How to choose a multi-cooker-pressure cooker

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  • multi-cooker-pressure cooker What does it need
  • Pros and cons
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  • Operating and maintenance rules
  • TOP-5 best models

Many housewives have no idea that you can spend time in the kitchen to keep the time in a kitchen that can be kept minimal. In this case, your family will always be nourishing and tasty fed. How to do it? It is enough to buy an ultramodern device called a multi-cooker-pressure cooker.

Today we will help you understand what you should pay attention to when buying, and also made up a small rating of the best multi-cooker-2017 pressure cookers.

What is the multi-cooker-pressure cooker

The multi-cooker with the pressure cooker function allows you to cook not only tasty, but also very quickly. You no longer have to stand over the pan, stir or turn the meat, or follow to not "run away" porridge. Miracle unit will do everything yourself.

Multivarka-pressure cooker is a multifunctional electric pan, with some constructive additions. The process of cooking here is carried out under pressure. Therefore, you will spend at least a little time in the kitchen. If in a conventional oven, the process of roasting a piece of meat takes 1.5–2 hours, then the multi-cooker-pressure cooker can cope with this in just 50 minutes. In this case, you generally do not have to pay any attention to the process. We washed the meat, rubbed it with spices, put it in the bowl of the unit, chose the desired mode, closed the lid and went about our business. About an hour later you will get a juicy, fragrant boiled pork for dinner.

It is very easy to learn the multi-cooker-pressure cooker on the store shelf. Most often, this device is equipped with a powerful cover mounted on a rubber or silicone gasket. And also you will surely find 2-3 good clamps capable of holding increased pressure inside the apparatus. Additionally, the device is equipped with two valves. The first regulates the working pressure in the pressure cooker and, if necessary, sheds excess steam. The second is an emergency one. It is triggered when the pressure inside the multicooker reaches a critical one.

What is it for

? A slow cooker with a pressure cooker saves the most time spent in the kitchen. As in a conventional multicooker, you can perform many different processes in it:

  • to cook soups;
  • prepare main dishes;
  • fry or stew vegetables;
  • to cook meat, fish;
  • boil jelly;
  • bake pies and muffins;
  • to steam;
  • bake bread;
  • to make jam;
  • to do yogurt.

The only difference is that you will spend 2-3 times less time on all these processes. For example, to cook beets for a vinaigrette, you need only 10–15 minutes.

It is worth noting that by the total cooking time you need to add a few more minutes in order for the unit to gain the necessary pressure and go into working mode.

Pros and cons

Like any home appliances, the slow cooker with the pressure cooker function has both positive and negative qualities. Here are some of them.


  • in the devices of this type of food is prepared as quickly as possible;
  • process of cooking under strong pressure allows you to save all the useful substances in products;
  • you can use a variety of modes and options;
  • one appliance is able to replace a whole series of kitchen assistants and significantly save space in your kitchen;
  • as the heat treatment does not last too long the color and taste of the dishes remain as natural as possible.


  • all the ingredients of the dish, salt and spices will have to lay at the same time;
  • before the end of the cooking time you can not open the lid and see what happens inside;
  • if you do not follow the instructions for use, you can burn yourself very hot red-hot steam;
  • if at the end of cooking you open the lid of the appliance without first releasing steam, the dish will explode and you will have to scrub the house away from dinner for a long time.

Selection options

Choosing a pressure cooker-cooker is not easy. Store shelves offer dozens of different models and manufacturers. What to choose? How not to make a mistake and what you should pay attention to when buying?

Going to the store, make a small list of preferences. Answers to the following questions will help you with this:

  • What is the instrument case manufactured from? All-metal reliable, plastic - much cheaper.
  • How is the cooking bowl covered? The most commonly used ceramics or teflon. Pay attention to the number of layers. The more of them, the better the equipment.
  • How large is the bowl? For a large family, you need to choose models of at least 5-6 liters. For a small enough 2-3 l.
  • Are there any automatic programs in the settings?
  • Is there an opportunity to independently set the necessary cooking parameters?
  • Is it possible to independently change the pressure from low to high and back?
  • Does the design include a pan into which condensate will flow?
  • Is there a “delayed start” function and what is the maximum range of its use?
  • Is there a child lock?
  • Can all parts, including the cover, be completely removed? Is it convenient to wash the unit?
  • Does the kit contain an appropriate set of additional parts: a measuring spoon, a tack, a bowl for bulk products, a ladle, a collection of recipes, and so on?

When choosing a suitable model, it is also good to pay attention to purely technical details.

Power of the device

The higher this indicator, the faster the cooking will take place. If you plan to purchase one of the budget models, be guided by the figure of 700–900 W.For more expensive and high-quality models, the optimal indicator is 1– 1.2 kW.

Bowl volume

On the market you can find models with the volume of pots for cooking up to 10 liters. Going to the store, estimate the number of your family members who eat with you regularly. If there are 3-4 people living in your family, you should not even consider models with a bowl size of less than 5 liters. The fact is that when filling the pan, you must leave more space( about 1 liter) for the formation of steam.

Bowl Material

Today, there are 4 types of inner coatings for multicookers on the market.

  1. Ceramics. It can withstand enormous temperatures without emitting any harmful substances. Easy to clean, does not burn. With regular use is not too durable, especially if the ceramics are single-layered.
  2. Aluminum. Easy and cheap bowls for multicooker. The food in them heats up quickly and evenly. With strong heating, the top layer is broken, and the pan begins to release harmful substances directly into food.
  3. Stainless steel. The optimal solution - looks great, has a long service life, does not absorb odors, does not emit harmful substances, is able to withstand high temperatures, easy to clean. In some cases it may burn slightly if used improperly.
  4. Metal with teflon or marble coating. Another good solution. If the coating is made in several layers, the bowl will serve you faithfully for many years.

Type of cover

Different manufacturers come up with their own ways of holding the cover of the unit. In some models, a mechanism is provided that presses the lid on top, in others, the locks are located from the inside. Feel free to practice right in the store. It should be convenient for you to open and close the lid.

It is best to choose models for which the cover is not easy to recline, and removed completely. This will provide you with additional convenience when laying out products. Yes, and wash such a device is much easier.

Bowl lining

Ensure that this element is made of heat-resistant material. Otherwise, the pressure cooker will not last long. If there is a choice between a rubber or silicone sealant, give preference to the latter. Rubber seals hold the temperature poorly, serve a short time, although it is much cheaper. Silicone seals in all respects much more efficient.

Valve for steam relief

It is best to give preference to those models whose valve openings are not directed upwards, but in different directions. This will avoid even accidental burns when working with the device.

Number of modes

Carefully study the functions incorporated in the program. Estimate how often you will use each of them. The more modes the device has, the more expensive it is. So if you, for example, do not plan to cook yogurt at home, then you should not overpay for the additional option.

Safety of the device and degree of protection

You should not buy a unit that has less than 6 levels of protection. Especially pay attention to the presence of child lock and automatic blocking when trying to start an empty device. Make sure that the model provides for thermal overheating protection, is equipped with control thermal sensors and has an emergency pressure relief valve.

Operating and care rules

In order for the multi-cooker-pressure cooker to please you with its long and uninterrupted work, you should follow some tips and recommendations regarding its care.

  • To remove the unpleasant smell of plastic after purchase, pour a few glasses of water into the bowl and cut half of the lemon into slices. Install the steaming program and start the appliance. At the end of the work pour the contents of the pan.
  • Remove condensate in good time from under the instrument cover.
  • Sealant can absorb various odors. To prevent your cake from smelling like fish, buy a few sealing rings and use each one for your type of food.
  • Do not rub or scratch the bowl with metal brushes. Use only soft cloths and sponges for washing.
  • If there is a need, you can purchase additional bowls from various materials: Teflon, ceramic, or stainless steel.
  • Do not place the pressure cooker in direct sunlight, delicate electronics may be damaged.
  • Do not wash the entire appliance in a dishwasher or under a tap. Simply wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Purchase silicone or wooden spoons, spatulas and mixers. So, you will save the bowl from additional damage.
  • Never turn on the device with an empty bowl or without it at all.

TOP-5 of the best

models How to choose the multi-cooker-pressure cooker and how you take care of it, you already know. To make it even easier to choose, we present to your attention a small rating of the best multi-cooker-pressure cookers in 2017.

Redmond Rmc-M110

This is one of the most popular models. She can stew, cook, blanch, fry usually and deep-fried, bake pies and muffins, cook for a couple, sterilize dishes.


  • convenient management functionality;
  • delayed start mode;
  • 55 programmed recipes;
  • can support heating;
  • pan volume 5 l;
  • bowl has a high quality anti-stick coating;
  • collection with recipes included.


  • rubber seal keeps odors;
  • sometimes fails the pressure relief valve;
  • in the complete set there is no handle for the pan, removing it is not very convenient;
  • capacity for steaming is not too large;
  • cover is not removable, but folding;
  • cost is somewhat overestimated.

Vitesse VS-3006

Excellent multicooker, besides standard programs having the function of making homemade yogurt. It can also be smoked products, both cold and hot.


  • confidently works on the selected program;
  • capacious bowl of 6 liters;
  • is very easy to manage;
  • is included in the package all the most necessary;
  • is relatively affordable.


  • display is not very good quality;
  • on the body of the unit there is no off key;
  • power cord short;
  • there is no high-quality instruction manual.

Marta MT-4310

An excellent unit at a reasonable price. Interesting design and all the charm of the pressure cooker-multicooker.


  • a capacious bowl with a polymer-ceramic coating has rather thick walls;
  • convenient touch control;
  • has 45 different programs allow you to cook in automatic and semi-automatic mode;
  • power - 0.9 kW.


  • short power cord;
  • there is no tank for collecting condensate;The
  • in Baking mode may burn slightly below.

Unit USP-1210S

Ideal for those who like to be pampered with homemade smoked products. There is a function of both hot and cold smoked. In this model is very affordable.


  • capacious bowl for 6 liters;
  • power –1.1 kW;
  • robust steel case;
  • a large variety of functions;
  • clear information board;
  • has quality overheating protection.


  • “Keep warm” function cannot be turned off;
  • when smoking can spread a specific smell, it is best to place the device under the hood;
  • multicooker instruction is not too detailed.

Mr. Cook MCP-55C

A simple and, most importantly, a very cheap option. It has only 9 main programs, however, this may be quite enough for daily cooking.


  • reliable and convenient operation;
  • interesting design;
  • bowl has a thick ceramic coating;
  • cover can be removed completely, it is very convenient to clean;
  • has a steam release button;
  • built-in program for maintaining heat;
  • delayed start can be set up to 24 hours;
  • is just a great price.


  • not too many firmware;
  • can not be quieter beeps by the device during operation;
  • buttons are pressed quite tightly;
  • is not very well thought out condensate removal system.

Of course, there are dozens of quite decent models on store shelves. Now you know what to look for when buying, and you can choose for yourself the best multi-cooker-pressure cooker.

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