix, resolution, functional content and other parameters make consumers really lose their heads. How not to spend money in vain and buy the best TV?What is the best TV brand in 2018?We will try to give answers to these and other questions in our article.

For each price category we made our own small rating. The best TV manufacturers have taken a decent position in it. These brands should be trusted in 2017–2018, in the opinion of buyers and after-sales service specialists.

Premium Class


Opens an overview of the high-end models of the manufacturer with more than half a century of history. This world renowned Japanese company will satisfy even the most picky and refined taste. New from Sony are famous for their attention to detail. In these television receivers everything is so thought out and honed that random spontaneous reboots and flaws in the work are almost impossible.

A variety of functions, including Smart TV, are thought out and stable. This company has a very wide range of offers - various functions, the choice of the operating system of the TV.Will be satisfied and fans of "Android" and those who prefer Opera TV.

The company has been producing TV equipment for many years, while constantly improving and developing. Japanese technology is considered to be the symbol and standard of the most advanced technologies. Excellent picture quality, gorgeous sound, the broadest functionality and smooth adjustments make Sony TVs almost inaccessible to competitors.

Only a rather high cost can be considered the only negative point. But, first, the quality can not be cheap, and secondly, Sony TVs have a minimum diagonal of 32 inches. And large specimens, as we know, are not cheap.


  • a huge selection of models;
  • stylish and ultra-modern design;
  • excellent build quality;
  • wide network of service centers;
  • picture and sound quality;
  • application of the most advanced technologies;
  • support for various operating systems;
  • application of high-performance OLED-displays;
  • realistic image.


  • will have to tinker with setting up a free “Smart TV”;
  • is a fairly high price - the fee for the brand.

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The company has been manufacturing TVs for so long that it was able to easily occupy all the popular niches. Smart models with OLED matrices and 4K resolution are famous all over the world.

Here you can find not too large 24-inch models, as well as real "monsters" that can turn your apartment into a real home theater. In the model lineup there are TVs with a curved screen that can make watching your favorite programs even more convenient and enjoyable.

In the premium segment you will find the most high-quality and functional models. The average price category will appreciate the decent build quality and high-tech OLED-matrices. LG TVs support a large number of free applications that make use even more enjoyable.

Positive qualities:

  • is one of the most convenient platforms for watching Smart TV;
  • widest viewing angles;
  • a wide range - from HD-Ready to Ultra HD( 4K);
  • almost all models have gesture and voice control, various timers, sensors and other “gadgets”;
  • use of passive 3D technology( no need for heavy glasses on batteries);
  • extensive network of service centers;
  • use the most convenient Magic Remote control panel.


  • sometimes receives complaints about webOS braking when viewing a “heavy” video from a browser.

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There is hardly a buyer who is not familiar with this brand. The company "Samsung" is one of the recognized leaders in the field of consumer electronics in general and televisions in particular. At the same time, Samsung TVs are available to almost all segments of the population, because among them there are both very expensive premium models and quite affordable “middling” ones.

Those who are able to afford a very expensive purchase should definitely pay attention to the modern models from Samsung with concave UHD screens. You can choose a device with a diagonal of 65-105 inches. It will contain all the popular functions for today. It is possible to say with absolute certainty that Samsung is the most popular brand among modern television receivers.

Positive aspects:

  • a huge selection of models with a straight or concave screen for every taste and financial opportunity;
  • own developments in the field of image enhancement technology;
  • "smart" video signal with a minimum of "braking" will delight gamers;
  • operating system Tizen and high quality Smart TV;
  • development and popularization of OLED technology;
  • stylish appearance and technological characteristics of television receivers;
  • voice control and innovative One Remote.


  • may seem unnaturally bright to some users;
  • there are complaints about the build quality of models assembled in Russia;
  • premium models cost a lot.

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Middle class

If you do not intend to spend a lot of money, you can choose models simpler and cheaper. Such TVs, in truth, are not much inferior to their more "titled" fellow in terms of functional content. At the same time, their cost is favorably different.


This Dutch( in the past) company is one of the few manufacturers of consumer electronics, with equal diligence relating to the production of both the premium line and less expensive models. Interestingly, the latest developments of this company can be found just in the average price range. This is due to the fact that companies are most focused on the mass consumer. Here you will find even quite affordable 3D TVs and innovative Ambilight lighting, a business card of Philips. Even low-cost models from this manufacturer have the maximum range of functions.

Some trading room managers claim that, more recently, Philips TVs are becoming even more popular than their more famous "brothers" - LG, Sony and Samsung. At the same time, Philips has several disadvantages. Among them is not enough “smart” Smart TV and weak software. And also it is not necessary to forget that today the brand belongs to TP Vision corporation, that is, the Dutch company has turned into a Chinese one.


  • great functionality for sane money;
  • nice minimalist design;
  • natural image colors, picture quality, smooth color and contrast adjustments;
  • Innovative Ambilight backlight design - independently changes the screen color parameters depending on what is currently being demonstrated;
  • "remote", equipped with a radio transmitter.


  • Hanging Smart TV;
  • complex and thoughtful setup menu and control system.


One of the most popular manufacturers from Japan. Each year, the company "Panasonic" meets the requirements of users in various segments of the market. To break out into the undisputed leaders of the company does not allow some of the "dampness" of development and not too thoughtful pricing policy. In this case, Panasonic has a lot of fans who appreciate the company for a decent quality, great sound and ease of management of TVs.

"Smart TV" works here on a fairly fast and convenient Firefox OS platform. Using it is easy and pleasant, the interface is so simple that even a child can figure it out.

If Panasonic had a slightly more varied model line and a higher representation on store shelves, it could certainly fight with the “residents” of the premium segment. In the meantime, it can be argued that Panasonic is a “strong middling”, which rightfully deserves its place in our review.


  • wide functionality;
  • availability of models with 3D technology, but only with a large diagonal;
  • support multiple formats;
  • is an unusual but very convenient Firefox OS and smart Smart TV;
  • modern design;
  • gorgeous sound;
  • European assembly models above 6 series.


  • there may be a mark-up for the brand, TVs are quite expensive;
  • for the cheapest models can suffer image quality;
  • to some users of the menu may seem confusing.


Televisions of this brand are quite conservative, but very reliable and time tested. Few models of this manufacturer can boast the presence of a wireless Internet or Smart TV.However, from this they do not become less in demand. Such flaws are more than offset by the low cost and excellent image quality, a decent level of contrast and brightness.

At first, the “zero” company moved away from mass production of television sets and sold the right to use the trademark to the Chinese - TCL.In general, if you need a reliable TV without special "bells and whistles", Thomson is perfect.


  • remarkable ratio of quality and cost;
  • minimalist design;
  • built-in digital tuner, even in very low-cost models;
  • if you wish, you can find a TV with the Internet and Smart TV;
  • even very inexpensive models have a rich set of functions: recording and stopping the program on the air, the timer and others;
  • excellent quality for sane money.


  • Smart TV can not be called very fast;
  • screen viewing angles are not large enough.


This manufacturer has taken a strong leading position in the average price range. Although he has a model and high-class. Akai's “middlings” can boast wide viewing angles, a pretty good Smart TV and lots of useful extras.

In addition, the TV from the Japanese manufacturer have decent speakers. Users mark this fact as a separate advantage. The design of the new Akai is stylish and modern, and the traditional screensaver in the form of a Japanese fan immediately reminds of the quality of the product and is considered a kind of business card of the company. By the way, it was Akai that released the world's first on-screen TVs and a remote control. So traditions are cherished here.


  • user-friendly menu with multiple settings;
  • rich color palette;
  • high response level;
  • support most popular formats;
  • very affordable price.


  • in some cases, the build quality may suffer.

Economy class

You should not wait for outstanding functional content from budget equipment. As a rule, such TVs are quite compact and can not "boast" the presence of any special properties. However, among them it is also possible to distinguish several brands that produce very decent TVs.


This is one of the most popular brands that produce low-cost TVs. Moreover, the model range is so diverse that every buyer will be able to choose exactly what he likes. Some will be pleased with the low price and huge diagonal, others the presence of 2 independent TV tuners and the possibility of access to wireless Internet. The third will enjoy sound quality and a full Full HD screen.

In this case, the Supra TVs are compatible with most modern devices and support an overwhelming number of popular formats. Those who do not expect anything supernatural from Supra are fully satisfied with the acquisition. Those who want to get everything at once and for nothing often complain about the small amount of memory and the “stunted” Smart TV on Android.


  • very affordable price;
  • decent sound and image quality;
  • presence of a built-in digital tuner and USB media player in all devices;
  • a wide range of models with or without “bells and whistles”.


  • poor analog broadcast quality;
  • Slow and Hanging Smart.


This company entered the market just a few years ago, however, it is rapidly gaining momentum, leaving far behind the “older comrades”.Televisions of this brand are distinguished by high clarity and brightness of the picture, vivid color rendition.

The model range is not very wide yet, but the set of functions found in TV sets is quite decent. You can find Harper TVs on sale that can record broadcasts on a flash drive, pause the broadcast and much more. All these functions are rarely found in low-cost models. The Harpers have them.


  • is a young, dynamic company;
  • uses only LED technology;
  • very simple menu and clear control panel;
  • is the ideal low-cost solution for older people or for those who do not need newfangled features.


  • no support for "Smart TV";
  • not a very diverse selection of models.


Another progressively growing company that produces mostly small budget TVs. If you need an option for a small room, for example, a kitchen or you want to buy a TV to the cottage, Fusion is fine. If you want for a little money to get a decent image quality, it is better to pay attention to models with a diagonal of more than 22 inches. It provides a full Full HD-quality and good viewing angles. For the rest, the TV honestly works out the money spent on it, but one should not expect any wonderful qualities from it.


As you can see, it will be quite difficult to unequivocally answer the question which brand of televisions is the best. The choice is very large. It all depends on what exactly you would like to receive and how expensive you can pay. Of course, there are still quite good brands on the market: BBK, Toshiba, Sharp and others. They also have a considerable number of loyal fans.

We hope that our TOP-top TV manufacturers will help you make the right choice. And remember, even a very famous name is not always an indicator of perfect quality. All parameters are best assessed in the complex. This will be the key to choosing the best TV in 2018.

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