Doors with ekoshpon finish: pros and cons


  1. What is an
  • eco-door door? Why don't eco-door doors fade under the bright sun?
  • “Eco” means safer than natural veneer?
  • Ekoshpon buy, if you need cheap, but at the level of the array
  • Pros and cons - what will win?
  • how to select a window of the ekkonderskihTypes of installation and the necessary hardware
    • Convenient to live can not be forbidden. .. why people do not want to abandon the good old swing doors?
    • Sliding Constructions
  • Can I install the door from an ekoshpon into the bathroom?
  • Eco-sheeting or laminated - from which material is better?
  • Doors of ekoshpon or PVC: what to buy?
  • Ekoshpon and PP( polypropylene) - the same, or not?
  • Doors of ecointerpieces or veneered: competitors or not?
  • Conclusion
  • What does a person not use in pursuit of fame? Take, for example, the usual door - an element of the interior with a simple and understandable function - so many, but not all, think, and certainly not those who created the door costing $ 34,000, not those who believe that a safe door should weighnot less than 44 tons, and also not those who, for safety's sake, are ready to wait 45 minutes until all the mechanisms on the canvas open and it opens.

    Yes, that only people will not think up to stand out. As for the typical man in the street - we choose the best in terms of convenience, safety and beauty. Considering that each of us has different judgments about the beautiful, as well as different opportunities, and the doors in our apartments are not the same. Give one naturalness, exoticism and an array, the other - the same beauty, but for less money, and, as an option, interior doors from ekoshpon.

    The material belongs to the group of polypropylenes, has its advantages, is not without drawbacks, but remains one of the most common in the production of doors. One of the drawbacks of the eco-range is in the name. Many people know what a veneer is, but the term with the prefix "eco" some hear for the first time. We decided to fill the gap in knowledge and offer to understand together with the consultants of the interior doors store “To the House”, what is eco-veneer, what are its advantages, how does it differ from the more usual PVC and should we compare it with natural veneer?

    What is an

    eco-door door? An eco-list is on the agenda. First, let's imagine what the models look like in a section. This design is obtained multi-layer, where:

    • Basis - solid pine or glued timber of high strength;
    • Upholstery - MDF panels;
    • Decorative trim - eco bow.

    Practically all doors with ekoshpon covering are tsargovye designs.4 tsarg( 2 horizontal and 2 vertical) form a solid frame, which is filled with inserts made of MDF or glass, depending on the design of the model.

    Why do the doors from the ekoshpon not fade under the bright sun?

    Finished material in finished form is a film, the same as PVC or other rolled analogs. Why, then, in the title is the word "veneer"?

    The fact is that wood is used as a raw material, or rather, the most “waste waste” left over from wood processing. They are mixed, and after several times, layer by layer, they are pressed. The result is a thin film with a raised surface.

    Yes, with regard to color - the material is painted not in a brush over the surface, but in bulk. Before the substance is sent under the press, it is thoroughly mixed with the addition of dye. Then an adhesive polymer is poured in here. The technology allows to obtain a material with a homogeneous structure. Variability on the inner and outer sides of the model is excluded. To obtain absolutely any color and desired relief, exactly imitating all wood species , down to oak and exotic wenge, uses a huge collection of dyes.

    You saw the abbreviation CPL in the model description - it means you have all the same eco shawls. Apparently, these doors are made abroad, and they have their own designations. Please note that materials with a very low cost price go into production, therefore, nice doors from an eco-pouch cannot be expensive.

    “Eco” means safer than natural veneer?

    Yes, you can say so. Yet the moment is, of course, relative, because in this case it is not the materials themselves that are to be compared - the veneer and eco-veneer, but the compositions by which they are attached to the canvas.

    To glue natural veneer to the surface, use glue. It is good if the manufacturer responsibly chooses consumables. And if not, then at least a persistent chemical smell and toxic fumes are provided to you. In the case of an ekoshpon, you do not risk getting into this kind of trouble, because in this case both the film and MDF have sufficient adhesion and stick to each other without the help of connecting intermediaries.

    Ekoshpon buy, if you need cheap, but at the level of the array

    That's right. Actually, this class of interior doors was created with the goal of making spectacular, modern, stylish models, exactly the same as the relief structure of natural wood, more accessible. The surface of the ekoshpon gives similar tactile sensations, as when touching wood. Add to this a magnificent design, a great variety of variants, colors, styles, compatibility with all types of fittings - all this is several times cheaper than absolutely the same doors of the elite class.

    Pros and cons - what will win?

    Interroom doors from an ekoshpona meet in all directions of classifications by styles, colors, types. The film is plastic, bends easily and is used for finishing embossed surfaces. This opens up new design possibilities. Linens, covered with an ekoshponom under oak, mahogany, ash, with two panels and a smooth crossbar in the middle - a common option for a classic living room. For dark rooms, you can choose doors with glass and strapping from a light ekoshpon. Want more elegant - order glass with an ornament.

    Look at which element in the room you would like to combine the door: the range of low-cost models is one of the most varied, so you can choose a product for parquet, plinth, furniture facades.

    How to choose doors from an ekoshpon - we sort out concrete examples

    Interroom doors from an ekoshpon can be called leaders in a price segment to 7 000 rub. To prove this, let's see what is in opposition:

    • Natural veneer : undoubtedly, synthetics( in our case, semi-synthetics) can never compete with natural material, and in this regard, natural veneer wins, but the price of such doors begins where the cost of models from eco-shells ends. It turns out that most of the natural veneered products remain “behind the scenes”;
    • PVC : they have absolutely equal cost indicators. They are on the same level in design options and types of designs. The difference lies in the characteristics of the finishing material: PVC is pure synthetic with a very controversial opinion regarding safety. Eco-sheeting - half synthetic. At the base is the same wood, albeit in the form of waste, plus a bonding polymer and a more benign technology for pasting MDF;
    • Laminated : at equal indicators in price, they significantly lag behind in terms of strength and design options;
    • An inexpensive array of : in fact, at the heart of the doors of the eco-tile is already an array of pine. If it makes sense to compare models from an ekoshpon, then only with products from pine without a top coating: the former have much more possibilities for use, and the scope of the latter is often limited to suburban interiors, summer houses, baths and saunas. At least, in modern urban apartments, pine is not installed without finishing. Of the other breeds of the array, the doors are more expensive than 7,000 rubles, which means they do not fit into our comparison parameters.

    So, the interior doors from the ekoshpon - really lead in the sector of low-cost doors. Let's look at what they are externally, for what interiors are suitable, with what styles are combined.

    Shield with a smooth surface - the easiest and most inexpensive option

    Their feature just in the absence of those very features. Yes, and such canvases have the right to exist - well, not everyone can be aesthetes and strive for sophistication - some lead a rather ascetic lifestyle and reject everything that is devoid of functionality.

    The beauty of a panel door is in the texture of an eco-strip. We have already said that with its help it is possible to recreate the structure of any tree, and this cannot look mediocre. The variant is suitable for interiors in the style of modern classics, minimalism, partly - loft, modern. These can be installed in any room, choosing the appropriate color. Perhaps you should abandon them in the hallway, since there is always not enough light and doors with glass will become a more acceptable option.

    Well, and the commercial sphere is offices, office buildings, doctors' offices in polyclinics, various institutions and other buildings where practicality and low prices are welcome.

    How to choose the right one? These tips are universal and suitable for all types of doors. Pay attention to the following criteria:

    • On the style in the interior;
    • On the colors in the room: usually the doors are selected under the floor, baseboards, furniture, accessories. Since in our version there are no decorative elements, look for a match in color and texture;
    • On fittings: metal handles will seem to be completely tasteless if the handles of furniture, picture frames are covered with gold-plated spraying or made of bronze.

    Smooth with the addition of metal moldings

    In such designs all the same severity is expressed, but with a small addition. On the surface of the canvas there are thin metal moldings. They can be positioned vertically and horizontally. Common options are:

    • Splitting a web into several segments of the same width;
    • Two horizontal moldings in the center. Two parallel lines at the level of the handle;
    • One vertical molding - from bottom to top, separating the first third of the canvas;
    • One horizontal molding that serves as a continuation of the door handle.

    The colors of the moldings are matched to the color of the eco slope: metal inserts look good on dark and light surfaces. Golden decor more suited to canvases in brown-red-red color. Their rigor is appropriate in classic, Scandinavian interiors. In Provence style rooms, country can also be used if the covering material has a pronounced woody pattern and is presented in a light color palette, for example, under bleached oak.

    Flat with

    glass glued flush All the following models already have a broader artistic meaning. Glass doors are very often used in ekoshpona doors, and different installation methods are used. Looks beautiful glass, glued flush. This means that the surface of the glass and the side panels of MDF are on the same level.

    The model also comes in a wide range of colors. To achieve the maximum design effect by selecting the glass of the appropriate color. White, pastel, brown doors are combined with light and black glasses. To make a spectacular black door, fit a dark inset, framed by light moldings, which give the design a strict delineation. Glass can be installed in a completely unexpected way - horizontally, vertically, on a large surface of the canvas, in the form of a narrow strip, one or several small inserts.

    For interiors: classic, office. Choose the color of the glass under the other glass surfaces in the room.

    Flat with aluminum edge

    Externally, these are all the same panel doors, models with moldings and glass flush, but they have one feature - the front part, which is adjacent to the box and remains invisible, is made of aluminum. Structures win in strength, because they are not afraid of strong blows and abrasion during long-term operation.

    Models with aluminum ends, as a rule, serve 5 years longer, especially if they are supplied in the factory version with hidden hinges. The fact that this is a new trend in the production of interior doors, says the improved design of the canvases, which are covered with an ekoshponom with vertical or horizontal arrangement of wood fibers, and the pattern is expressed so vividly that it has a 3D effect.

    Such a door can be bought in all the previously listed options - deaf, with modlings, glass panes. Suitable for modern classic interiors, minimalism, modern.


    Consist of two parts:

    • Pogonazh - side bearing elements from an inexpensive array and MDF;
    • Inner glass insert.

    There are with the usual wooden or aluminum edge. These models fit the description of the door with a glass insert flush. Doors with a large glass area have a high light transmission ability, so they are an acceptable option for installation in rooms with no windows - this is the exit to the basement, hallway, hall, bathroom.

    Tsargovye - the most common models of the

    ekoshpona Do not be misled by the strange name of the design. Of course, you have already met such models many times. Outwardly, they are a frame with several vertical or horizontal inserts( sidebars).This forms a beautiful frame frame. The design, elegant in appearance, actually has a high rigidity, because the thickness of the inserts is greater than that of the panels. Durability is also provided by their large number with a relatively small area.

    Changing the size, location, colors of inserts, as well as using additional glass and moldings, you can get a huge number of interior doors, for example:

    • With transverse inserts
    • With vertical inserts

    • glass and MDF

    Of course, in the category of king doors you can find absolutely any solution for use in modern and classical styles, for choosing colors in unison withscrap, furniture facades. With their help, you can adjust the amount of natural light, if you choose models with glass, or try to form a strict style of the office, if you take an imitation of the panels and eco panels on oak, ash, wenge, mahogany.

    It remains to learn how to choose the right accessories and how to open it, and we’ll talk about this later.

    Types of installation and necessary accessories

    There are at least 5 common variants of interior doors, taking into account the type of opening. You ask why little is known about them? Because the swing construction is the one that hangs on the hinges and opens to or from itself - it is familiar to our man. Many do not even consider other ways of opening, including, because they believe that all that does not swing open is newfangled things of dubious quality. Alas, our man is difficult to move from his place - but we will try.

    First of all, consider the main thing - any design was created for a reason. Apparently, in a certain period of life, people began to realize that the swing nature of opening is not optimal in all situations, which means that each model has its own characteristic area of ​​use. And it's not so much “like-dislike”, and the ability of each design is better to implement the functionality laid down in a given post.

    So, swing doors - the most common category. Let's start with them. We offer to talk about which installation methods, dobora, and fittings are most likely used with interior doors from eco-sheeting.

    Convenient to live can not be forbidden. .. why people do not want to abandon the good old swing doors?

    So it turned out that it will be more convenient to operate interior doors if they open into the interior of the room - “from myself”.But from which side to hang the hinges - it depends on the location of adjacent walls, on the presence of nearby windows, other doors, etc. Having chosen the optimal location, we proceed to the study of the types of loops, handles and additional elements.

    Door hinges

    Consider the existing options for door hinges from the standpoint of reliability and price.

    Cheapest hinges do not cut, but simply screwed to the surface. The so-called “butterflies”, are possible, and are suitable for lightweight and cheap ekoshpon doors, yet they are not reliable because, due to the installation features, they do not provide stability and rigidity to the door leaf. Perhaps the only ones who win when choosing such loops are installers: they are hung on screws, and spend no more than half an hour on the entire operation.

    At the second level, overhead are ( card) hinges. Made from brass and steel. One half is mounted on the box, and the second - on the canvas. It is an acceptable option. Its disadvantage is that the hinges are fastened tightly, and if you want to remove the door, you have to turn off the screws, which is not always convenient.

    The third option is split hinges .Represent a set of two parts. Just like the cards, they are attached to the box and to the canvas, which, if necessary, is easy to remove and hang back.

    Doors of ekoshpon differ lightweight. For them, you do not need to install a third additional loop, as is the case with structures from an array.

    The fourth option - hidden hinges and, accordingly, the hidden installation of the door. At the sight of such a model, it seems that the canvas is a continuation of the wall. No hinges or box are visible from the outside, and the platbands are missing at all. Hidden hinges are rarely used in conjunction with the door of ekoshpon. Such mechanisms cost about 1200 rubles. Rise in price of the model by 30-50% contradicts the task itself, and it consists in buying an inexpensive door with an exterior of an elite product.

    Secrets of installation, or why the same door after installation look different

    It all depends on the type of installation and the type of moldings. Consider 4 common ways:

    • Door leaf and trim are in the same plane;
    • Application of aluminum box;
    • Device of semicircular or flat platbands;
    • Using telescopic molding.

    Installation of web and trim at the same level is a fashionable trend, due to which entrance groups lose volume, become more refined and light. Particularly impressive is the door, made in the same color with the wall, which is its continuation. In order to make the result even brighter, reliefs on the walls are made in the form of straight, wavy lines, ornaments that do not end at the junction with the door, but rather continue, and serve as an additional means of masking for it.

    Aluminum box - another fashion trend. And here they use 2 design techniques:

    • When the canvas is an independent item in the interior;
    • The door is part of the wall.

    Smooth, durable aluminum gives the model a modern look, and also takes care of the integrity of the most vulnerable part of the door structure. But even in this case, how attractive the idea might be, it is not advisable to use it in the context of installing an ekoshpon door. Why?- True, because of the price, but it will jump 4 times, no less.

    What form of trim is chosen - depends on the style:

    • In the shape of a semicircle: a spherical framing is obtained. Such models, as well as drop-shaped, corrugated, profiled, with a capital, in the Greek style, are suitable for classics. The top and two vertical semicircular crossbars are joined at an angle of 450;
    • Flat trims, as well as docking at a right angle - for modern design

    Platbands are made from the same MDF from which the canvas is made.

    Sliding Constructions

    There are several types of sliding constructions. Some are simple, common and inexpensive, and therefore the most suitable for doors of a low price segment. Others are complex, with expensive accessories with concealed installation. This category includes Invisible systems, roto-doors, books. These are practically not used when installing doors from an ekoshpon - usually they accompany interior doors from solid wood, natural veneer, belonging to the expensive segment, because they themselves cost a lot and contribute to the rise in price of the model.

    In general, sliding doors, however beautiful they are, are designed to compensate for the disadvantages of swing doors. We will not touch upon the controversial issue of saving square meters, especially in this case, it’s rather a matter of a few centimeters. But with the fact that the sliding system in the open form does not block access to the next room, does not slam down from the draft, does not injure the hand of the child when he decides to play the door - it’s hard to argue with that.

    They have their negative sides, for example, the canvas cannot be simply pushed when hands are busy. They do not have a seal that saves from external noise. Nevertheless, experts believe that the main drawback of sliding doors is subjective. Their popularity is low, because people are not accustomed to such a system of opening. Yes, and the roller mechanism, consisting of rollers, two guides and brackets for their attachment to the wall, does not always give a 100% guarantee of perfect work. Although in aesthetic terms, a room decorated with a wide sliding door made from an eco-cover with excellent imitation of mahogany or oak surely benefits.

    Can I install a door from an ekoshpon into a bathroom?

    Yes you can. Moreover, an eco-tile for a bathroom is one of the most suitable options, and for this it has three prerequisites:

    • Its layering;
    • The presence of an absolutely hydrophobic polymer;
    • Special pasting technology.

    Eco-pallets are produced by repeated pressing of two components:

    • Wood waste;
    • Decorative polymer.

    Surface coated with a protective varnish. This processing technology ensures high door strength and water resistance. Of course, the most vulnerable part of the canvas are the edges. Left uncovered, they form a “bridge” to penetrate moisture and dirt. Manufacturers have learned to deal with this disadvantage. The fact is that with such models, tsargs with standard bears are produced without any edges at all, or rather, all the details are wrapped with an ekoshpon to the joint, and the joints are removed inside the moldings. Thus, water has no chance to leak into the thickness of the web, yes, and the film itself does not flake off over time.

    Of course, other types of doors are also treated so carefully that they are not afraid of high humidity, but they are all in a different “price” category, and this is another story.

    As for the design, all previously listed types of structures will fit into the bathroom - both panel and subgame, including with glass. Try to choose a model of the appropriate style and color, because the manufacturer has already taken care of moisture resistance.

    Eco-sheeting or laminated - from which material is better?

    We have already touched on this question a little when we talked about the types of design and construction of interior doors from eco sheds. Nevertheless, we should focus on this issue. As observations have shown, most buyers are absolutely far from the topic of choice. When the seller talks about this or that construction, the words “made of PVC”, “of veneer”, “of eco-sheeting” sound equally meaningless to many. To be able to distinguish, you need to know the properties of each material, the level of its interaction with the environment and design capabilities.

    So, on one side of the scale we have eco-pockets, on the other - laminated ones.


    The material is the next generation of the usual laminate. They take texture paper no more than 0.8 mm thick, are impregnated with synthetic resin, glued to the surface, additional processing is carried out with protective compounds - in most cases with varnish.

    Although manufacturers make this type of door as durable and waterproof, in fact their praise is not enough for long. Paper is paper, though tarred, therefore, if we compare it with doors from ekoshpon, then:

    • Minus strength: it is really easy to scratch the canvas;
    • Minus moisture resistance;
    • Minus the expressiveness of the design: laminate is also produced in different colors, but cheap laminate canvases can be seen immediately - due to the lack of a clear texture, according to the repeated pattern, and the richness, beauty of the color is not in question;
    • Minus silence: Inside the hollow panel door doors are cellular cardboard, and this is the worst material to enhance strength and create insulation.

    Laminated doors constitute the “economy” model category, some do not even cost 2,000 rubles. What is it: minus or plus - you decide.

    Doors of ekoshpon or PVC: what to buy?

    How many people have so many opinions: the expression is very important for comparing two materials - ekoshpon and PVC.If you do not go into details, there is no difference, that is, no one at all. Both materials are synthetic films, both are waterproof and come in a rich palette of colors and textures.

    There is an opinion that the prerequisite for creating an ekoshpon became steel. .. expensive doors from Italy, which appeared on the Russian market about 10-12 years ago. The high cost of the models forced our manufacturers to think about and find a middle ground. As a result, a material with similar characteristics was invented as PVC, only not containing chloride, phenols and other chemicals. With a clear conscience, the developers, promoted by marketers, have drawn to the well-known name "veneer" the fashionable prefix "eco."It turned out that they expected: doors of low price segment, not inferior in design to models from Italy .

    Of course, this gave rise to a new legend about the harmfulness of PVC doors - slogans about its toxicity and harm to health were used. Here we also managed to find out that the eco shpon does not react at all to aggressive chemistry, does not lose color even when exposed to solvents, for example, the common "White Spirit."

    Meanwhile, PVC doors are as popular as their “eco” brother:

    • They have about the same price;
    • They are painted in all RAL colors;
    • They are covered with doors that are identical in design - in the model lines of the manufacturers there are shield, sled, molded doors from eco-sheeting and PVC;
    • They are selected for any style;
    • Can be installed in rooms with high humidity.

    The only minus of the PVC doors is that the film, under constant exposure to powerful ultraviolet radiation, can burn out and gives off an unpleasant chemical smell in strong heat. But one has only to choose the right installation site, and two related models are equalized in the characteristics.

    Well, and another opinion, which is necessary to mention: some believe that if there are film products in the interior, it takes on a cheap look. If this does not suit you, it is better to choose painted doors from MDF.

    Ekoshpon and PP( polypropylene) - the same, or not?

    Polypropylene safety made it the No. 1 synthetic material in Europe. Greenpeace dubbed him "the resource of the future."It is thinner than PVC, according to external and tactile indicators it is very close to the natural veneer and array. For the decoration of canvases, a variety of decors with a rich deep tint are used, including matte, silky, glossy embossing, as well as modern 3D volume effects - all this can be seen on the doors with PP coating.

    The film looks great in the abundant artificial light, and whenever the angle of the light flux changes, it becomes different, changes shade, becomes deeper. Technologically, the software has two indisputable advantages:

    • It does not affect ultraviolet, its state remains unchanged even at a temperature of 150 degrees;
    • A small thickness makes it possible to imitate a natural wood pattern with high precision, which means that it is not much in design, but it still benefits PVC.

    And now the main thing - which is better: eco-liner or PP? The solution is in the composition. The fact is that the so-called Continious Pressure Laminates( CPL for short) is hidden under the ekoshpon, which means multi-layer polypropylene material. are also polypropylene, but with the addition of cellulose fibers, modifiers, synthetic binders and adhesives. Eco scanton has not been subjected to an attempt to standardize, so there are a great many other names on this market, for example, Nanotex, ultra spontons, etc. Whatever they call it, eco scribes are essentially the same polypropylene, which means that we are unlikely to find themcardinal differences, exactly, as in the doors covered with these types of films.

    Doors eco-veneer or veneered: competitors or not?

    It should be noted that the main condition for comparing doors made of veneer and ekoshpon should be the impeccable quality of both. Otherwise, no classifications and comparisons are meaningless.

    Now we know for certain that eco-vents, other than the common root, have nothing in common with natural veneer, unless, of course, parallels are taken in such subjective indicators as the delivery method( both films are on sale in rolls) and the purpose( for decorativecover doors, furniture).

    In terms of subordination, natural veneer is a step, or even two, higher. Like it or not, and synthetics, even the most spectacular, can not be compared with the natural counterpart. Compared with the ekoshpon, natural is a prototype, it is not an ingot yet, but a large bill, not a small change, not an aristocrat, but also not a lower class.

    The question is, in this case, why do we need an ekoshpon? This has already been said earlier: initially, the developers pursued the goal - to make beautiful doors also accessible to all .The only way to achieve this is to reduce the cost of material. That ekoshpon came on all counts. It is almost impossible for an ignorant person to distinguish one from another. Differences still exist:

    • Want exclusive - take a natural veneer, because this is the tree, or rather, its thin cut, and therefore the surface pattern will be unique, with only its characteristic texture. Ecoshpon is a mass product, because similarities are inevitable
    • Frame - in natural it is more durable, consisting of an array of conifers. Such a door is harder, stronger, more reliable. At an ekoshpon, everything is done according to an economical version, which means that in the cheapest products cellular filling of voids and inexpensive chipboard is allowed;
    • Wood and film in the interior form a different aura: if the former care more about status and beauty, the latter care about practicality and moisture resistance.

    In the pluses column, you would have to indicate that the doors from an ekoshpon of one series always have the same color and texture. For example, you installed a door to the kitchen, and after a couple of months you decided to do the same to the bathroom and bathroom. The models that you bring will be exactly like the first one. In the case of natural veneer this is also possible, but it is likely that the products will differ in shade.

    So, eco-shears are chosen if they want beauty, but they do not have enough money to install doors from natural veneer, especially an array. In this case, it is hardly appropriate to scold manufacturers for plagiarism, because, judging by the growing sales of veneered doors, good intentions are quite justified. And there is no question about slipping poverty. On the contrary, the doors of ekoshpon - a solid category of goods, entering the interiors with any style, presented in a rich variety of colors, with a perfectly fitted texture, and most importantly - with an affordable price.


    We hope our article was helpful and we were able to answer your questions. If you have any doubts, you can always contact the staff of the online store for interior doors for advice.

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