Overview of the electric oven "Russian oven"

  • How the Russian stove
  • electric oven works What can you cook
  • in it Where to put the mini-oven
  • How much volume to choose
  • What else to pay attention to when buying

Electrostool Russian stove is a wonderful device for giving, thanks to, to buy

Electric oven Russian oventhat it is small and mobile. But it can also be used at home if your oven is a gas oven, which, as everyone knows, does not bake very evenly and much longer than an electric one.

Of course, these are not all the advantages of a desktop stove. In this article we will look at everything in detail and you will be able to decide whether you need it in the household.

How does the Russian oven electric oven work?

The Russian oven electric oven is designed as a small cabinet weighing only 5-6 kg. Inside it are evenly located electric tenes, which heat up very quickly and provide baking on all sides at once( as in a Russian stove).

Wonderful that it is very economical. If a conventional electric oven pulls 2 kW, then the mini-oven is only 600 W.That is why, it makes sense to purchase it, even if you have a large oven.

If you want to bake a small amount of pies, or pie, then it is much better to use a desktop mini-oven. But in order to put utyatnitsa or bake a large pan of potatoes with meat, you can already use an ordinary oven.

Another feature of this oven is that it warms up, and then gradually the temperature decreases and the dishes are not just baked, but languished. Exactly the same principle in this Russian stove.

Can not burn anything in it. In order for this to happen, you have to try very, very hard. And everything is baked very evenly, being covered with a crisp crust. People who have it, note that the taste of baking and roasted meat is much better than that of dishes cooked in a gas oven.

Baking is lush, fully baked, and the meat is very soft, crispy, but juicy inside. This effect is solely due to the fact that in the desktop oven heating is uniform.

It should be noted that it heats up quite quickly: in 20 minutes the temperature inside the chamber reaches 250 degrees.

What can you cook in it

You can cook almost anything in it! But, of course, the portions will be slightly smaller than in a regular oven. And it is very convenient to warm up the dishes. For this you need to put looking for a refractory dish and put in a preheated oven.15 minutes and you can eat.

Of course, warm in the microwave faster. But in the "Russian stove" where more environmentally friendly and safer.

So, what can you cook in it?

  • Bake cakes, pies, cakes
  • Bake meat,
  • vegetables Simmer stew and roast
  • Dry fruits and mushrooms in the winter
  • Oven Cook eggs
  • first dishes and cereals

Do not be surprised that in the electric oven can cook soups and borscht. After all, our ancestors in the villages did just that. And we just lost this skill, with the advent of gas burners.

As you can see, for giving where there is no gas, it is just a great option. You can cook everything. And if you buy a regular, electric surface, then bake will not work. Yes, and it consumes much more electricity!

Where to put the mini-oven

Be sure to put it in an open place, since it warms up very much during operation. If the microwave is almost cold, then this device can become very hot, so it requires natural airflow.

Also, do not put anything on top of it. Plastic, for example, can simply be deformed if it comes into contact with a working desktop oven, and thin glass can burst.

How much to choose

The user experience shows how much volume will be sufficient for a certain number of people in a family.

10 liters - for two people

12-20 liters - for three or four people

22 - 30 liters - for five - six people

What else to look for when buying

  • Desktop ovens come in different sizes. In this case, the larger the model, the more it consumes electricity. Therefore, if you have a stationary and roomy oven at home, then it is better to take a small mini oven so that you can save on electricity. If you don’t have any oven at all, then we recommend that you take a larger volume, since the yield of finished products will differ significantly from small, which is very important if you have a large family.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the temperature. If there is no such function, then you will not be able to bake anything. Agree, pies and meringues require completely different temperature regimes, and bread in general, you can bake well only if you immediately set the high temperature, and then significantly reduce. Without this, he will give away the yeast.
  • The legs must be rubber and resistant, otherwise it will be inconvenient to remove the finished product.
  • It would be nice if the model were equipped with a timer. A handy thing that will not allow you to dry the dish.
  • Illumination should be necessary, it is not a whim and not an extra expenditure of money. For example, sponge cake and paska need to be baked, without opening the oven, otherwise the products will settle.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the trays. If they are covered with a special protective layer( it looks like shiny enamel), then it will be easier for you to wash it and food will not stick to it.
  • Furnaces come with a mechanical control system, and there are also with electronic. The second and more expensive and fails faster. Therefore, it will be wiser to choose the first option.

Now you know what a desktop electric oven is. Russian oven .We hope that our advice will benefit you!

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