12 best kitchen scales according to customer reviews

  • What are kitchen scales?
  • What do we pay attention to when choosing weights?
  • Top-12 best models of kitchen scales

For those chefs who love to cook in strict accordance with the recipe, you just need accurate kitchen scales. And this device simply must be comfortable, reliable and, preferably, inexpensive and beautiful. Today we will tell you which kitchen electronic scales in 2018 are better according to customer reviews and expert opinion. And also we will tell also the important nuances which will help to decide on the best model.

What are kitchen scales?

Absolutely all household scales can be divided into electronic and mechanical. Electronic devices are accurate and can be additionally equipped with practical and important functions. True, they require a connection to the network or can run on batteries or rechargeable batteries. Mechanical models are simpler and more reliable, and also attract a low price. They do not need to plug in or buy them batteries - a reasonable choice for use in the country or in a country house.

Also, according to the type of device, the scales can be equipped with a bowl or a platform. In a bowl it is convenient to weigh loose ingredients and liquids. The platform is more universal - if your device is equipped with a taring function, you can easily weigh liquid or flour in a bowl, and on the platform itself - pieces of meat or large fruits and vegetables.

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What do we pay attention to when choosing a scale?

If you come to the store to buy scales for use in the kitchen, then pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Weighing limits - the minimum and maximum allowable weight of products - from 1 g to 8 kg;
  2. Accuracy - the smaller, the better, in ordinary household scales, this indicator is in the range of 0.1 - 10 g;
  3. Additional functions:
  • tare weight accounting;
  • timer;
  • possibility of sequential weighing;
  • auto on or off;
  • measurement of the volume of liquid products;
  • memorization of measurement results;
  • automatic zeroing;
  • unit selection;
  • indication of maximum load;
  • function of counting calories in weighed foods and dishes.

It's time to bring to your attention the ranking of the best weights for use in the kitchen, which we compiled based on customer reviews for 2018.

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Top-12 best models of kitchen scales

Scarlett SC-1210

Project with the most budget and reliable instrument for measuring the weight - mechanical kitchen scales Scarlett-project. An economical and practical choice for those who rarely resort to weighing products. An interesting and attractive design in the style of "retro", smooth outlines of the body, bright colors immediately attract attention. Pleases and the price tag - up to 500 rubles. A clear contrast scale in grams and pounds, division step - 25 g, weighing limits - up to 5 kg. This model is equipped with a 1.5 liter bowl, made of sturdy plastic, easy to clean and quite mobile - you can take it with you to the dacha to weigh the products for harvesting and preservation. In short, this is a simple, reliable and convenient model. Buy - for many years.

Maxwell MW-1451

The best budget model of scales with a bowl and a platform will continue our review. In 2018, the Maxwell MW-1451 was recognized as the most popular bowl weights among online store customers. This is a practical model of electronic scales with a weighing limit of 5 kg and measurement accuracy - up to 1 g. MW-1451 will cost you about 1000 rubles, but will become a durable and reliable assistant in the kitchen and in everyday life. Conveniently, there are functions such as taking into account the tare weight, weighing liquids and sequential weighing - for situations when you need to gradually add all the components of the dish in strict proportions. There are also indicators of overload, battery level and the function of automatic shutdown when idle. The volume of the bowl is 0.8 l, the color is metallic silver, the case material is light but strong plastic.

Polaris PKS 0323DL

Good inexpensive scales with a removable bowl. Mobile, practical and durable model of electronic kitchen scales. The measurement accuracy is 1 g, the permissible load is 3 kg, there is an account of tare weight and auto-closing. On a large and clear display, all indications and symbols stand out well - an excellent choice for elderly and visually impaired users. The 0.7 liter removable bowl, the possibility of weighing on the instrument platform itself, the sturdy plastic of the case and the operation of conventional batteries make the PKS 0323DL practical, convenient and durable, pleasant to buy for home use.

Polaris PKS 0832DG

Among the electronic platform scales worth 1000 rubles, the most discussed on the Internet during 2017 are Polaris PKS 0832DG .Immediately striking bright 3D-drawing on the glass weighing platform. I am glad that the platform of the device is made of ultra-resistant glass - it is hygienic and comfortable - easy to care for, difficult to damage, the platform does not lose color and does not bend. The increased upper weighing limit( up to 8 kg) gives more possibilities and simplifies work with large volumes of products - vegetables and fruits for preservation. Users note the accuracy of weighing( error in 1 - 3 g), a sufficient set of functions( calibration, measurement of fluid volume, overload indicators and battery charge level), a convenient and unexpectedly durable touch control. In general - a compact, accurate, reliable low-cost model of kitchen scales.

Rolsen KS-2907

Another worthy model of platform scales. Stylish modern laconic design, high accuracy of readings( error in 1 g), stable and fast response, durability, practicality - this is what distinguishes these inexpensive kitchen electronic scales. Easy to use - from the “bells and whistles” only an indispensable function of taring, it is easy to take care of the weights - thanks to the non-removable platform made of tempered glass, economical - the rapid departure to “sleep mode” attracts the close attention of all users.

Scarlett SL-1559

Further in our review of the best kitchen scales the most convenient model with a bowl. The model is completely made in the form of a bowl, and the control is located on the handle of the device. Scales are powered by two finger-type batteries, and customers note a very long life without changing batteries. The maximum load is 5 kg, the measurement accuracy is 1 g. Of the possibilities, standard tare accounting, determination of the volume of liquid products, automatic shutdown. Scales SL-1559 are completed with a steel strong bowl on 1,5 l. Buyers like these scales because of their catchy and original design, high-quality assembly and long, uninterrupted service.


The most practical and relatively inexpensive option for frequent weighing liquids. Bowl per 1 liter, quick recalculation in ml, g, kg. Measurement limit - 5 kg. Accuracy - about 1 g. Scales are very light, plastic, but durable and reliable. There is an option to take into account the weight without packaging, automatic shutdown when idle, display the battery charge level.

ProfiCook PC-KW 1040

This is a spacious and superstrong model with the most voluminous bowl - 2 liters. Both the body and the measuring part are made of steel alloy, which means that for 2 thousand rubles you get a beautiful, reliable and high-quality device for accurate determination of the weight of products up to 5 kg. Most users mention in their reviews that the steel capacious bowl is very convenient to use for the preparation of the dough - weighed all the ingredients and immediately began to knead. The functionality of the device is usual - taring, metering of liquids, auto power off. Scales are battery powered.

Bugatti UMA 56

The most expensive model of electronic scales for the kitchen with a bowl in our review. Weighing limit - only 3 kg, accuracy - up to 1 g. There is an account of tare weight, sequential weighing, auto power off. The model is equipped with a timer and a plastic bowl that can be washed in the dishwasher. Attracts a look and non-standard performance of scales - the bowl "costs" on a strong metal leg support. The display is illuminated by LED, you can choose different units of weight. Due to its practicality, high quality of performance and long service life, there is no doubt - these scales are worth their money.


If you continue to doubt which kitchen scale is better, then we suggest that you consider a few more platform models. For example, the most compact scales with a wooden platform - REDMOND RS-721 .The manufacturer claims that the size of the device does not exceed the size of the book, but the upper permissible load threshold is 10 kg. At the same time, the scales are distinguished by the accuracy of readings - an error of 1 g. A stationary platform made of wood, a durable plastic case, a retractable display. Users consider the lack of a moisture-resistant protective film on the platform to be the only nuance, but if purchased separately, such a device will serve its owner for years.

Beurer KS 48

These scales were the most accurate in 2017.They are lightweight, high quality, compact and very comfortable to use. All buyers recognized this particular model as the most accurate and practical. The glass platform, which is easy to take care of and which is almost impossible to harm, touch-sensitive “responsive” control, high measurement speed, economical battery consumption, all the necessary options and options - calibration, auto power off, maximum measurement limit - 5 kg.

REDMOND SkyScales 741S

Continuing to analyze consumer reviews, we found out which kitchen scales are better at calculating calories. The advantage of the device is the ability to synchronize the scales with the application on the smartphone. Due to this, with the sequential weighing of products, you will be able to get acquainted with the detailed characteristic of each piece eaten by you - how much fat, protein and carbohydrates, what is the energy value, how much cholesterol it contains. In addition, scales can be used for the usual determination of the weight of products from 1 g to 5 kgThe glass surface, touch control, nice looking design, compactness and functionality do not leave our customers indifferent, and they continue to assert that the SkyScales 741S kitchen scale with calorie counting is the most optimal and high-quality model for everyday use.

Now you also know which kitchen electronic scales are better - customer reviews provide an exhaustive answer to this question. You can safely go shopping at the store or at the sales site - a variety of brands, models and characteristics will not turn your head. Accurate measurements and useful food to you, dear readers!

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