How to choose a steamer for home

  • What steamers are there?
  • How does it work and what can you cook?
  • Selection Criteria Additional Functions
  • Best Manufacturers Rating

Conclusion At present, steamers have taken their rightful place in our kitchen. Increasingly, we resort to a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet at its core. Therefore, to replace the fried and baked, we choose cooking healthy food for a couple.

After all, with this method of preparation, the products retain as many vitamins and beneficial properties as possible. Especially if the house has small children or people with a certain diet. But even despite the specific need, it can be noted that such food will be useful for each person.

If you go to the supermarket to buy this equipment, we will be presented with a big choice. Therefore, let us examine in more detail with their types and how to choose a double boiler for the house?

What are steamers?

All steamers are different. From the installation method to the functions they perform.

The installation method distinguishes between devices:

  • Embedded.
  • Standalone.

The built-in type is very convenient because it saves space; the device has a specially designated angle. As a rule, they are built into the kitchen set( worktop), only food containers remain visible. In such cases, buttons are located on the side panel. And also requires installation near water tanks. In appearance, this technique is somewhat similar to the electric stove.

Higher class models allow connection to a common pipeline, which eliminates the need to fill the container manually with water each time.

The most primitive options include features:

  1. Heating.
  2. Defrost.
  3. Steam Cooking.

More expensive models can have advanced functionality and consist of 5–10 programs.

Separately standing( autonomous) steamers. Their installation is very simple. In any place in the kitchen where there is access to the outlet, you can install this unit.

In general, it performs the main task properly. However, its drawbacks are that the detached type is more likely to be accidentally turned over in the bustle of cooking. And also in such steamers more modest functionality.

By way of control:

Mechanical - equipped with a button( on / off) and a rotary lever, which adjusts( sets) the time for cooking. Have automatic shutdown after cooking is completed. It copes well with the main task and affordable.

Electric - equipped with an electric scoreboard, touch controls. Actually the display shows the set functions: temperature, cooking time, the amount of liquid in the tank.

Such a device in the full sense will satisfy your wishes for an autonomous cooking process. It is necessary to prepare products and choose a program for cooking. No follow-up control is required, the installation will work in the required mode for proper preparation of the dish without your participation. True, such steamers for the price are somewhat more expensive, but this is completely reasonable.

Floating - the easiest mechanism. It is a high saucepan with several partitions on which products are laid out. Water is poured on the bottom of the pan. Then this double boiler is placed on the stove( gas or electric).From the heating of the water, steam is released and steamed. The easiest and most affordable way, but requires you to control the cooking process for readiness. For the price of such steamers the cheapest.

How does it work and what can you cook?

The principle of operation of the double boiler is very simple. In the lower compartment, water is poured. The device is equipped with a heating element that brings the water to a high temperature, and that, in turn, turns into steam. Steam spreads from the bottom up, under its action products are brought to readiness.

Cooking in a double boiler is a true delight. After all, with its help it is easy to prepare most products:

  • Meat.
  • Fish.
  • Vegetables.
  • Porridge.
  • Other Products.

Among the advantages:

  • During cooking, you should not stir the food so that it does not burn.
  • Installation of several containers, allows you to simultaneously cook several dishes.
  • Preheat food or defrost food is also under the power of this device.
  • Some models have a delayed start function.

Selection Criteria

In addition to the brand, design and type of this unit, when choosing, pay attention to its main technical characteristics.

  1. Power. From this indicator will depend on the speed of cooking. In the technique of this type, it varies from 600 to 200 watts.
  2. Number of operating modes, programs. The main functions are absolutely sufficient for cooking, defrosting or reheating. However, their number can be much larger - 5, 10 and even up to 20. Here you should decide how important they are to you and whether they will be used at all. After all, the more special features, the more expensive the equipment.
  3. Number of containers. This is an important point when choosing a double boiler. In particular, it depends on how much you can cook food. Approximately 2-3 containers are enough for a family of up to 3 people. If the family is large and you actively cook a variety of food for a couple, then you should choose more containers. But note, the more their number, the more powerful the technology must be. Keep in mind almost all sets have a capacity for cooking rice, but you can use it for different dishes( soup, porridge, pudding).
  4. Number of pallets and their depth. In the double boiler can be one pan below. Or maybe separately installed under each container. This makes sense; the presence of a separate pan for each basket does not allow mixing smells while cooking various dishes. Matters the depth of the pallet. Its recommended height is 2–2.5 cm. And if it is too flat, then it will be necessary to drain accumulated condensate more than once during cooking.

Additional Functions

Complicated and expensive types of steamers can be equipped with additional features. To understand for themselves their importance in the process of operation, let us examine in detail.

  • Auto power off( auto power off).This function will secure the cooking process. When all the water has evaporated, the double boiler will simply turn off. Thus, the food will not burn, and nothing will light up. Under these conditions, you can safely leave the steamer unattended.
  • Delayed start. This function allows, for example, to install a program in the morning, lay down products and delay the switch-on time. And you can also set a timer so that on returning from work you will be expected to have already prepared food.
  • Express par. Characterized by the rapid formation of steam, which will provide quick cooking.
  • Recipes - Reasonable Offline Cooking. Provides cooking of an independent dish according to the recipe already embedded in the device. The hostess only needs to lay out the specific ingredients in the required quantity and choose the right recipe.
  • The function "topping up water in the tank."This feature provides the ability to add water during cooking. Allows you to not interrupt the cooking process, and then turn on again.
  • “Maintain Temperature” allows you to keep already cooked food warm for a long time - up to 13 hours.

Rating the best manufacturers

Choosing a double boiler you should pay attention to the manufacturer. A proven manufacturer provides warranty service through an existing network of service centers. Many manufacturers along with the kits produce additional components for double boilers. In particular, bowls, baskets, pallets. Top of the most common brands that represent good options for this technique will help in guiding how to choose a steamer for the house.


Leads the direction of kitchen equipment. It has the best reviews from both consumers and experts. Steamers of this company are characterized by spacious pallets and baskets, with non-stick coating. Most models are endowed with great functionality. The manufacturer is ready to offer a variant of a different price category. From cheap to premium class.


This company is ready to offer good steamers into three sections, which are characterized by high power and low price. At the same time double boilers are made with maximum comfort for consumers. Equipped with a variety of handles( holders), compartments for seasoning, the possibility of adding water and the like.


Represents good steamers, in particular, on two baskets, which, including have the function of adding water.


Proven brand for a reasonable price is a high-quality equipment. Some models of steamers have a dark bowl, which is important for products capable of dyeing a container.


A cheap brand, however, worthy of quality. Provides the necessary functionality and has an attractive design.


As it became known steamers can be very diverse according to various criteria. All of them have their own features, endowed with various functions and have their own advantages. The detailed description of all these options will help to make the right choice for your home. In particular, we now clearly know what they can be in varieties, what functions they can accommodate, etc. Therefore, you can go to the supermarket for a steamer with specific requirements for it.

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