How to repair headphones with their own hands

Favorite headphones out of order? If you have some free time and a desire to save on the purchase of a new headset, then you can repair the headphones yourself. Moreover, the damage is often not so serious as to immediately go to the store.

As a rule, if you have the slightest idea of ​​working with a soldering iron, solder, nippers and glue, then everything should work out.

If you still have instructions for headphones, read it before you begin. Perhaps it contains a sequence of actions for malfunctions like yours.


  • 1 the most common

    can be encountered The most common failures include:

    • cable break;
    • plug failure;
    • microphone problems;
    • speaker failure;
    • breakdowns associated with the volume control;
    • headphone malfunction;
    • problems with mounts( boom) microphone.
    Despite its apparent simplicity, headphones can break for many reasons.

    Broken wire

    This is probably the most common headphone breakdown. To repair them, we need the following tools:

    • soldering iron with solder;
    • sharp knife and nippers;
    • heat resistant glue and tubes;
    • high strength thread.

    First you need to determine exactly where the cable broke. After all, it often happens that the upper rubber ball does not have any visual evidence of the gap. It may be necessary to connect headphones to a phone or computer, and then gently bend the wire until the sound appears.

    Having determined the place where the cable broke, cut it at a distance of two or three centimeters on each side from the probable problem point. Now you need to remove the insulation layer and "tinned" the wires.

    Use any of the available fluxes to prepare the cable surface for soldering. Put it on a wooden plate, press down with a heated soldering iron and make movements as when cleaning the wire from varnish, for example.

    After tinning, put on the heat-resistant tubes on the electrical cable and solder, paying attention to the colors of the wires. Now, to improve the connection, fold them with the letter Z and fix with threads.

    If desired, you can decorate the cable with heat-resistant glue. It must be carefully applied with a soldering iron. This will prevent threads from unwinding and will make the joint aesthetically appealing.

    Problems with the plug may be associated with inaccurate use of the

    technique. Faults with the plug

    In most cases, you will have to disassemble the plug first and then reassemble it. Its malfunctions can be divided into two groups: mechanical and non-mechanical, connected with a cable break directly on the bend near the plug.

    The disassembly process is similar for almost all headphones and will consist of carefully cutting the plastic along the part in order to get to the wires.

    If the last link of the plug breaks off and it remains in the sound supply device, remove the rest of the part with tweezers or an awl and go to the store for a new plug, because it is no longer possible to repair it.

    When turning the first link of the part around your body, you will notice that the sound is as if from under water, and the volume has decreased. Repair the plug can, if you solder the contacts between the link and the petal so that they do not move relative to each other.

    If a cable breaks at the base of a part, this wire will need to be cut 2–3 cm above the breakage point and soldered back, taking into account the color gamut of the electrical cords included in the plug. If you exactly determine which wire to solder is difficult, use an ammeter to measure the resistance between the cords.

    Problems with the microphone

    As a rule, electret capsular microphones with amplifiers are installed in the headsets. This means that when repairing it is necessary to carefully monitor the polarity, it is impossible to clean their holes mechanically and not to allow a long-term increase in temperature. The latter means that it is necessary to solder quickly, but at the same time very carefully.

    For the soldering process to be of the highest quality, use organic flux. And check whether the microphone is working, without special devices you can, if you replace it with another one, or connect it to another device that probably works.

    Otherwise, you will need an oscilloscope, an active sound speaker system or a good knowledge of electrophysics to assemble the inverting amplifier circuit yourself.

    Failure of speakers

    The winding of the speaker burns out if there is an excess of the power supplied to it. The severity of damage is determined using an ammeter or multimeter. The resistance of the windings of the working speakers will be almost the same( plus or minus about 10%) and varies in the range of 16–100 ohms.

    . Whets in headphones are usually caused by problems with the membrane or winding.

    If the speaker produces a sound, but wheezing is mixed with it, this indicates a problem with the winding or the membrane. The winding from a strong impact, magnet displacement or exceeding the maximum allowable power is peeled off from the membrane. It happens that the coil moves away from the membrane due to mechanical damage.

    For repair, you will need superglue, a toothpick( a sharp match) and accuracy. Be careful, because after gluing it takes time for the parts to take the correct position.

    Breakdowns associated with the

    volume control The main reason for the failure of the volume control is the accumulation of a large amount of dust on the resistive layer, which leads to poor contact with the slider, which is driven by the control. The malfunction gives itself out by a crack or a complete disappearance of the signal in the headset.

    To eliminate the damage, apply a graphite lubricant or technical petroleum jelly on the surface of the resistive layer.

    Repair volume control adjustment( video)

    Headphone or Microphone Headphone Failures

    Broken earbud is quite easy to repair using a thin metal plate, small screws, epoxy glue and a drill.

    In the case of the microphone bar repair, it should be understood that it is difficult to recreate the full functionality, but it will not be difficult to fix it in a fixed position. You will need a wire with a diameter of 0.7–0.8 mm, a drill and heat-resistant glue. Please note that when gluing, you can wet your hands with water, and then you will be able to give the new part the desired shape.

    Since the store sells a huge amount of headphones from different manufacturers, you may encounter breakdowns that are not described above. The main thing is not to panic, but to think what you can do in this situation with your own hands.

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