What to consider when choosing interior doors


  1. Interior doors according to the method of opening
  2. Material performance of interior doors
  3. Decorative finishing
  4. Interior doors for different types of room
  • Children's room
  • Bedroom and living room
  • Kitchen and bathroom
  • Finishing
  • In the design, you can use the same space on the design

  • and cozy. An important role in creating an individual style of any room is played by the right choice of interior doors. These designs are designed to perform a lot of functions, simultaneously acting as a space divider, noise insulator, protection and decoration. has a number of requirements for interior doors, including environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, durability, durability, ease of use and high aesthetic properties. A modern choice of doors can shock an unprepared person, so before going to the store you should become better acquainted with the key features and differences in order to understand which design is most appropriate in a particular case.
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    Interior doors according to the method of opening

    The first thing to start with is the choice of doors, so it’s a clear decision on which door design is needed. So, today the following options are most common:

    • hinged doors is the most popular type that can open in one direction. They are single-leaf and double-leaf, left or right. If you open the door to yourself, it opens to the right, then it is right. This parameter is important to consider when selecting the door leaf to his apartment. It is worth remembering that to open such a door requires a place, so it is not always appropriate in a small apartment;
    • swing doors give out their design by the very name: they can open in both directions. This type is common in public organizations and supermarkets, but it is not very suitable for apartments due to weak sealing;
    • sliding doors is a stylish interesting option that becomes indispensable for small apartments. Here the door leaf moves inside the wall or along it along the guides, and the presence of only the upper guide adds aesthetic design, but the presence of both guides more reliably protects the door from accidental opening due to the impact of drafts;
    • folding doors - another great option that will help save space in small apartments. The canvas consists of several lamellae interconnected by rollers, it is attached to one or two guides. In the closed position, this door is a flat leaf, and when closing, the lamellae fold together compactly, without cluttering up the free space. With its miniature and low cost, such doors sometimes make noise when opening and closing, cannot provide reliable protection against odors, noise, thermal protection, and they are relatively short-lived;
    • stable doors - modification of conventional swing doors, but they consist of two parts. So, you can leave the lower part closed to limit the movement of children or pets, and the upper flap open for ventilation. It turns out a kind of mix of doors and windows.

    Material for the execution of interior doors

    The second thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing interior doors is the material from which they are made, or the combination of these materials. It is important that the doors are safe, pleasant-looking and fit the interior of the room. In stores you can find completely different options that are suitable for the buyer with any budget. The most popular doors at the moment are:

    • wooden - a classic version that brings comfort to the room, boasts durability, reliability and maximum naturalness. Such products are made from both expensive woods and softwood. The latter are much cheaper and available to almost everyone. Doors can be coated with varnish, antiseptic, stain. In addition to the solid array, glued can be used when the fabric is glued together from different bars, and their fibers are necessarily located in different directions, ensuring maximum durability of the product. With all the advantages of wooden doors, their only drawback is the fear of moisture. That is why it is better to purchase well-dried products and preferably from reliable manufacturers;
    • doors of MDF and chipboard , coated with plastic or laminated panels, is a more common option, as it has an affordable price and good operating parameters. Qualitatively made such doors can last for a long time;
    • PVC doors are mostly sliding and folding doors. They are complemented by the top decorative layer, which makes them attractive in appearance, and at the same time they are easy to clean, they are not afraid of moisture, and can become reliable sound and heat insulation;
    • Masonite doors - models that are attracting more and more attention. Their frame is made of fiberboard with some kind of decorative coating, and to fill the inner space using cellular fiberboard, squared coniferous material or paper harmonica. These doors have an attractive appearance, they are eco-friendly, inexpensive, but the paper-filled products are not the most durable;
    • glass doors - a sample of beauty and strength. For the production of such doors use tempered glass, triplex or matolux, which have great hardness, and it is almost impossible to break them. Glass can be opaque or transparent, have some kind of pattern. Such doors let in light, making the room visually a little wider, which is in the hands of the owners of small apartments. Such doors are not afraid of moisture, temperature drops, they are as hygienic and durable as possible;
    • aluminum doors - modern designs made of anodized aluminum. They can be solid or with glass inserts. These doors can be painted in the desired color. They become indispensable when creating an interior in the style of hi-tech;
    • combined doors - those that combine two or more materials. As a rule, wood, MDF, fiberboard and other materials are combined with glass. These are excellent options that allow you to isolate the room, but, at the same time, leave it an integral part of the entire space of the apartment.

    Decorative finish

    Since the main material of the door often hides under the decorative layer, it is important to pay attention to it. Often for these purposes veneer is used. is one of the best finishes. Veneered coating is produced by hot pressing and gluing thin cuts of wood to the door leaf. Then the coating can be varnished, getting a beautiful and durable door.

    The second common option is laminating , and the coating layer can be based on paper or fiberglass. The first option is cheaper, looks good, but quickly wears out, losing all its aesthetic qualities. The second is more expensive, perfectly imitates the texture of wood, is not afraid of moisture, ultraviolet rays and the effect of abrasive particles.

    Door leafs are often painted with to give them favorable aesthetic properties and to increase strength. To do this, use tinted antiseptics, stain, oil and alkyd paints.

    Interior doors for different types of premises

    Depending on the characteristics of each specific room, the requirements for door leafs are completely different.

    Children's room

    Nursery is significantly different from the rest of the house. For her parents always try to choose the best and environmentally friendly, namely, that will withstand any childish pranks and will be absolutely safe for a growing organism. For this room you need a special floor, comfortable furniture. Also here need secure doors , which a child of any age can open and close independently.

    The procedure for replacing interior doors in the children's room should be approached especially seriously, since several conditions must be met, the most important of which is undoubtedly safety. You should not choose fragile and unreliable door structures for the children's room. It is better to buy the best quality and durable products. The most safe in terms of material are, of course, interior doors made of wood. It does not have to be the most expensive materials, it is quite possible to choose more affordable ones. Also a good option would be veneered door. The range of such interior doors is now very wide, which will allow you to choose a model that fits any interior.

    If you choose more economical door options for a nursery, then a laminated product will do. Only you need to choose high-quality models. Laminated doors are incredibly easy to clean, you can easily wash away dust, dirt, or children's drawings with ordinary detergents.

    If we talk about the design, then the best option for a child's room is the classic swing model. The remaining options have their own characteristics that make them not quite suitable for the children's room. Also undesirable is the presence in the children's room of a model with glass elements. During the game, the child may accidentally break them. If the glass insert is still needed, then it is better if it is made of tempered glass at the top of the door.

    Today the range of interior doors is incredibly wide. In specialized stores and on the websites the choice is very large. All offered models differ in quality, price, material, design, color.

    The children's interior door must meet certain requirements:

    • must be made of natural material;
    • should have an attractive appearance;
    • should be easy to open and close;
    • preferably a magnetic lock;
    • should have a comfortable, well-positioned handle;
    • should not have glass inserts;
    • should not have any protrusions, locks and bolts.

    As for color, then calm pastel colors are the best choice. The presence of pictures is quite acceptable, but only those that please the child. Kids always have their own preferences, and imposing their own tastes on them is not entirely correct. If the child is already old enough, the choice of the door to his room can be done with him.

    Bedroom and living room

    For a bedroom, it is better to select doors without glass inserts to ensure maximum comfort, comfort and a sense of security, protection from prying eyes. Doors made from solid wood, chipboard or MDF are well suited, especially for classic interiors; for a high-tech bedroom, you can choose an aluminum door or a wooden one, but with a clear outline and a minimum of decorations. If the floor space allows, it is better to do without folding doors, which can be a source of unwanted noise. The color and elements of accessories should be selected depending on the characteristics of the created room.

    But for the living room you can choose absolutely any door. If this room at night does not become someone's bedroom, then you can install all-glass doors that will significantly expand the room.

    Kitchen and bathroom

    For a kitchen, it is better to choose doors that are as resistant as possible to external influences, such as temperature changes, high humidity, splashes, but at the same time those that won't let out smells and noise. Wooden options are not entirely appropriate here, but MDF-doors, plastic and glass will be very useful. If you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, you can choose frosted glass doors. Also a great option for this room - sliding doors, as well as combined paintings with glass elements. Folding can save small apartments, but still will miss unwanted odors.

    Bathroom door requirements are almost identical. Modern designers call the absolute hit of the last season - frosted glass doors. But if this is too expensive or a bold option, then you can stay on more traditional models of MDF, combined with glass inserts or without them. Folding doors are also great for miniature apartments.

    In conclusion,

    These tips will help you find the best option for an interior door for any room. A huge choice of possible options will allow you to choose the best in appearance, performance and price for children's rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms in the apartment. Also, do not forget that to create a thoughtful interior, emphasizing the taste of the owner, all interior doors in the apartment must be made in a similar style, which does not exclude differences in their design.

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