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Like any household appliances, the washing machine has a tendency to break. More precisely, a specific part or more of it breaks down, depending on the severity of the breakdown. No exception and washing machines manufacturer Samsung. More specifically, in this article we will describe how the replacement of heating elements in the Samsung washing machine takes place.

Sometimes it happens when the machine produces an error during washing, which reports that the water is not heated enough or is completely cold, which indicates a malfunction of the heating element. The washing machine will stop the washing program and you will have to get to the heating element itself and dismantle it in order to find out the reason. How to replace the heater in the washing machine will be discussed below.

How to get the heating element of the Samsung

washing machine A special feature of these washing units is that the heating element is located directly on one of the outer walls of the tank and it is not always easy to get to it. But nevertheless - this is not an impossible action. So it may seem only at first glance. Therefore, you do not need to contact the masters, and for an additional fee to replace the heater for Samsung washing machine. This can be done independently. Before you change the heater, you need to disassemble the washing machine Samsung. Here is the procedure for performing the work: to begin with,

  • is to drain the water remaining in the tank; to do this, unscrew the hose with the filter, and the water will flow out;
  • after you need to detach the front panel of the washing machine, by loosening the bolts that hold it;
  • remove the powder box, unscrew all remaining fasteners;
  • unscrewed control panel can be pushed aside so as not to interfere;
  • now needs to carefully remove the sealing gum around the hatch. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the cuff, becauseit is not easy to replace;
  • flat screwdriver to hook the plastic panel and expose the body of the machine;
  • can now unscrew and pull out the control panel, after disconnecting the harnesses and contacts;
  • front panel is now easily removed, and we can see the inside of the washing machine.

After the front cover has been removed, you can see the heating element on the Samsung washing machine. In this position it can be checked without removing. Initially, it is necessary to measure the resistance with a multimeter. The process is simple and does not take much time, with certain knowledge. Attach the ends of the multimeter to the contacts of the heating element, and turn on the device. Instrument readings should range from 25 to 30 ohms. In this case, the electric heater is serviceable.

If it turned out that the heating element is still faulty, it must be disconnected and replaced with a new, previously purchased one. Here is the procedure for replacing:

  • unscrew the nuts from the mounting bolts;
  • sip contacts from side to side;
  • a hammer can be a couple of times gently knock on the studs, which have just tied the nuts;
  • gently pull the faulty element.

After removing the faulty heating element, it is necessary to once again check the resistance of the new part, and if it is working, then you can put it in place. Pre-drip engine oil on the gum. The installation process is reverse to dismantling.

Related actions

After removing the heater should pay attention to its location. During the use of the washing machine, on the heating element and its location, debris may accumulate( scale, powder residues, threads, buttons, etc.).This should be given immediate attention, since it will not be enough to remove the heating element and replace it in this case, because it can lead to an early failure of the element.

It is recommended that after removing the heating element, check and thoroughly clean the heating port. Depending on the model, this can be done simply by hand, or as recommended by the master, with a tablespoon. After cleaning, you can install a new heater and be sure that it will work out its own.

We hope this article has given you a rough idea of ​​how the replacement of heating elements is carried out in a Samsung washing machine.

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