Why does the TV turn on and off?

turns itself off Most people’s lives without TV are unthinkable. Therefore, eating with him there are some problems, the person immediately tries to solve them. One of the most common problems is the situation when the TV spontaneously turns on or turns off. Naturally, to fix this problem, you must first find out the reason for its occurrence.


There are a number of reasons why the TV can turn itself on or off. But you can not call them breakdowns. It is to such situations that the device is incorrectly configured. There are many different models, which, if there is no impact directly on the TV or on the remote control, can be automatically turned off. Also, there may be a randomly exposed program, according to which the TV turns on at a certain time. Therefore, if the TV itself turns off or turns on, you need to immediately check these functions.

Often, if these problems occur, the reasons are not on the TV at all. There are common cases when the reason lies in the unreliability of the outlet or in problems with the network( power surges, etc.).Bad wiring contact can lead to malfunctions. You can calculate this problem with the help of a special indicator that will help measure the voltage in the outlet.

Serious problems

I highlight the following really serious problems that lead to turning off( turning off) the TV:

  • dust accumulation;
  • power supply problems;
  • power surges.

The simplest reason for which the TV turns itself on or off is the incandescence of dust on the board. Dust can not be called a strong conductor, but sometimes this parameter is enough to provoke the closure of the pads on the printed circuit board. An excellent solution to this problem is to use a conventional vacuum cleaner, which needs to be walked on the appliance with the rear panel removed.

The next reason for the spontaneous disconnection of equipment can be problems with the inverter power supply. The cause of such problems is the formation of small cracks on the board, resulting from frequent voltage drops, heating or exposure to high humidity over a long period of operation. Also, the power supply circuits may fail due to breakage of capacitors or junction points of elements with printed circuit boards.

The above malfunction is a big problem, the elimination of which will require the involvement of a professional and the use of a specialized tool. You can detect the presence of this problem yourself. First you need to turn off the power by removing the back cover. Then you can proceed to the visual inspection of the board using a special magnifying glass. Also, you need to take care of good lighting in the room. The inspection procedure must be carried out as thoroughly as possible, since even the smallest cracks can cause the TV to turn on and off periodically on its own.

The real disaster of almost all modern electrification networks are constant voltage surges. This phenomenon very often leads to breakdowns of household appliances and its unstable operation when the device turns itself on( turns off).Power surges in the network lead to the burning of certain diodes, capacitors and other very important devices. After heating these parts, they begin to produce a breakdown, which is a signal for the fuse responsible for powering the device.

You can install this kind of fault by removing the back panel and inspecting the "inside" of the TV.Immediately you need to pay attention to the swollen capacitors. With experience and some knowledge of soldering, this problem can be easily solved. Here you need to purchase radio elements in a specialized store and solder them instead of old ones.

If the implementation of the above recommendations did not produce results, and the TV still turns itself off, then a professional from a special repair company must be brought in to establish and subsequently correct the damage. Simple shabashniki to such tasks can not be attracted.

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