Features of repair electronic scales do it yourself

Features of repairing electronic scales with your hands

In any electronic scales, the same principle applies, which means their typical faults have the same nature.

For people who are at least a little familiar with the laws of physics, repairing electronic scales with their own hands should not be a problem. Enough care, accuracy and ingenuity.

Especially since in this way you will save on the call of a master from a specialized company. In addition, malfunction is often trivial and a minimum of time is spent on its independent elimination. Maybe the battery just sat down or was it time to calibrate?

  • 1 Failure of the battery
  • 2 Failure of the bridge due to the reduction of the area of ​​the contact ends of the
  • 4 Failure in the workplace with the use of inaccuracy of the objects of the end of the dayvideo)

Failure of batteries

This is the most common and at the same time fairly easy breakage of floor scales, which can be fixed with your own handseven a technically unprepared person can easily and quickly.

Most often with electronic scales everything is in order - you just need to replace the battery

The main sign that the batteries need to be replaced is a sudden failure to display the numbers on the screen( it simply does not turn on). To get to the batteries, you need to unscrew a few screws or open a special cover that covers the entrance to the battery compartment.

To check the performance of batteries, they should be placed in another appliance. Or you can insert new batteries and clearly see that the problem lies in them - the scales will work after that.

Faults on the loop

The board and the screen of the electric device most often connects the so-called cable. It happens that his contact with other parts of the mechanism weakens and as a result, the scales cease to show numbers.

To eliminate the problem, you need to install the board in its place, using, for example, a wooden bar. But remember that you should not put a lot of effort, otherwise you risk completely breaking down the floor scales.

Errors due to a decrease in the area of ​​the contact ends

If you use the device constantly and often, over time the contact ends become thinner. This leads to a loose fit to the special legs on the body.

To eliminate the damage, replace the contacts of the corresponding relay. Moreover, it is desirable that the wires to the new contacts you are not just strapped, but soldered.

Failure to work due to ingestion of foreign objects or water

Sometimes in the middle of the case there are particles of products, bulk goods, or even water. Since floor scales are often used in the open air, for example, wind, frost or extreme heat only exacerbates the situation. And then the appliance stops working suddenly and for no apparent reason, but there is always a reason.

Water ingress into the body will have an extremely negative effect on the device

The owner( or person in charge) must constantly monitor the cleanliness of the body and prevent water and water solutions from entering it. If this happens, you must immediately wipe this place with a dry cloth or napkin.

Malfunctions related to strain sensors

Strain gauge( strain gauge) is a device that converts the magnitude of the deformation of the object in a convenient and understandable human signal. They are used in floor scales to obtain high accuracy results.

Changes detected by the strain gauge, how small that they can not be seen with the naked eye and even the construction level. And the main work is performed by a tiny sensitive plate about 2 cm in size. It receives data from each corner of the floor scales, processes them and sends them further - for output to the screen.

In fact, a strain gauge is a small piece of iron, which can only be damaged by physical impact( it is not afraid of moisture), which is a rather difficult task. So for accurate and rapid diagnosis may require electrical tester.

Less often there is a break in the wiring going to the strain gauge. It can be soldered to restore normal electrical connection. Well, with a complete inoperability, the strain gauges are changed to new ones.

Please note that when selecting a new element for floor scales, you should choose a spare part with the same exact parameters. Otherwise, the scale may exceed the allowable error limit when displaying data on the screen.

Calibration Problems

Calibration is needed for the appliance to work properly. Indeed, in the world there are no two absolutely identical sensors, even if they are made on one machine with a minimum period of time.

If one load cell fails, it can be turned off altogether( denoted as “zero”), and its functions can be shifted to the remaining workable ones. This method is suitable as a temporary repair of floor scales, but this approach has the right to life when there is no opportunity to buy a new part quickly, and you need to work now.

Technically, to perform the calibration procedure, you only need to press one button indicated by the manufacturer of the electrical device. And this process takes, as a rule, no more than one minute, accompanied by the corresponding inscriptions on the screen.

How to repair electronic scales Tefal( video)

The above list of possible malfunctions is incomplete, because sometimes there are breakdowns that can be fixed only by professional repairmen. But what is described, you do at your own peril and risk. So if you are not sure, it is better to call those who are precisely well versed in this.

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