What color to paint the walls in the kitchen? Interior by designer

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Carrying out repair work in the kitchen in itself is a very responsible and painstaking action. Taking the intention to change the appearance of housing, it is necessary to solve many issues. To study the mass offered in the modern market, decide on the choice of material, as well as color, in which paint the walls, consider many design options and find which one your. In order to please the result, consider the durability of the selected materials, because not every year repairs are made.

We previously considered wall design ideas, in this article, we choose their shades - it's quite difficult. Also hard choose wallpaper. In this room we spend a lot of time. Psychologists have long proved the importance of organics in style and color.

choose the color of the walls in the kitchen

Correctly choose the coloring of the walls for the kitchen

  • For a large kitchen, a large pattern is allowed. You can use floral. It is not easy to pick it up, but it looks very impressive.
  • By choosing a texture, you can achieve interesting effects on the game shadow in the picture.
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  • To increase the space of a small kitchen, it is recommended to use a small pattern.
  • A pattern with diagonal lines will add dynamism to the kitchen.
  • If there is a low ceiling, visually you can raise the space up using a vertical pattern.
  • A picture with horizontal elements will visually increase the space of a narrow kitchen.
  • You can create the illusion of continuous space using a drawing with geometric shapes.

Color plays a big role. When choosing wallpaper or paint, it is necessary to take into account a huge number of nuances, so that the color and interior harmonize with each other. For a small kitchen, it is recommended to opt for light shades.

How to choose the color of the walls in the kitchen

They will help expand the space. To eliminate the negative influence of the hue on the subconscious, do not choose bright ones. In a room with flashy tones it will be uncomfortable to be for a long time, there will be a constant sense of pressure from the outside. If a dark shade is suitable for the interior and design option, do not rush to use it in a small kitchen. You visually reduce the space. This solution is suitable for large kitchens.

Walls in the kitchen

For large kitchens, cold shades are not recommended. If the kitchen is on the sunny side, do not use bright colors. This is fraught with burnout and discoloration. It is not recommended to use black and dark brown for walls.

Wallpaper, like paints, plays a big role in the style of the room. What wallpaper to choose is an equally important issue in the design decision. Walls should be in harmony with the interior and with your preferences.

Paste wallpaper or paint?

The initial task to be solved. In this situation, everything relies on a matter of taste. Nowadays, there are a huge number of options made specifically for the kitchen. Do not worry about excessive moisture and pollution. All this has not been a problem for a long time. A lot of colors and textures will help determine the choice.

The paint is presented in various colors, not necessarily plain. The main priority for painting walls is that they should be as even as possible. This can be a decisive moment for many in favor of wallpaper, since they do not require a perfectly smooth surface, they can hide small minor defects.

Wallpaper: advantages and disadvantages 

Having settled on this option, it is worth considering in more detail their main advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of wallpaper for the kitchen

When using them, special preparation of the walls is not required, it can be applied directly to concrete. They have visual softness, which helps to give comfort. The paper coating consists of paper and non-woven, it will not cause allergies in people with high allergic status.

If you have pets, keep in mind that they often like to scratch wallpapers and tear off lagging edges. Compared to other coatings, wallpapers are a good insulator of noise and heat. In order to stick them, it is not necessary to have special skills. Such work can easily be done independently, selecting only a picture and a pattern. It remains only to determine the color.

Wallpaper for the kitchen

Walls covered with wallpaper can “breathe”, which prevents mold. Choosing them, you should take into account the fragility of the quality of coverage.

Painting: Pros and Cons 

Preparing walls for painting takes a lot of time and effort. You may have to resort to the help of specialists. Using paint, you can highlight various elements, because a wide variety of textures and stencils will help create an individual style.

What color to paint the walls in the kitchen

Such coverage is very popular, but will cost a good amount. Caring for painted walls is quite simple, they lend themselves well to detergents, and various kinds of pollution are easily removed. It is recommended to wash them not only in the presence of pollution, but also for prevention, since dust particles can get into the pores of the paint and clog it, which will affect the appearance in the future. A kitchen coating in the form of paint is one of the more durable. If small defects appear over time, they can be easily removed on their own.

Kitchen coating in the form of paint

What should be the color?

How many people, so many opinions. Rarely do the client's wishes coincide with the designer's proposals, because not everyone will allow you to combine the incongruous.

Colors in the kitchen

Perhaps, having determined your choice in favor of a bright shade, you will feel fine despite all the observations of psychologists. After all, the main thing is that the choice is comfortable for you. You can resort to one interesting solution to choose a shade. It is necessary to place sheets of paper with the expected colors on the walls and observe yourself for several days. Perhaps using this method you will make the final decision and will be happy for a long time to make your choice.

Wall decoration in the kitchen


Color selection is an important decision. How to choose a good wallpaper, or which paint to stop on is a very responsible question. Do not be too lazy to thoroughly study the various styles of design, choose the ideal option for yourself. Find a qualified craftsman if necessary. Explore companies that provide this type of service. Take an interest in choosing friends who recently made repairs.

Learn all the nuances. Browse the market, because the quality of the selected material also determines the duration of the service life. Trust your inner feelings, do not be afraid to make interesting decisions for design, let your imagination fly. After all, the result must definitely please you.

The choice of color for the kitchen

Video: experimenting with color

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